Serena Williams Triumphs Over Maria Sharapova at Australian Open

Serena Williams soundly dethroned Maria Sharapova on January 31 in Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia to claim a sixth Australian Open title in her glittering career in a convincing 6-2, 7-6 route; Serena Williams' defining accumalative twenty third Grand Slam final witnessed the exceptional 33-year-old Michigan-born superstar claim her seventeenth consecutive victory over the supreme Maria Sharapova

Serena Williams has successfully garnered nineteen Grand Slam championships, sixty five career trophies, and six Australian Open cups. Furthermore, Williams nineteenth Grand Slam title highlights the superstar surpassing the legendary Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, with Steffi Grafpresently leading in terms of Grand Slam crowns (22). Serena Williams also triumphantly weathered mid-game vomiting during the high-profile showdown with Sharapova in Melbourne, overcoming illness during the earlier stages of the week prior to the Australian Open final showdown in Australia.

Maria Sharapova has ultimately claimed two major triumphs over Williams in her equally flawless career, earning twenty four career titles, five Grand Slamhonors, and generating $32.7 million; Serena Williams has earned $63.4 million.

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams - who both presently reside in South Florida - possess world-class intensity, technical prowess and unmatched focus, which invariably enabled clear fan favorite, Serena Williams, to inspirationally prolong her ever-lengthy winning streak against the dominant 27-year-old Russian.

Since losing her second and third significant meetings with Maria Sharapova in the finals of Wimbledon and year-end championships in 2004, Serena Williams has shown sheer superiority when the respective world number one and number two ranked athletes have duelled on the grandest stage.

written by @DeanPerretta 
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Kyrie Irving the Fresh Prince of Cleveland

Everyone know's Lebron James was labeled the King as soon as he stepped foot in the NBA. However when he came back to Cleveland he came back with some upgraded cast members from the last time he was there. One of the main members of the cast that seems to have embraced his role next to Lebron has been Kyrie Irving. Lately when he exploded for a 55 point game it seems that not only were the fans truly embracing but Lebron has truly shown us the emotion on the court that we have been waiting to see...

Check out this video with Lebron actually going crazy over Kyrie's (the Prince) performance...

The Prince is playing so well (actually scoring 118 points within the previous 3 games) It makes it extremely easy for the king to relax on his throne...

Let's take a look at the prince's numbers so far this season with Lebron being back on the team now...

Season    Age  Tm  Lg Pos   G  GS   MP  FG  FGA  FG%  3P 3PA  3P%  2P  2PA  2P%  FT FTA  FT% ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV  PF  PTS

2011-12    19 CLE NBA  PG  51  51 30.5 6.9 14.6 .469 1.4 3.6 .399 5.4 11.1 .491 3.4 3.8 .872 0.9 2.9 3.7 5.4 1.1 0.4 3.1 2.2 18.5
2012-13    20 CLE NBA  PG  59  59 34.7 8.2 18.1 .452 1.8 4.7 .391 6.4 13.4 .474 4.2 4.9 .855 0.6 3.1 3.7 5.9 1.5 0.4 3.2 2.5 22.5
2013-14    21 CLE NBA  PG  71  71 35.2 7.5 17.4 .430 1.7 4.8 .358 5.8 12.6 .458 4.1 4.8 .861 0.7 2.9 3.6 6.1 1.5 0.3 2.7 2.3 20.8
2014-15    22 CLE NBA  PG  45  45 38.0 8.0 17.0 .469 2.1 5.1 .415 5.9 11.9 .493 4.0 4.7 .845 0.6 2.5 3.1 5.2 1.6 0.3 2.3 2.0 22.1
Career            NBA     226 226 34.6 7.6 16.9 .452 1.8 4.6 .386 5.9 12.3 .476 3.9 4.6 .858 0.7 2.9 3.6 5.7 1.4 0.3 2.9 2.2 21.0

I know the text is small but I wanted to squeeze all the numbers in for you...

