Hulk Hogan Publicly Shamed After Controversial Racist Remarks

Hogan is widely accepted and embraced universally as the Muhammad Ali of sports-entertainment. A globally recognized multimedia maven who shrewdly evaluates business decisions into extensive account in the definitive favor of the individual that is the be-all and end-all in his very own notion - Hulk Hogan.

First and foremost, Hulk Hogan is the quintessential reason as to why many fans became attached to sports-entertainment. Be that as it may, during a relatively naive first impression prior to fathoming what had transpired, WWE and Hulk Hogan officially parting ways on July 24 had come as a major shock to many who remotely recognize or idolize the muscle bound, blond fu manchu-sporting, red and yellow-wearing icon. Initially, many believed thought it was a late April fool's joke until reading beyond merely the controversial headline. However, afterall understanding that the iconic pop culture figure had been released from globally popular sports-entertainment company WWE due to insensitive racial comments, it had become fully justified as to why the shamed Hogan had received reprimandation as such.

"It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it. This is not who I am. I believe very strongly that every person in the world is important and should not be treated differently based on race, gender, orientation, religious beliefs or otherwise. I am disappointed with myself that I used language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs" Hogan apologized in a public statment relating to the bigoted comments for his infamous sex tape scandal remarks where he said "
If she (Brooke Hogan) was going to f**k some n****r, I'd rather her marry an 8 foot tall n****r worth a hundred million dollars". Brooke Hogan is the daughter of the legendary professional wrestler.
Historically speaking, Hogan is not the only individual in the uber-shady sports-entertainment business or entertainment industry for that matter to have made insensitive race-related comments (see: Mel Gibson), as Teddy Long - an African-American - whose racial abuse from Ric Flair behind-the-scenes in the past, often went undocumented until Long exposed Flair's bigotry in a revealing shoot interview subsequently. Sports-entertainment has perennially held down minorities and utilized subliminal racism, particularly WWE's billionaire Chairman Vince McMahon openly using the N-word in a shocking segment involving an African-American in Booker T at WWE Survivor Series 2005.

Furthermore, the deep history of racism lies within the business of sports-entertainment, where caucasian performers have performed a degrading blackface-esque segment (Degeneration X) to mock an group comprised of African-Americans (The Nation of Domination). This is a problem with the foundation of racism in the United States opposed to the so-called racial hatred in the professional wrestling industry. In the grander scheme of things, WWE is a certified billion dollar public company that trades on Wall Street in New York and needs to protect its positive image at all costs in an era that has seen the company clean up its act in toning down on violence, denegration to woman and profanity. Linda McMahon - who ran for senate of Connecticut - was chiefly responsible for amending the once distasteful actions associated with the Attitude Era due to her campaign.

More importantly in the aftermath of the Hulkster's insensitive comments, Hogan has been officially removed from the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame and television hit show Tough Enough, whilst WWE has removed all Hogan merchandise, videos, profile(s) and Hogan-related products. In addition, WWE has terminated Hogan from his contract. With that said, when was the last time WWE had an African-American WWE Champion? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Johnson is Black only when convenient to defend WWE's guilt of never having a Black WWE champion; WWE slyly plays up his Samoan heritage more than the aforementioned. Fact.

Hogan's actions are not correct and should not be endorsed in any way, shape nor form. Boxing legend George Foreman and NBA legend Dennis Rodman are notable African-Americans who have defended Hogan post-comments, whereas Mick Foley - who is Caucasian - has also supported Hogan. Incidentally, in Hogan's public-owned restaurant, he had singularly prohibited the general public from sporting do-rags and baggy clothes inside the premises; both of which are associated with hip-hop culture ( see: African-American culture).

Vince McMahon's tyrannical, unmerciful, vindictive ways will indeed ensure that he will break Hogan - a man who he essentially helped create - until the remnants of Hulkamania are nothing more than a pile of ashes left on the wayside. Rumors are now officially circulating that Hogan will appear on British hit television show "Celebrity Big Brother 2015" in August. TNA Impact Wrestling have also seperated themselves from their former employee in deleting all material of Hogan on their official website.

