2014 NFL Predictions

The only guaranteed thing in the NFL on a yearly basis is change!  We see teams go from worst to first and the other way around every season.  Sometimes it's changing your head coach and quarterback like the Chiefs did last season with Andy Reid and Alex Smith who just got an extension on his contract in Kansas City.  Or you can be a team like the Carolina Panthers who didn't change their personnel but their level of execution and improvements within the system using the same H.C. Ron Rivera and QB Cam Newton.

This season many think that the Tampa Bay Bucs are this years Chiefs while grabbing Josh McCown at quarterback and new head coach who has a solid resume in Lovie Smith.  I can tell you now that McCown won't be their QB all season as his small above average play in 6 games last season were deemed impressive when it was barely above mediocrity.
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NBA Champs make history

The San Antonio Spurs are the definition of consistency, of winning, a dynasty. Five championships between 1999 and 2014, not an easy thing to do, especially keeping a hold of your core pieces.  So how can a "Grade A" classy organization get even more classy and more historic, enter former WNBA San Antonio Stars All-Star Becky Hammon.

This young lady is a former 7-time All Star for the Stars and she took the initiative last season to walk up to Spurs Coach Greg Popovich if she could sit in the Spurs meetings, looking to build her basketball IQ.  Not only did she sit in those team meetings but it was not long before she began giving her input into game play, offensive and defensive schemes and in game analysis.  Helping Coach Popovich with practices and building a mutual respect between herself, Coach Popovich and the Spurs team.

Tuesday, the Spurs and Hammon made her the first full time female NBA assistant coach. Not because of her looks, not because of how good she looks on camera, BUT for her basketball IQ, her work ethic, her knowledge of the game of basketball.

Hammon earned her way to become an assistant coach for the Spurs. Hammon earned the respect of the most respected coach in the NBA, Greg Popovich, the respect of one of the most respected players in the game in Tim Duncan, Hammon has the talent and skills to back her position.

Just as Michael Sam has broken the barriers of the NFL, Becky Hammon has broken the barrier in the NBA.  It is just a matter of time before we see a female Head Coach in the NBA. Could it be Becky Hammon, perhaps?  One thing is clear, the barrier has been broken and it is now just a matter of time.  Congratulations to Hammon, to the Spurs for it was a classy move. Gives the message to women that they can be whatever they choose to be with hard work, intelligence and patience, not just with their bodies.
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Bengals: Taking a huge gamble on Dalton?

The Cincinnati Bengals and quarterback Andy Dalton agreed on a six year, 115 million dollar deal earlier today.

This agreement guarantees Dalton 25 million dollars in guaranteed money and increases his salary to 18 million going in to the 2014 season. This signing is a bode of confidence from Bengals owner Mike Brown, who was apparently confident that Dalton’s market value would go up after this season.

Dalton’s contract is the latest of long-term, expensive signings for teams trying to lock in their franchise quarterback.

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Cleveland Browns: Tough choice between Hoyer and Manziel

The Browns traded back into the first round to get Johnny Manziel in May’s NFL Draft.

The rookie quarterback out of Texas A&M slipped to the 20′s in the first round after many assumed he’d go in the top half. Manziel is widely criticized whether it’d be for his money signs, wild weekends in Las Vegas or “Johnny being Johnny.”

Whether you look at Manziel as a starting quarterback or not the fact is he’s reckless, entertaining and a seat filler. However, because he puts people in the seats, that shouldn’t be a reason to start Manziel.

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Kansas City Chiefs: Jamaal Charles eyes Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith legacy

Jamaal Charles is considered one of the best running backs in the NFL right now. But he wants to sketch his name onto the all-time greats list.

The Kansas City Chiefs pro bowl back told the Associated Press that he wants to be in the conversation with two of the greatest backs to have ever suited up in the NFL: Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith.

“It’s all about staying consistent,” Charles said. “I want to be in the Hall of Fame when I retire. I want to win a championship. That’s what it’s all about.”

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Fantasy Football: Larry Fitzgerald still an elite receiver?