As long as Kyrie keeps up his blazing pace... the Cavs shouldn't have any problem cruising into the playoffs. This is also key because Lebron will need to rest his body as much as possible. As far as what they do when they get into the playoffs is another question... but let's not forget that Lebron carried a much worse Cleveland team to the championship.

The Cavaliers will need to address two big needs... backup point guard and another 7 footer. I don't believe they should trade for anyone because they technically don't have that much left for trade assets (Brendan Haywood contract). Those have been areas of concern because the team doesn't have that much depth and the bench scoring has continued to be less than impressive. If they want to hang with Atlanta or even a team in the West they need some more offense from more folks than the Big 3 and JR Smith.

So how far do you think the Cavs can go? Will the King and his Prince stay healthy?

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Should Pro Athletes be Required to Talk with the Media

This whole topic is based upon Marshawn Lynch's latest behavior as being "uncooperative" with the media.  He arrived at Media Day as he was required to make an appearance and answer questions for a minimum of five minutes or face a hefty fine from the league.  Lynch went with the minimum to avoid the penalty and answered questions like he was supposed to.  Well not exactly since his answer for five minutes to basically every question was "I'm just here so I don't get fined."

Well, he may get fined anyway due to his attire as Lynch continues to mock the NFL and is simply asking for trouble.  The NFL is very strict on a lot of petty little things that technically break the rules and these players are fully aware of most of them.  One of them is dressing appropriately to a special event such as Media Day and Lynch decided he wasn't going to abide by this rule sporting his own hat that had a logo on it that didn't represent the league or his team.  Is Lynch a bad guy?  I don't think so.  Is he afraid to speak in public?  It sure doesn't seem like it as he's done countless interviews and press conferences.  Is Marshawn simply acting out and being defiant because he's an evil person?  I don't believe that for a second.  So what is the issue here?

I personally think he's looking for attention on a team filled with personalities and superb individual stories in which Marshawn is included but maybe not as much as guys like Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and others.  If this is the case then Lynch needs to realize that he is the center of attention at times on this team and talked about as much as any other player on the Seahawks.  His teammates refer to him as the heartbeat of this football team.  He's been given the nickname "Beast Mode", he's well recognized for his love of Skittles and known for some of the best runs in league history so he shouldn't feel left out.

Now should the league be able to have so much authority over these players that they have to speak in front of the media?  As of now it is a rule and it is part of their job.  Don't forget that the players are employees of the National Football League.  So in any business or company that you work for has specific rules whether it be dress code, or a tardy policy, time allotted for breaks and certain foul language to name a few.  Not many jobs allow you to smash another person to the ground, shout out some 4 letter word and get smacked on the butt by a fellow colleague for doing a good job.  Not many of us love or enjoy our job but the majority of people would love to be in Marshawn Lynch's shoes where making millions of dollars and doing something you love is worth the few minutes from the media asking you questions.

For the record I don't love the rule.  I don't even like it that much.  It's a fantastic platform to get a positive message out to the masses and maybe have some fun at these press conferences as opposed to going right into it with a negative attitude.  I'd prefer if they took the rule away and made it optional for players to speak into the microphone because their are some players out there that are very uncomfortable in front of the camera, have a speech impediment or any number of things that make a person camera shy for lack of a better term.

On the other hand I've already explained why it could be a positive thing for players to speak before, during or after games and other events to spread a solid message.  But remember the words of Charles Barkley " I am not a role model."  Maybe it isn't a good idea that all players are obligated to speak before the public.  Sometimes it's a negative message being spread.
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Super Bowl XLIX: Katy Perry Ready to Roar

'Dark Horse' Pop superstar, Katy Perry, performs live at halftime at the NFL Super Bowl XLIX when reigning NFL Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawksface off against the New England Patriots on February 1 in Glendale, AZ; the ever-quirky and vibrantly colorful Perry was introduced to mainstream pop culture six years ago with Billboard smash hit 'I Kissed A Girl'.