All of the WWE WrestleMania moments, travelling, tickets sold and money Hogan made for McMahon now amounts to zero. Hogan was rumored to appear in "The Expendables 4". Will this materialize? Stallone and Hogan are close friends, but even this is not a realistic move for both parties. Hogan suffered back pain and numerous hip injuries to become a pop culture legend. Is this race-related incident comparable to the heinous Chris Benoit incident? Hogan never killed anybody, yet seemingly shot himself and his reputation down in one fell swoop.

Lastly, cerebrally manipulating company officials and mainstream media members and outlets has been a recurring theme for the 61-year-old star who infamously released a steamy sex tape with radio personality Bubba The Love Sponge's former wife Heather Clem, whilst suing ex-wife and "Hogan Knows Best" co-star Linda Hogan for defamatory comments alluding to homosexuality and defamation of character in her autobiography 'My Life Against The Ropes'. Hogan is also currently going through the rammifications of a $100 million court case against Gawker, which bodes not positive for the icon based on his racist remarks. Oh brother.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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Autographed Legends

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We relate memories that we have with friends and family to a particular game they saw or perhaps a ball player they met.  When big moments happen you tend to remember where you were when it occurred.  I bet you have a better chance remembering where you were 3 years ago during the Super Bowl but somehow have forgotten what you did on your birthday 3 years ago.  Funny and true.  That's what sports and certain players mean to us.

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IAAF: "The Next Bolt" Zharnel Hughes To Represent Team GB

Anguilla-born 100m sprint prodigy Zharnel Hughes, 19, has officially been cleared to represent Great  Britain. Hughes - who had drawn significant interest from Jamaica where he relocated to study and train alongside Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake - eclipsed the Jamaican High School Championships 100m record with a recorded time of 10.12.

"I have always known if I was to run at the Olympics it would be in a British vest, and that is how I have always dreamt it would be" stated  Hughes

Hughes' 6"3 slender physique has also seen observers liken the gifted teenager to Bolt. Hughes commenced  the season in exquisite fashion, finishing three-hundredth of a second behind Usain Bolt in the 200m sprint at the IAAF Diamond  League meeting in New York; Bolt registered a time of 20.29 in the race.

Hughes is eligible to compete for Great Britain on the grounds that the British overseas territory of Anguilla is not recognized by theInternational Olympic Committee. Elsewhere, it  has also been  confirmed  that Cindy  Ofili - the younger  sister  of Tiffany Porter  - will also represent Great Britain.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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16-Year-Old Candace Hill Breaks 100m Sprint World Youth Record

Standout sixteen-year-old High School student athlete Candace Hill officially registered a personal record of 10.98 seconds in the 100m sprint during an invitational meet in Seattle, WA to solidify the women's world youth record. The vastly impressive feat from the talented teenager would have seen Hill finish seventh place in the women's 100m sprint at the London 2012 Olympics; the time (10.98 seconds) surpassed the British senior women's 100m record of 11.02 seconds cemented courtesy of Dina Asher-Smith one month ago.

"I just had a feeling this would be a great race. I'm still speechless and in shock about the moment.  It makes me think differently now that I am running a 10.98. That is among the professional times. It just feels incredible and that I have a bright future in front of me. I could go pro at an early age, but who knows?" commented Hill.

Just nine women in the entire world have registered superior times to Hill this year, with Olympic and world champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Jamaica) leading with the greatest time for women's 100m sprint in 2015 with 10.81. The all-time world record for the women's 100m stands at 10.49 seconds via Florence Griffiths-Joyner in 1988.

"My coach wants me to go to the trials, but he doesn't expect me to make the team and neither do I,because there are a lot of skilled professionals there and it is a lot for my body," Hill added.

