Saturday, April 19, 2014

New York Mets Trade Away Yikes Davis

Have you ever had a problem that lingered on for a few years and finally when the weight of that burden was lifted and goes away, don't you feel really good and relieved that this issue has ultimately reached its end!?  Well that's how the New York Mets organization and their fan base feel about trading away Ike Davis to the Pittsburgh Pirates for relief pitcher Zack Thornton and a player to be named later.

Davis has been a giant thorn in the side of that Mets line up.  He can play the field well enough at 1st base but he has trouble hitting it that far.  Davis is an probably always will be a strikeout machine.  Mets fans knew that when Davis came to the plate he'd either blast a homerun or strike out miserably.  He became Yikes Davis.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pat Riley best NBA coach of all time?

As the NBA playoffs get going and we get a look at some of the new coaches out there, it got me to thinking about who the all-time great coaches are in this league. So I checked around, got a little input and despite a little chatter from Laker land that Phil Jackson is the top guy, there is no other answer other than...

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Holy Cow! The NCAA Student-Athletes Have a Voice.

On Tuesday, with the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, Jackie Robinson day in Major League Baseball, and the beginning of the NBA and NHL playoffs, a small announcement was swept under-the-rug with the plethora of topics in the sports world.

This sneaky announcement came quietly from the NCAA on Tuesday, stating that "Division I student-athletes can receive unlimited meals and snacks in conjunction with their athletics participation, the Legislative Council decided Tuesday." Yes, that's right: until April 15, 2014, players were not allowed to receive meals from their university. And, yes, you're right: it is 2014 we're living in today.

The NCAA also added that, "the rule, which applies to walk-ons as well as scholarship student-athletes, is an effort to meet the nutritional needs of all student-athletes."

It may not be earth-shattering, it may not make your jaw drop, but this change from the NCAA is the first major response in their acknowledgement that yes, the players have a voice.

Aldon Smith: 49ers need to address this fast

Oh what a turbulent time for the San Francisco 49ers, first the Colin Kaepernick situation which probably will go along the side and forgotten by the end of the off-season. But an incident that happened was pretty scary. Defensive end Aldon Smith was detained at LAX for a false bomb report. According to USA Today, Smith apparently said that he had a bomb on him as he walked past security. He was later detained and booked for a false bomb threat.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New York Jets want Chris Johnson on Board

Since Chris Johnson became a free agent the Jets had him on their radar.  Jets like to fly and a pilot with several hours and mileage on his resume is usually a good thing.  But the NFL's Jets and other teams look at running backs like Johnson and realize that he's on the decline since he never really showed he was worthy of his contract after rushing for over 2,000 yards in 2009.  Since then he's averaged 1,182 yards a season which is only 73 yards a game on the ground.  It doesn't sound like much but the numbers tell a different story and rushing for nearly 1,200 yards a year isn't bad at all considering his surroundings and the numbers.  Let me explain!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Without Bogut does Golden State have a chance?

News from the Golden State camp yesterday that starting center Andrew Bogut will be out indefinitely with a fractured rib is certainly not good news for the Warriors as they get set to embark on a playoff run. While his 7.3 points per game can certainly be made up in other areas, the ten rebounds and 1.8 blocked shots is something the Warriors are perhaps going to have to work around. A broken rib for anyone to play basketball with would be a challenge. For a big man that gets bumped and jostled on nearly every trip on both ends of the court, and one that's been advised the rib is too close to the lung, this might be devastating news to the Warriors playoff chances. 

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Bubba Watson is a Master at Golf

Now I'll be the first person to tell you that I don't follow Golf very closely and may be able to name 20 or so PGA players out of hundreds.  I'll even tell you it's not a sport in my opinion.  I mean, there's another man holding your clubs for you while you walk down to the location of your ball wearing what looks like suit pants and flashy shoes.  A sport to me is something that requires athletic ability, hustle, sweat (not because it's hot outside) and also an opponent of human origin.  I consider Golf to be a game as opposed to a sport and Bubba Watson is at the top of his game.