Assuming the main center stage at the NFL Super Bowl to entertain over a billion viewers globally on the grandest stage of them all is an exclusive opportunity that a pantheon of pompous pop phenoms have not been afforded. However, the precious fifteen minutes assigned for the NFL Super Bowlhalftime spotlight spectacle has routinely seen a mammoth increase in record sales, accentuated public profile and further mass crossover appeal thereafter for the larger-than-life luminaries who have performed at halftime throughout the prestigious history of the NFL Super Bowl.

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII, contested between the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks in 2014 generated 111.5 million viewers in the United States alone, later peaking at 115.3 million when 'Uptown Funk' R&B sensation, Bruno Mars, soulfully serenaded the stage with a signature medley of trademark smooth retro-esque anthems. Moreover, the borderline anticlimatic on-field NFL Super Bowl showdown, which featured an astranomically lopsided 43-8 final score, was viewed more than any other broadcast in the history of United States television as a consolation.

It's not just the high-profile pop recording artists who reign supreme in substantially benefitting from such a diverse audience at the NFL Super Bowl, it's ultimately the NFL, who have intricately attempted - and largely succeeded - in drawing sufficiently more casual viewing females and wholesome families to the product.

Thereafter Bruno Mars' heralded NFL Super Bowl performance, 'Unorthodox Jukebox' risen 100% in sales in contrast to the week prior, with BeyoncĂ©'s '4' increasing 123% post-performance in 2013 and Madonna's back catalog significantly booming 410% after the iconic 'Material Girl' performed an NFL Super Bowl halftime set in 2012. Subsequently, Beyonce's post-Super Bowl tour 'The Mrs. Carter Show' made $212 million in tickets, whereas Madonna made $305 million in 'The MDNA Tour'.

The unlikely relationship between the NFL and Perry is that of a symbiotic one. Perry could very well be the finest case scenario for a league dependent on pop culture to essentially package a vastly hard-hitting, pro-alpha male sport to women and families at large.

Throughout the decorated annals, Michael JacksonThe Black Eyed PeasThe Rolling Stones,  U2, StingJanet JacksonMadonnaPrinceBruce SpringsteenAerosmithThe Who and Paul McCartney have all had the distinct honor in performing a live set at halftime at the NFL Super Bowl. However, be that as it may, Perry has performed at the Grammy Awards and American Music Awards, with only the NFL Super Bowl eluding the successful 30-year-old Californian's legacy. With the uber-controversy surrounding the New England Patriots deflategate, Katy Perry's magnetic awaited performance and benefit in providing the NFL potential major ratings internationally will be anything but deflated.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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Super Bowl XLIX Preview

NFL Superbowl XLIX has the makings to be a great one; we all need it after that abomination we called an NFL Super Bowl last year. This particular Super Bowl is surrounded by a lot of extracurricular activities to say the least. It’s a well-known fact that Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like the media, but we can’t tell with all the antics he is displaying on the field. Everytime you turn around, he’s doing something to grab everyone’s attention. 

On to the Patriots side we have a new hash tag - #DeflateGate.  Yes, you guessed it, the New England Patriots are involved in yet another scandal, but this time it is involving the actual footballs themselves. Apparently, 11 out of 12 footballs on the Patriots side were underneath the required air pressure. It’s always something with the Patriots, and they loving playing in the gray area in this black and white world. The jury is still out on if any players or coaches had anything to do with this, but the media will bombard the Patriots with questions during the week leading up to theSuper Bowl.

New England Patriots

Strengths: The Pats are Lead by three-time Super Bowl winning QB Tom Brady, who usually plays well in big games and is a master of doing more with less. Also they have a big guy by the name of Rob Gronkowski, who has been one of the elite receiving Tight Ends (TEs) since he’s been in the NFL. Moreover, they have and X-Factor in LeGarrette Blount. He has a chip on his shoulder just like the other Patriots, except his chip is a little different due to the fact of how he left the Pittsburgh Steelers. So I’m sure he is more than anxious to prove they made a great mistake.

