Arena Sports Network The Flex Zone WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special (Audio)

Arena Sports Network and The Flex Zone WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special show welcomes "30 Years of WrestleMania" New York Times Bestselling Author Brian ShieldsWWE Superstar Santino Marella and Bellator MMA and UFC Hall of Famer, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock appear live as special guests.
Furthermore, Acclaimed Pro Wrestling Experience Broadcast Journalist Josh LopezFantasy Sports Warehouse Executive Vice PresidenLaShawn EncarnacionThe HYPE Magazine and FOX Sports affiliated Route 4 Sports Journalist/Editor Dean Perretta comprise the WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special all-star debate team.
Professional Sports Odds Expert Raphael Esparza joins the studio to discuss the predictions and odds for the Super Bowl of sports-entertainment in a show that is the biggest show in the history of Arena Sports Network and The Flex Zone.

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Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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NFL: Best Off-Season Signings

Free agency in the NFL is at an all time high.  As are trades, franchise tags, hold outs and etc.  This off-season has been particularly active as big names are changing their address and joining new teams and some with fat new contracts.  There have been a bunch of key additions and losses that teams have endured but none of them fall into the quarterback category.  Unless you consider an annual injury waiting to happen (Sam Bradford) and a tall guy with a pretty good arm who had a sweet streak for half a season (Nick Foles) as a major deal.  It may end up to be significant in some manner but it doesn't make my top five transactions so far during this off-season.

Now I'll tell you that even though Darrelle Revis may be one of, if not the best player in this group, he won't be on my list because the New York Jets aren't going anywhere as their roster is currently constructed.  Revis is not going to make the Jets a playoff team.  That's the only reason he doesn't make my top five.  I also will not include players who re-signed with their team like Randall Cobb on the Packers.  There's no doubt that Cobb is extremely valuable in Green Bay and that's why they kept him.  But my list only consists on those players who changed teams.

Here's my opinion on which teams gained the most from their new player or players.  Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

1. Seattle Seahawks - Jimmy Graham:  This was a tremendous trade that helped the New Orleans Saints but may have made the Seahawks a 3 time NFC champion.  Maybe even Super Bowl champions again.  One player usually doesn't have this sort of impact but given what the Hawks have done without him the past 3 seasons, it's fair to say that one of the best ball catchers in the league will add instant offense to go along with their stifling defense.  Russell Wilson is a happy man!

2. Miami Dolphins - Ndamukong Suh:  The Dolphins are becoming a team that you don't want to face on Sundays.  Miami was already tough defensively but the addition of Suh will make them one of the top defenses in the NFL.  He'll take up at least two offensive lineman by himself allowing pass rushers like Cameron Wake to apply constant pressure on the opposing quarterback.  You may not like Suh as a person but you can't deny his ability at DT where he is one of the best down lineman in the league.  This could be the year that Miami breaks through into the post season.  Just not sure about the division as Tom Brady still plays for the Patriots.

3. Philadelphia Eagles - DeMarco Murray/Ryan Mathews:  Now we're really gonna find out if Chip Kelly is a crazy genius or just plain crazy!  After trading LeSean McCoy to the Bills, trading for Sam Bradford who sits more than he starts due to annual injuries and not re-signing Jeremy Maclin, the Philly fans began to scratch their heads and watch their hair fall out in a daze of confusion.  So coach brought in Murray and Mathews to join speedster Darren Sproles in the backfield.  DeMarco Murray alone wouldn't make my list since he touched the football more than any other RB last season and would be hard to sustain another 16+ games of being pounded.  But if Mathews stays healthy then the Eagles have a sweet 1-2-3 punch in the backfield that can open up receivers down the field on play action passes and other creative plays.  Philly is hoping that 2nd year wide out Jordan Matthews will be that guy to make the big plays when their not running the ball in the 22 second offense.  With all that depth it will be easier on the backs to run this fast paced offense as they'll have more rest.