Bubba Watson won his second Masters Championship in the last 3 years.  This is an amazing accomplishment as something of this magnitude is rarely done.  Bubba can put his name in the same sentence as guys like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as players who have won the Masters in such close proximity.  It appears Augusta likes lefties.  Watson won twice, Phil won the tournament 3 times and fellow southpaw Mike Weir wore the Green Jacket in 2003.  That's six lefty winners since 2003 and by my math that makes six right handed winners as well over the past 12 seasons.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Sports Talk - Interview with Keyon Dooling

Spring is in the air, baseball players are on the diamond, the NFL draft is approaching and the NBA is playoff ready.  The post season is right around the corner and our special guest today knows all about the playoff run.  The Sports Clinic is honored to have Keyon Dooling, recently retired NBA guard join the show and talk about basketball and life.

Keyon is much more than a professional athlete.  He's a professional human being with so many positive outlooks on life in a variety of categories that he shares with not only basketball players and athletes but also with the entire public.  You can read more about what I mean in this article which goes through some of the details we will discuss on this morning's show.  Here's the link for the article. Keyon Dooling: Abuse and Basketball

But it's always better to hear about a persons life from his/her own mouth with their own words in which nobody can describe better than they.  This is why Route 4 Sports is delighted to have Mr. Keyon Dooling come on The Sports Clinic this beautiful Sunday morning and talk about an abundance of facts, fun and issues that need to be addressed as Keyon is doing now around the country.

Join Lamont and myself from 10:00 - 12:00 EST as we discuss the hot topics going on around the world of sports and of course our very special guest of the day, Keyon Dooling who will tell you why he's a whole lot more than just a basketball player.  Click this link to listen live or after the show to the interview and other sports talk for 2 commercial free hours Click here to listen to The Sports Clinic

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Will Teddy Bridgewater fall in the NFL draft?

Where will Teddy Bridgewater fall to in the upcoming NFL draft? About two months ago, Bridgewater was being mentioned in the same breath as Blake Bortels and Johnny Manziel, but after the NFL combine measured his hands at 91/4, and after a ho-hum pro day at Louisville, Bridgewater has clearly dropped. How much of a factor are these smallish hands that seem to come up whenever the name Bridgewater is brought up.

So you have all of the intangibles in front of you with this guy, where does he fall in the draft. From a paper perspective he doesn't look like he's going to be a franchise QB guy.

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Dallas Stars: Playoffs in their Future?

Tonight, the Dallas Stars were in a game against the St. Louis Blues that could potentially be a playoff berth for the Stars. For quite some time, they have been in a race for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference, with the Phoenix Coyotes who have been hot on Dallas’ tail all season.

The reason I feel they are in this position lies in the roster.  Last year when the Dallas Stars were bought by new owner Tom Giglardi, they started to undergo a transformation.  Top players Brendan Morrow, Jaromir Jagr and Derek Roy were traded while new faces were brought in.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Toronto Raptors Guard DeMar DeRozan for MVP

When we make our pre-season predictions for MVP of the NBA names like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant usually top the list on a yearly basis.  Kevin Durant is the front runner for that honor this season which would be his first while Kobe has already taken home the trophy.  Then of course there's 2 time winner's like Tim Duncan and Steve Nash but nobody compares to King James and his 4 MVP's over the last 5 years with Derrick Rose stealing one in 2011.  So as you can see it's always the big name that takes home the highly coveted individual award.  If you don't believe me then just check the list over the past 60 years and find me even 1 player that isn't considered an all time great as nearly everyone is in the Hall of Fame.  But what about the guy that takes you by surprise and turns an annually pathetic team into the 3rd seed in the playoffs nearly single handily?!

DeMar DeRozan is the man that fits that bill this NBA season.  He does have a couple of guys around him like Kyle Lowry and Jonas Valanciunas who can both score and contribute every night.  Lowry is averaging almost 8 assists this year as Jonas is grabbing nearly 9 rebounds.  No "offense" to these guys or the rest of the team but even in a pathetic Eastern Conference, the Toronto Raptors wouldn't sniff the playoffs without the super star in the making DeMar DeRozan.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

NFL Draft Gem: Towson Running Back Terrance West

West was being recruited by Clemson heavily coming out of high school, but couldn't qualify academically, taking the prep school route, attending Fork Union Military Academy. He left the school early because it was too far from home. He then returned to the dangerous streets of North Baltimore, where he worked a daily 9-5, just anyone else, before walking on at Towson. In three years at Towson, West carried the ball 802 times for 4,854 yards 6.1 avg and 84 TD’s. He set an FCS record with 29 touchdowns as a freshman, putting himself on the map early. As a senior in 2013, he set records with 2,509 yards and 41 touchdowns, proving to everyone that he was a man among boys.

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