Weakness:  The Pats main weakness is their Wide Receiver core. Unfortunately, The Pats number one receiving option is Gronkowski. The other receivers are either small (Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola) or not quite proven (Brandon LaFell).  The Pats will have to consistently present an effective running game to cover up this weakness, otherwise Richard Sherman and those guys will eat them alive.

Seattle Seahawks

Strengths: Defense! DEFENSE!! DEFENSE!!! We haven’t seen a defense as dominant as this Seattle Seahawks defense since the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 2000 Baltimore Ravens, who beat their opponents by 27 points respectively in those NFL Super Bowl games. Lead by the Legion of Boom (LOB), the best collection of DBs we have ever seen (Richard ShermanEarl ThomasKam Chancellor, and Byron Maxwell). Now let’s not overlook their front seven lead by LB Bobby Wagner and crew. They do a phenomenal job of getting pressure on QBs with just the front four, which helps out the back seven tremendously. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

Weakness: Just like the Pats, the Seahawks receiving core is the weak link of the team. They have average receivers (Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin) at best, but they get the job done. On a side note, Letting go of Percy Harvin and Golden Tate to Free Agency was the head scratchers of the season, but they are in the same spot as last year so that’s an afterthought now. They most definitely have their work cut out for them going up against Darrelle Revis andBrandon Browner, who are both great man-to-man cover corners.  The Seahawks will have to do what got them to this point and that’s run the ball with Lynch along with a little read option would’ve hurt either.

The match up to look forward to is TE Rob Gronkowski vs. Safety Kam Chancellor. This matchup can potentially determine the outcome and will be fun to watch. I’m sure both of these men will be up for the challenge. It’s the Battle of the Running Backs. Who can help their team stay balanced, effective and consistent? All in all it should be a good one folks. Enjoy!!

Written by: Crevonte Hurde
Twitter: @TheFlexZone
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2015 NBA All Star Game

NBA All-Star weekend returns to New York for the first time in 17 years. New York is universally recognized as the media capital of the universe and the spiritual mecca of basketball. It was on a memorable February night in 1998 where a then precocious 19-year-old sophomore prodigy, Kobe Bryant, boldly paraded and self- righteously accepted the daunting ultimate challenge of the beaming Broadway spotlight of Madison Square Garden - the world's most famous arena - as an inaugural NBA All-Star to ignite in a once in a lifetime duel with a then 34-year-old global icon, Michael Jordan, who was the reigningNBA Most Valuable Player and a soon-to-be six-time NBA World Champion with the ultra-commanding Chicago Bulls

Fast forward to the present day, times have notably changed on many accounts, but the overwhelming mystique and majestic setting still remains the same in the alluring big apple. It's a tremendous mystery as to why New York had to wait (not a virtue for New Yorkers) painfully long for the NBA's star-studded annual festivity; Los Angeles hosted the NBA All-Star Game twice in the past decade alone, whereas a world-class city in Chicago - the second city in the United States - has been neglected as NBA All-Star Game hosts for 27 years (1988 was the last time an NBA All-Star Game was hosted in Chicago). The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Golden State Warriors NBA All-Star, Stephen Curry, was the recipient with the most sufficient NBA All-Star Game 2015 votes (1,513,324) courtesy of the interactive global fan ballot, proudly trumping LeBron James (1,470,483), Anthony Davis (1,369,911), Carmelo Anthony (647,005), Kobe Bryant (1,152,402), and John Wall (886,368) for supreme bragging rights in being the NBA's most popular player at this given moment in time. Golden State Warriors have effectually shown assertive dominance and slick style in the NBA Western Conference in the current NBA 2014-15 regular season (36-7) which has seenSteve Kerr's sharpshooting Warriors become legitimate front runners in conversation to become NBA World Champions 2015Golden State Warriors last claimed an NBA Championship in 1975 when NBA Hall of Famer, Rick Barry, led the well-storied Bay Area outfit to the elusive NBA title.