*Have you noticed all the Jordan's, Cameron's and Matthews I've already mentioned.  Weird coincidence I suppose.

4. Detroit Lions - Haloti Ngata:  This guy has plenty left in the tank and Detroit knew that and also knew they had to try and replace the large gap in the defensive line left by Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley.  If there's a DT out there that can fill that gap then I'd have to put Ngata near the top of the list even at age 31.  He clogs up the middle with his big, agile body.  Ray Lewis told the Ravens authorities to draft Ngata because he makes linebackers and fellow defensive lineman's jobs much easier.  He can take on 2 or 3 players at a time and if you dare to try and block him yourself then you can bet that it will result in a negative play for the opposing offense.  Detroit made a rare smart move by signing this Super Bowl champ as he brings knowledge, experience and a big athletic body sure to make big plays in Detroit this year.

5. Dallas Cowboys - Greg Hardy:  The commissioner Roger Goodell is not looking to make waves with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones so I can imagine that the sentence judge Goodell bestows upon Hardy won't be more than 6 games tops.  He basically served a year long suspension as his alledged accusations and reports of domestic violence surfaced last season so some would say he served his time under the judicial branch of the NFL.  Others are disgusted at what Greg Hardy has been accused of and don't want to give him a second chance.  Many football fans, mostly Cowboys fans are willing to give Hardy a chance to redeem himself off the field.  On the field there is no question.  This kid is an excellent pass rusher and one of the best DE in the game.  His speed and agility off the edge is a nightmare for offensive lineman.  Left Tackles have nightmares the night before they play against Hardy because they know that they have to earn their paycheck on that particular afternoon.
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"The Resurrection of Jake The Snake"

Steve Yu-directed docu-film "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake" meticulously details the well-documented meteoric rise and humiliating fall from grace of the cryptically cold and methodically heinous WWE Hall of Famer, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, which grips suspending disbelief viewers of sports-entertainment more dangerously compulsive than a venomous bite from Roberts' infamously lethal python, Damien.

Life invariably imitates art in "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake" when the dastardly deep demons of Roberts' very dark past invariably return to significantly haunt him as the WWE icon crashes rock bottom when wrestling his most dangerous opponent of his entire life in that of a crack addiction; Jake "The Snake" Roberts went from performing in sold-out world class arenas to plying his trade in dowdy high school gyms and grungy regional independent promotions for a less than substantial payday; Roberts' family disowned the one-time superstar.

However, the repentful and faith-driven Roberts miraculously - and inspirationally - encounters WWE legend "Diamond" Dallas Page, who largely embraces the tumultuous Texan with warm open arms in a audacious bid to save Roberts' fallen reputation, jaded career and ever-problematic life. Jake "The Snake" Roberts undertakes daily physical and mental preperational training with Page's acclaimed DDP Yoga program, thus absorbing inspirational motivational words from Page, whilst abstaining from illegal substances and alcohol. Can Jake "The Snake" Roberts stand up before the final count and rectify the carnival of ills in this official Slamdance Film Festival 2015 selected film?

"The Resurrection of Jake The Snake" is an honestly gritty, vastly compelling, borderline reality-based version of "The Wrestler" starring Mickey Rourke"Diamond" Dallas Page, Scott Hall"Stone Cold" Steve AustinChris Jericho"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiaseAdam "Edge" Copeland"Mean" Gene Okerlund"Hacksaw" Jim DugganJim Ross and Jerry Mires make special guest appearances in the heartwarming redemption story that is "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake".

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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John Cena: Never Giving Up To Rise Above

15-time WWE Champion and multimedia megastar, John Cena, is the ever-polarizing New York Yankees equivalent in sports-entertainment, with an unwavering, blue-collar never-surrender spirit that lives up to the hard-working superstars positive catchphrases of 'never give up', 'hustle loyalty and respect', and 'the champ is here' with an even bigger heart superseding the aforementioned; John Cena is officially the most requested celebrity - and current Guinness World Record holder - for the Make A Wish Foundation, with over 400 wishes granted for young children with life-threatening illnesses.