Not that very long ago you could pencil in Arizona Cardinals WR, Larry Fitzgerald, as a top 5 fantasy WR, but a couple of down years for him, have him ranked as the 10th best Fantasy WR.

Over the past two seasons, Fitzgerald hasn't been nearly as productive.

2012 stats: 71 catches, 798 yards, 4 td' 2013 stats: 82 catches, 954 yards and 10 td's

While we can blame the 2012 season on the four-headed QB monster the Cardinals used that year that included John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, Ryan Lindley, Brian Hoyer.

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New England Patriots: Time for Tom Brady to leave?

Tom Brady turned 37 today and while I'm sure the Patriots nor Brady will make much of that milestone, ya gotta start wondering how many more seasons Brady wants to play football.

Many are pointing to his decline is statistics last season as the beginning of the end. While the Patriots continue to dominate the AFC Least, it's been a few years since Brady performed like a league MVP and taken his team deep in the playoffs.

While Brady isn't talking about retirement, he may have hinted at it on the first day of training camp this summer.

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Arizona Cardinals: Reasons why they will win NFC West

Every NFC West prediction I've seen so far this summer has either Seattle or San Francisco penciled into the No. 1 and No. 2 positions of what many regard as the toughest conference in the NFL, the NFC West.

While that's probably the smart bet, the Sports Instigator is thinking the Cardinals are the team to beat.

What? Are you out of your mind? LMFAO - What a moron!

Alright boo-birds, before you chuck the dill-hole tag on me, here are ten reasons why the Arizona Cardinals win that division.

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New York Giants: Are they worst team in NFL?

As I was watching the introductions of the starting lineups for the New York Giants during the Hall of Fame game on Sunday, I couldn't help but be enamored when the graphic for the starting offensive line for the Giants came up.

Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?

Those were my five responses to the starting offensive lineman as I didn't recognize a single name or face in that group.

No offense to Will Beaty, Geoff Schwartz, J.D. Walton, Brandon Mosley and Justin Pugh, but I don't have a clue who any of these guys are.

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Cincinnati Bengals: Faulting Andy Dalton

I blame the $115 million, 6 year deal on Andy Dalton himself.  He's done a great job of keeping himself in the middle of the quarterback pack by doing just enough to keep his job (thanks to A.J. Green and a great defense) where the Cincinnati Bengals had no choice but to offer this ludicrous contract to their 4th year starting QB. The facts are that there aren't many QB's in the league that have as good of stats and record that Dalton does and the organization believes he can keep improving.  He's a tough kid and has shown the ability to bounce back after bad losses.

I don't know any other team more loyal or willing to give their personnel 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances.  They did it with Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson until they finally had enough of his antics over the years.  But he produced on the field so they kept him.  The franchise has turned Marvin Lewis into the 2nd longest tenure head coach with one football team currently in the NFL.  The Bengals still haven't won a playoff game under Marvin Lewis watch.  Coach Lewis took the jungle cats to 5 post season berths but could never get a victory.  Yet management has kept him around since the 2003 season.  Loyalty or Liability?!

Now they are overpaying their mediocre quarterback by NFL standards, an average of over $19 million a season.  But fear not if you aren't an Andy Dalton lover even though he has been under center for 3 straight years with 3 straight playoff appearances.  Followed by quick disappearances on offense in their Wild Card Round games.  Dalton has received most of the blame for that and deservedly so.  The Bengals have 2 offensive touchdowns in 3 playoff games over the last three years.  Sure they played against better defenses in the post season but those are bad numbers.  No two ways about it.

As we know the only thing guaranteed in an NFL contract is the guaranteed money the player is granted when signing on the dotted line.  That means everything financially to these players because they know they can be cut from a team at any time and that means the paychecks stop coming in.  Dalton should either prepare for that or prepare to make himself a better quarterback if he's going to get the full $115 million he just signed for, taking him along for the Bengals roller coaster ride until 2020.  If Dalton isn't progressing or somebody else comes along to challenge #14 in the next couple of seasons then it's bye-bye Bengals and hello to the unemployment line.  Dalton has earned the right to get a contract (maybe not of this magnitude) but he has experience now with the big boys and hopefully won't turn into the next Mark Sanchez.
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