The NBA All-Star Game in vogue of the trademark soliloquy of former NBA Commissioner David Stern, is the "the star of stars" aligned to deliver a slam dunk feast of fast break action to fans globally. Is the glossy NBA All-Star Game a glorified Caesar's Palace entertainment spectacle on hardwood or a credible competitive game? Truth be told, it's conventionally both, with a greater emphasis on the aforementioned, for better or worse. In the past decade alone, NBA All-Star Game showdowns contested between the East All-Stars and West All-Stars have witnessed the West All-Stars triumph over their bitter conference adversaries on six different occasions.

The last time the NBA All-Star Game was venued in New York in 1998, the beloved NBA Slam Dunk contest was seemingly doomed to irrelevancy largely due to decadence, until an in-prime Vince Carter single-handedly saved the contest two years thereafter with larger-than-life aerial exploits in Oakland, CA. Elsewhere, NBA All-Star weekend 2015 presents the first-ever United States versus International stars game, which is fully comprised of US-born NBA and international rookies and sophomore athletes to create a truly global affair.

Furthermore, 'The Way' pop superstar, Ariane Grande, will perform live at the NBA All-Star Game 2015 to encapsulate further grandeur on a surefire magical night in the city that never sleeps. New York embraces when the entire world is watching vigilantly at the city more than any other on the planet, thus providing fans in New York the vastly long overdue NBA All-Star celebratory moment in which the city had craved for so long. The NBA All-Star Game 2015 airs live and exclusive on February 15. The NBA All-Star Game is finally coming home.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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The Seahawks Look to Re-Pete Against The Patriots

These two teams are polar opposites in every aspect of the game except for the fact that they have both won the Super Bowl.  The Seahawks only have 1 championship in their franchise history whereas the Patriots have won 3 titles.  The thing is that New England hasn't won the big one since the 2004 season and Seattle is looking to repeat as champions after crushing Peyton Manning and that high powered offense in last years Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll are nothing alike when it comes to their coaching style.  Players on both teams love their head coaches for the most part but the way they've earned their respect is completely different.  While coach Belichick is more of a Drill Sergeant, coach Carroll is like one of the boys, maybe you can attribute that to his time as the head coach of USC in the college ranks.  It sure did keep him youthful at the age of 63 as he acts like he's 36 and I mean that in a positive way.

Both coaches have been able to win games consistently as the men in jerseys and pads go all out for their coaches whether it's out of love or out of fear, both Bill and Pete were able to get the team to buy into whatever they're selling.  The Patriots have been doing this for the past 14 years and the Hawks are considered by many to be the next dominant team in the NFL and they already could be as the defending champs and having won the NFC Conference for a second consecutive season.  This is a match up of the unstoppable force vs the immovable object.

So let's get into it.  Will Russell Wilson and the Legion of Boom win back to back championships and Re-Pete or will Tom Brady get that coveted 4th ring and join the top tier elite of all time NFL quarterbacks?  Let's analyze the strategies of each team.

Seattle Seahawks Strategy:

The most important thing that Seattle can do is stick to what they do best.  That's running the football with Marshawn Lynch and using the Read Option play so Russell Wilson can use his smarts and athletic ability to take off when he sees daylight.  The Seahawks like to take chances down the field at times but they should try to maintain possession of the football and play ball control offense by not just running, but also calling those quick screens and slants over the middle.  These plays all but ensure a positive gain and maybe more if executed correctly.

You have to remember that Revis and Browner are an excellent cornerback tandem and challenging these guys may be rough when Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse simply don't match up well against the Patriots secondary.  I would expect some trickery by the Seahawks offense to get the ball moving down field.  Marshawn Lynch has to run the ball well to keep the Patriots defense off balance and guessing in order for the passing game to be successful.