Candace Hill marked her previous personal record of 11.21 seconds in women's  100m a week prior to her recent 10.98 seconds benchmark, and now seemingly sets her sight on qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympics next summer.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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UFC: Phil "CM Punk" Brooks Interview On "The Jon Anik and Kenny Florian Podcast" (Audio)

"The Jon Anik and Kenny Florian Podcast" show hosted by Jon Anik and Kenny Florian invited  former WWE Champion turned UFC athlete Phil "CM Punk" Brooks onto the show to discuss about training progression in mixed martial arts, the timeline on his awaited UFC debut, the passing of WWE Hall of  Famer "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and his ambitions in his Mixed Martial Arts career.

"I'm super OK with it if my accountant is. I know Duke has told me, and I think he’s been public with it, that he would like a full 12 months before he signed off on me fighting. I’ve had zero talks with Dana [White] or Lorenzo [Fertitta] or Joe Silva – anybody – about an opponent, about a date. I’m thankful for that because there’s zero pressure on that, too. I think a lot of people are antsy. They’re saying on Twitter, ‘Ah, you’re never going to fight.’ This was just announced in what? November? December? I’ve been training full-time for like six months. As bad as I have the itch to get in there, like I said, I want to be as prepared as I possibly can be. I wouldn’t be upset if it got pushed into 2016." commented the Chicago-born star.

In regards to his UFC debut, Brooks stated that it will hopefully be the beginning of a fruitful career, opposed to a one-and-done deal.

"I'm also looking at the big picture; this isn’t a one-and-done thing for me. I’m not looking to fight just once, win, lose or draw. This is something I’m training for, and I feel like it would be a super waste of time if I was just training for one fight or anything like that, if I wasn’t just making a career out of it. Getting beat up in the gym every day wouldn’t be worth it in the big picture. I’m not saying I’m going to make a title run or anything like that, but I’m also – I’m looking to maximize my time here. If I wind up fighting in 2016, I’m not going to be upset about it."

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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MLS: How Do You Make Soccer Work In US?

The ideology of the myopic and xenophobic myths that relate to the polarizing popularity of soccer in the United States were seemingly obliterated when the United States Men's National Team  - in conjunction with ESPN - lured over twenty five million US citizens to witness USA's infamous 2-1 victory over Ghana at last summer's uber-climatic FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 tournament.

Since the German-influenced United States Men's National Team's gritty statement on the international stage in Brazil, a domino effect of key seasoned figures in Steven Gerrard (Los Angeles Galaxy), Kaká (Orlando City SC), Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC), Frank Lampard (New York City FC) and David Villa (New York City FC) arrived to be unofficially appointed as the newfound messiah's of MLS, or so the league believes.

Of all unlikely players, the MLS Golden Boot 2014 recipient was former Charlton Athletic forward Bradley Wright-Phillips (New York Red Bulls), who overachieved and performed beyond his own above average ability to win in spite of then teammate Thierry Henry. Prior to the aforementioned MLS Designated Players, David Beckham (who extorted Los Angeles Galaxy for $32.5 million for a five year contract),Thierry HenryJermain Defoe and a host of other once self-respecting superstars conditioned the public - and themselves - that they were going to make soccer grow even further in the nation. Could you believe their gall and insatiable ego's? Their accountants surely couldn't. Who could blame them? It has long been perennial fool's gold for MLS franchises who opt to sign aging, pompous past prime veterans only to discover that was the chief reason as to why they departed from Europe to begin with.

Firstly, with all due respect, lay off the elitism in the MLS. Stop telling fans they don't understand and that change is imminently upon us. It's not. Fans have been informed that soccer at large was destined to transform the nation overnight ever since Pelé joined the New York Cosmos in the late 1970s. In defense of the Brazil legend, he was at least instrumental in using his likeness and fading credibility to secure both the FIFA World Cup USA 1994 and form the idea of MLS becoming a reality nearly twenty years ago.