John Cena continuously puts broad, warm smiles on innocent pre-teen faces internationally, who vicariously inhere to the sincere motivational wisdom of their wholesome real life action hero; which is most gratifying for Cena despite defeaning boo's and chants of 'Cena sucks' from a complacent segment of viewers.

The magnetic crossover appeal of Cena has ultimately witnessed mainstream television appearances on 'Psych''Total Divas''Saturday Night Live''Deal Or No Deal''Jimmy Kimmel Live!''Late Night With Conan O'Brien', and 'Madtv'; Cena's hip-hop studio album entitled 'You Can't See Me' debuted at #14 on Billboard Hot 200 Albums Chart in 2005, and has sold 1.5 million units to date. Cena's movie credits include Judd Apatow-directed "Trainwreck", "Legendary" co-starring Danny Glover and Patricia Clarkson, and "The Marine" with Robert Patrick.

The 37-year-old superstar is also the most popular athlete in the United States on Facebook with nearly 37 million likes, surpassing LeBron JamesKobe BryantKevin DurantMichael Phelps, and Tony Hawk; Cena has almost 7 million followers on Twitter, whilst boasting 860k Instagram subscribers).

The ever-determined Massachusetts native routinely generates over $100m revenue annually alone for WWE, which includes marketing royalties on Cena's successfully diverse range of merchandise which includes: authentic t-shirts, baseball caps, Hollywood movies, collectable action figures, and Playstation 4 and XBox 360 video games.

Body Change is a brand weight loss brand championed by John Cena that is an interactive ten week program that is both accessible fun and comprehensive. The superstar offers inspiring videos to encourage subscribers user friendly methods to attain their ideal body over the course of the Body Change workout schedule; John Cena is a former professional bodybuilder, and appeared on the cover of 'Muscle And Fitness' in the April 2014 edition.

John Cena isn't the most technically blessed athlete of all-time, nor claims to be. However, in those shortcomings the resilient Cenation leader compensates with gritty determination and a burning fire within that mirrors Rocky Balboa. 

For the last thirteen years, John Cena has been in the public spotlight as the top dog in the most significant brand in sports-entertainment, and stubbornly defends his turf daily with an unprecedented work-rate that continues to silence even the most jaded detractors.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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MMA: Former ONE FC and UFC Athlete Kamal Shalorus Announces New Career

Former UFC and ONE FC athlete, Kamal Shalorus, has officially joined a growing trend of Mixed Martial Artists transitioning from Mixed Martial Arts to sports-entertainment.

The Iran-born 37-year-old joins Phil Baroni and Matthew Riddle - who are both presently training with an array of former WWE Superstars - in pursuit of realizing a dream in becoming professional wrestlers.

Kamal Shalorus - who was a teenage national wrestling champion - has a notably impressive physique and credible amateur background to smoothly transition from the octagon to the squared circle; which is often adventageous in sports-entertainment.

However, Shalorus' seniority alongside his height may prove questionable as the Iranian moves onto the next stages of his career. Kamal Shalorus had competed most of his professional Mixed Martial Arts career in the lightweight (155-pound) division.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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Dean Perretta Meets One-time Bellator MMA Light Heavyweight Champion Emanuel Newton

California native and one-time Bellator MMA Light Heavyweight Champion, Emanuel Newton, is officially recognized amongst the elite pedigree of Light Heavyweight Mixed Martial Artists globally; Newton is currently ranked as the number one Light Heavyweight professional athlete outside of the global powerhouse UFC promotion. The acclaimed and successful professional athlete was training rigorously in preparation for the eagerly awaited Bellator 134 Light Heavyweight Championship showdown against Great Britain's Liam McGeary hosted in Uncasville,CT live on Spike TV on February 27 inside the 10,000 capacity Mohegan Sun ArenaBellator 134 was conveniently dubbed "The British Invasion" in part due to the card stacked with a plethora of notable British athletes.