The Seahawks main concern on defense is Rob Gronkowski.  They may try to match up Kam Chancellor against him but Gronk still outweighs Kam by about 30 pounds of inhumane muscle and has at least a 2 inch height advantage.  Plus if Dan Quinn (Seahawks D.C.) chooses to do so then
that eliminates one of the best safety's in the league where Brady can exploit that open area between the numbers.  It's a pick your poison position that Pete Carroll will have to make a decision on if he hasn't already.

New England Patriots Strategy:

Well I already mentioned Rob Gronkowski as a concern for the Seahawks defense but he could be the Patriots key to victory.  Gronk hasn't been healthy the past two post seasons but he is now and will be needed at 100% going up against the best defense in the game.  You can bet that Brady will be looking Gronk's way early and often but if he isn't open then Brady can go through his progressions as quickly and as well as any other QB in the NFL so if their big Tight End is covered then Brady will find an open Wide Receiver.

However I personally believe that the key to the Patriots offense having success will be on the ground, most likely LeGarrette Blount will carry the load and try to match the physicality of the Seahawks hard hitting defense.  Blount or whoever Bill Belichick feels like handing the ball off to is extremely important against Seattle because then you have a chance to take them out of their game.

Seattle didn't lose much this year, but in their 4 losses they allowed over 140 yards rushing per game.  I'm sure the Pats know this stat and will try to take advantage of it.  Here's another stat they probably know pertaining to TE's and the Seahawks D.  Believe it or not, the Seahawks have let up the most touchdowns to TE's over the past two seasons.  When and if the running game works for New England then expect Julian Edelman to see a lot of hot routes and get fast 15-20 yard gains.  Momentum could be huge in this Super Bowl if either team can get on a roll.  They are so evenly matched as which is why this game won't be more than a point favored either way.

Defensively the Patriots attempt to take away the opposing offenses best player.  This is the Bill Belichick employed style of defense that has worked several times in the past.  I don't think Belichick is too worried about WR's Doug Baldwin or Jermaine Kearse so he'll focus on Seattle's backfield.  Normally that means the Pats will stack the box and take away your running game.

The problem is that they can't just focus on Marshawn Lynch alone but also Russell Wilson and his ability to make plays with his feet.  They run the Read Option better than any other team and will test the Patriots defense with it and see if they can gain an advantage that way.  Hey we all know the Pats look to take any and every advantage possible (nod nod, wink wink).  If I'm the Patriots I'd have Jamie Collins who's probably the teams best Linebacker right now, spy not just Wilson, but the entire backfield as he has the athletic ability to run with those guys and has the power to take on big strong players.  If they spy the backfield then the Pats have a better chance at diagnosing the play more quickly and possibly gain an advantage.


This is the hardest Super Bowl I can ever remember picking.  I can see either team winning but I would be surprised if New England got blown out.  For that matter I doubt that the Patriots would blow out the defending champs either.  I think the Patriots will employ the better strategy and likely out-gain the Hawks in yards.  But the thing is that Seattle has one of the best defenses I've ever seen and are so tough that actual grown men in football pads get scared to play them.  The defense flies to the football and they seem to have that magic on offense.  The Seahawks are just more consistent than the Patriots in my opinion where Baltimore can score 31 points against them whereas the Seahawks only allowed 30 points twice this year and that was very early in the season.  Wilson and Lynch will make more plays than Brady and Company and I fully expect the Seahawks defense to show up and play their best football.

Prediction:  Seahawks 24 - Patriots 20

MVP: Russell Wilson - 245 yds Passing, 2 TD Passes, 82 yds Rushing, 1 Rushing TD 
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UFC 187: Jon "Bones" Jones to Fight Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

Ever-dominant reigning and defending UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon 'Bones' Jones, has alluded that he will face off against, Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson, in an upcoming clash tentatively subject for UFC 187 on May 23.