Why do a minority portion of soccer fans bear an overbearing view to blow out the proverbial candle of other professional sports in order to make the beautiful game's candle burn significantly brighter? In any metric, soccer is the most popular sport on the planet, and even with the popularity of  the NFL, many academically inclined Americans would indeed concede to the sheer fact of soccer's dominance internationally. Soccer is a sport of the world, and sharing has not always been a virtue, particularly when we talk about the expansion ofNBA and NFL teams overseas.

The burning issue especially with MLS is that it has increasingly become British junior and European-esque with inauthentically cheesy European-like team names such as FC Dallas and Sporting Kansas, or British-inspired New York City FC, which has become a trend that deeply alienates the average American who longs to become a  fan of MLS, or in this instance British junior.

British-born MLS play-by-play commentator Ian Darke is a fully qualified, richly experienced and vastly knowledgeble professional sports announcer, with a very clear and rich tone to call live soccer action in the United  States. However, there is a dire need to develop a US-born soccer announcer to narrate the action without leaving an imprint of MLS being an imitation of domestic league's more storied. The usage of the terms kit, pitch, and nil need to be imminently replaced with familiar terminology as uniform, field and nothing in order to cater to the casual viewer.

With that said, throughout the United States, FC Barcelona and Argentina superstar, Lionel Andrés Messi, was officially documented as a more popular Google search than 'The King of Pop' Michael Jackson on the 'Thriller' legends fifth anniversary since unceremoniously passing on June 25 during the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014; the Hispanic-American population alone in the United States is 50.5 million (16.3%). 

Despite deep cynicalism for so many years, the beautiful game was unfairly viewed in the rear view mirror as the unattractive step sister to the national pastime's and obsession's of baseball, football, and basketball throughout the nation. Soccer was essentially seen as - no pun intended - a minority sport associated with Mexican-American citizens, young girls, and suburban soccer mom's who live a middle class lifestyle. Hopefully, with the nation now getting acquainted with the sport - long after the rest of the world - beyond just a major international tournament every four years is a sign of the times that a goal has been scored, notwithstanding the naivete of fans believing that the FIFAWorld Cup will  be claimed  by United States Men's National Team sooner than later. 

The United States Women's National Team boasts two FIFA Women's World Cup titles, and long to add to their hardware at FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015. Hypothetically, a triumph for United States Women's National Team will change the profile of the sport in the  United States opposed to internationally  imported MLS Designated Players who insincerely arrive for a glorified retirement home and  final payday to pad out their pension.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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"The Greatest Fight" Movie

"The Greatest Fight" docu-film provides viewers with an unprecedented, all access scope into the intriguing life and career of "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock on the well-documented road to the icon's comeback main event bout at Bellator MMA 138, where the celebrated UFC Hall of Famer goes one on one with Bahamas-born YouTube sensation and professional boxer Kimbo Slice inside the 20,000 capacity Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO on June 19; Ken Shamrock - who is 51 years of age - last competed in the octagon in 2010 in a losing effort to Mike Bourke in the first round at King of Cage: Platinum in Durban, South Africa. 

However, can Shamrock defeat the uber-brash and disrespectful Slice in a redemptional narrative that goes beyond the final outcome of this now heated and storied rivalry? "The Greatest Fight" details the intense daily battle with the man in the mirror, living up to wild expectations of outsiders lofty perceptions, whilst heavily underscoring that mountains can be moved when detractors count one out in life. "The Greatest Fight" is a cautionary tale of the high price of fame, and how faith granted a legend with an opportunity to compete on the second biggest Mixed Martial Arts brand on the planet - Bellator MMA -  when hope and confidence withered.

"The triumph of this film is that the movie never takes its eye off Ken Shamrock, and that the audience never takes their eyes off the screen." said Leigh Simons.