Dean Perretta caught up with dominant Bellator MMA sensation, Emanuel Newton, as the talented and goal-oriented 31-year-old allocated time from a whirlwind Bellator 134 promotional campaign, busy training regime and lifestyle to candidly discuss an inspirational journey and lifelong dream that continues to exponentially expand with each chapter - and victory - written inside the octagon. This isEmanuel Newton.

Newton - who triumphed as the overall victor in the ultra-competitive Bellator MMA Light Heavyweight tournament in 2012 - openly engaged in how he initially become acquainted with Martial Arts during his formative years, coupled alongside a burning passion and desire for football, which saw Newton regularly compete on the grid-iron (Newton had aspirations of playing football professionally prior to Mixed Martial Arts entering the eqaution); thus exhibiting the multi-dimensional athletic prowess of the Californian. When questioned regardingBellator 134 "The British Invasion" event, Newton spoken respectfully of London-born, Paul Daley, who went one on one with Andre Santos at Bellator 134 in Connecticut.

Emanuel Newton detailed how the untimely sad loss of his beloved mother ultimately overshadowed academic grades during High School. Newton - ever the warrior - was temporarily down, but undoubtedly not out as life continued to throw its worst. However, when mother nature shown her worst, Emanuel Newton displayed his very best in turning tragedy to glowing triumph in standing tall in overcoming all odds directed in his path. The inspirational Newton further stated how his sincere humility, overwhelming desire, innate mental strength and rich accolades are due to being spiritually connected and wired up with his lord and savior and creator - God.


Newton proudly touched on Bellator's unique strengths as a global brand in contrast to contemporary Mixed Martial Arts promotions (UFC,ONE FC); particularly the family-like connection and accessible communication with Bellator hierarchy, athletes and die-hard fans at large. Additionally, Newton directly added in rebuttal that one-time undisputed UFC World Heavweight Champion and former NCAA Division I Champion, Brock Lesnar, would indeed be a very welcome transaction to Bellator MMA if the physically imposing 286 pound Lesnar decides to join the Viacom-owned company when his part-time $5m annual contract with WWE expires in March; UFC have also expressed interested in Lesnar. Emanuel Newton specifically noted that due to the fact Brock Lesnar isn't in the Light Heavyweight division, it would be an ideal box office attraction and paramount signing for Bellator MMA to increase the products television ratings and multimedia enterprise.


Elsewhere, Newton stressed that trademark nickname "The Hardcore Kid" was originally derived from the notion that he has continuously applied a hardcore mindset, but more definitively due to the fact of declaring a strong passion for the Hardcore music genre; Newton's favorite Hardcore music groups include Champion. Newton has a penchant for independent Hardcore bands opposed to mainstream acts in the genre.


Moreover, Emanuel Newton unequivocally underscored that he thoroughly intends to remain heavily focused, train even harder, and ultimately hold onto the Bellator MMA Light Heavyweight Championship as long as he possibly can to essentially further establish an ever-growing legacy that embellishes and increases after each successive title defense in Bellator MMA; Newton has consecutively won his last seven Bellator MMA bouts, whilst boasting 25 victories overall in his distinguished Mixed Martial Arts career.

"The Hardcore Kid" unapologetically does his talking in the octagon, whilst proving that backing up his supreme belief in words holds equal impact. The Newton era will no doubt continue with the heart, mind and soul a champion, who by all intents and purposes, rose above to stake claims in etching out a golden reputation in a world-class Mixed Martial Arts company- Bellator MMA. Champions are not born, they are made.