The 30-year-old Johnson soundly defeated imposing 6'5 Swede, Alexander 'The Mauler' Gustafsson, before 30,000 inside the euphoric Tele2 Arena at UFC Fight Night in Stockholm, Sweden on January 25 in the first round via TKO to claim the opportunity of competing in a marquee bout against reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon 'Bones' JonesAnthony 'Rumble' Johnson is specifically noted for his reputable takedown defense, stellar speed and adept striking ability which could sufficiently cause Jon 'Bones' Jones grave concerns in their inevitable forthcoming encounter.
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WWE Network Reaches One Million Subscribers

WWE has confirmed that the groundbreaking WWE Network has officially superseded one million subscribers since its debut in the United States eleven months ago; making the WWE Network the quickest-growing digital subscription service.

Ninety percent of subscribers on average access the WWE Network approximately once a week, with ninety nine percent of the subscribers accessing the WWE Network at least once per month, alongside an eighty six percent approval rating of the WWE Network.

Similar to the extensively featured motif of Netflix and Hulu Plus services, the WWE Universe can register for the WWE Network online and can watch WWE Network via TVs through connected devices such as Sony Playstation 3,Sony Playstation 4Xbox One, Xbox 360Amazon Fire TVApple TVRoku devices, and Smart TVs; the WWE Network is presently available in more than 170 countries internationally.

The WWE Network presents each and every live monthly annual WWE pay-per-view events at no additional cost, with a rich variety of television shows, reality shows, documentaries, classic encounters, and over 2,000 products located in the WWE Network library.

WWE programming reaches more than 650 million homes worldwide in 35 languages. Furthermore, the WWE Network includes all live pay-per-views, scheduled television programming and on-demand library which is presently available in more than 170 countries.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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Interview with Former WBC International Heavyweight Boxing Champ Johnathon Banks

Naturally gifted one-time WBC International Heavyweight Champion and former IBO Cruiserweight Champion, Johnathon Banks, grew up in Southfield, MI with consuming hopes and dreams of aspiring to become a Professional Athlete after his fight-loving Grandmother boldly envisioned when he was merely two weeks old.
Since Johnathon Banks’ professional boxing debut in 2004 in an intense Unanimous Decision victory against DeAndre McCole in Uncasville, CT, the accomplished Michigan-born athlete has since competed in 31 marquee bouts, earning 29 decisive wins with 2 losses on his impressive resume.
Johnathon Banks took time out of training in The Kronk Gym in Detroit, MI to have a quick chat with The HYPE Magazine Professional Sports Writer, Dean Perretta, regarding the past, present and future of the man they call ‘Mr. Banks’.
Which professional boxers did you admire most during adolescence?
I admired Muhammad Ali, Joe Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Tommy Hearns.
When you triumphantly defeated Vincenzo Rossitto for the IBO World Cruiserweight title, was that the greatest feeling of your career?
At that point, yes.
Was it difficult to adapt in training a Heavyweight athlete in the form of Wladimir Klitschko?
Yes. It is difficult every time you are training an athlete, but I was taught well by Emanuel Steward.
How much did you learn from the late-great Emmanuel Steward both as an athlete and as a individual?
I have learned so much; he taught me about life, boxing, and being true to myself.
Excluding Johnathon Banks, who is your favorite Professional Athlete currently representing Michigan?
My favourites has to be Floyd Mayweather and Anthony and Andre Devell.
Who do you personally aim to face in your next match up in the ring?
Antonio Tarver.
The Kronk Gym in Detroit, Michigan is where you fight out of. Can you explain your general training regime and mental preparation in the Kronk Gym?
I focus where I am. I train in different places, and I am a trainer as well, so I always stay on point.
Have you ever contemplated transitioning into MMA?
What song is most frequently rotated at this present moment in time on your playlist?
I currently have ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem on steady rotation.
If there was a movie based on your life, who would you select to depict you?
If I had to pick anyone, it would be Wood Harris.
What was the greatest boxing fight you witnessed in 2014?
I can’t say it has happened yet.
Johnathon Banks Official Twitter@Johnathon_Banks
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