"The Greatest  Fight" artfully encompasses Ken Shamrock's inspirational story from growing up in the humble projects of African-American populated Macon, Georgia to being adopted in his formative years, coupled with being in juvenile detention centers all the way to fighting his way to fame and fortune. Life is no bed of roses. The metaphor of fighting is that of survival in life and in arena's worldwide. The end of Shamrock's career is evidently imminent, yet the purpose and definition of life itself revealing finer clarity and closure.

"The Greatest Fight" is a battle driven from within to prove that through faith, love and passion, Shamrock's meaning of defining victory and inner triumph has discovered a whole new meaning, purpose and validation even after the smoke has cleared.

"The Greatest Fight" digital film premieres online on all devices on June 18

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NBA Finals 2015: Why Is LeBron James The Scapegoat For Cleveland Cavaliers?

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has unceremoniously fallen short in four NBA Finals appearances throughout his decorated career (2007, 2011, 2014, 2015) after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 4-2 in a best of seven series in the NBA Finals 2015 to theStephen Curry-inspired Golden State Warriors on June 16. 

James - a two-time NBA Champion - should not remotely be crucified and made fully accountable in the aftermath of the heartbreaking NBA Finals 2015 loss against Golden State Warriors, particularly when he was dealt the card of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love being out of the equation courtesy of injury. LeBron James is undeniably a bona fide leader and can accept vast constructive criticism from media, coaches and fans similarly. Why is he always deemed as the fall guy? Why is he always anointed as the scapegoat? If the shoe fits, then James so often wears it; which has been employed by detractors praying on the downfall of the Akron-born NBA All-Star. Did LeBron James deserve to claim the NBA Finals 2015 MVP notwithstanding coming up short against Golden State Warriors

In fact, last summer when LeBron James returned to a rapturous homecoming in Ohio, he noted that it would take at least two seasons for the Cleveland Cavaliers to secure an NBA Finals appearance, let alone ultimately promising an NBA Championship. From the get-go, there was a lot of inner turmoil with the mega ego's involved in Cleveland Cavaliers, with seldom borderline inconsistency and rookie NBAHead Coach David Blatt inheriting a somewhat unbalanced and inexperienced nucleas that was in a relative transitory stage. There was growing pains. There was endless doubt. There was an impressive winning streak. The bottom line is, the Cleveland Cavaliers fans at large should be very grateful that the team advanced this far on what was an otherwise phenomenal journey in the NBA 2014-15 season.

Without sounding redundant, many aficianados could trace back as far as four or five months ago in relation to their full conviction ofGolden State Warriors becoming NBA World Champions 2015. In hindsight, this unique NBA Finals series will be summarized as one of the more predictable, yet entertaining in recent memory. For the oft-underrated Andre Iguodala being rightfully recognized for his contributions, thus claiming the NBA Finals MVP Award exhibits justice in basketball as a true team sport, coupled with conquering a conspiracy of the NBA only awarding such honors to its proverbial golden boys. Iguodala is an athlete that every NBA franchise would crave to have on their roster, whilst serving as a pesky problem for opposition to face due to his well-rounded overall ability and defensive efforts in neutralizing a teams most potent scorer. Iguodala was indeed the x-factor in preventing LeBron James from attaining a third NBA World Championship with a will to win that was vividly apparent in the series.

Moreover, LeBron James is undisputedly the greatest basketball player alive today, and has won more NBA World Championships than many heralded Naismith Hall of Fame inductees (Karl MaloneReggie MillerJohn StocktonPatrick EwingCharles Barkley). Championships are an indication of team success, not so much personal greatness as much as a contradiction as it may seem. Championships are very difficult to come by, and with the NBA Eastern Conference being inferior to the NBA Western Conference, LeBron James will invariably have more chances to rectify the most recent loss at the NBA Finals 2015.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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Signed Jerseys by Some of the Greats

Autographed Legends of South Florida is selling top level signed jerseys, mini helmets, baseballs, footballs, autographed frames of old and new sports legends and greats, plus vintage and graded cards and rare sports collector items.  Here's a few more below but the inventory is much higher obviously.

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