Emanuel Newton Official Twitter: @Emanuel_Newton
Emanuel Newton Official Facebook:

Interview by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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NBA: The Rebounds (Best) & Blocks (Worst) of The Week

The Rebounds (Best) & Blocks (Worst) of the NBA this week in the 2014-2015 NBA season, lets take a look below at the action from this week, thanks to & for help in this article:


Indiana Pacers keep it rolling- Rodney Stuckey scored a season-high 34 points with six rebounds and seven assists, and the Pacers beat the Orlando Magic 118-86 on Tuesday night for their sixth straight victory. Damjan Rudez scored 17 points, and Luis Scola added 15 points and 10 rebounds for the surging Pacers (29-34), who moved into sole possession of seventh place in the Eastern Conference. Stuckey made two of his season-best six 3-pointers in an 18-0 run in the first half.

Indiana, which beat Orlando for the third time this season, used a 9-3 run in the fourth quarter to pull away, with Solomon Hill's two-handed dunk giving the Pacers a 93-73 lead with 9:52 remaining.
The Pacers made 17 3-pointers to match the franchise record. Stuckey was 6 for 9 and Rudez went 5 for 7. The Pacers are 9-1 in their last 10 games as they play the Bucks on Thursday in Indianapolis.

The Spurs Rising- Kawhi Leonard had 24 points and 11 rebounds and matched a career high with five steals, and the Spurs withstood a second-half letdown to beat the Raptors 117-107 on Tuesday night for their sixth straight victory.

Tony Parker added 23 points and nine assists, and Danny Green was 5-for-6 on 3-pointers in scoring 19 points for San Antonio. "I don't want to take away from the win, it was a great win against a great team, but we should have finished the game before," Parker said.

The game was still in doubt late, which kept Duncan on the court. He left with about a minute remaining, hyperextending his left elbow when teammate Tiago Splitter fell into him. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said he thought the injury wasn't serious and that Duncan would be OK. That is good news for a team that is finally healthy after spending much of the season battling a succession of nagging injuries to half its roster. Duncan's early basket was part of an energized start for the Spurs against a Raptors team that has lost four straight and nine of 10. San Antonio has won 14 of its past 16 home games, including six straight as they play Lebron James & the Cavs tonight in San Antonio.

The Pelicans reclaim the 8th seed in Western Conference- In a matchup of teams fighting for postseason spots, only the New Orleans Pelicans looked playoff-worthy. Alexis Ajinca and Quincy Pondexter each scored 17 points and the Pelicans moved within percentage points of eighth place in the Western Conference by beating the Brooklyn Nets111-91 on Tuesday night.

Omer Asik had 12 points and 15 rebounds for the Pelicans in their third straight victory.Anthony Davis scored 15 points, a night after tying his career high with 43 in a win at Milwaukee. As of the end of Wednesday games, the Pelicans are a half game ahead of the Thunder for the Final Playoff Spot in the Western Conference.

Ajinca had 11 points during a four-minute stretch of the second quarter as the Pelicans took a 55-46 lead into halftime.

"He was good," coach Monty Williams said. "He gave us a big lift. Being able to throw him the ball is something that we've gone to the last few weeks and he's delivered for us."

New Orleans extended the lead to 78-61 by the end of the third quarter as Asik and Davis dominated Brooklyn's frontcourt. The pair combined for 13 of New Orleans' 23 points in the third. Pondexter had 14 points in the fourth.


The Raptors are flat- The Raptors have lost 4 straight & lost 9 out of 10 games. They have dropped from 2nd to 4th in the Eastern Conference, even tho there is still a 2 game difference between 2nd thru 4th in the Eastern Conference.

Toronto had five different leading scorers in its previous five games. ... Toronto dropped to 17-15 on the road this season. The Raptors are looking like they are running out of stream.

The Pistons are not firing, but cold- The Pistons lost in Golden State on Wednesday 105-98 with Andre Drummond had a career-high 27 rebounds -- 17 offensive -- to go with 22 points in the Pistons' eighth straight loss. A day after Detroit took 35 3-pointers -- making eight -- the Pistons managed only three attempts in the first half from long range and went 4 for 12 overall.

The Pistons have dropped five straight at Golden State since a 107-102 win Nov. 13, 2008. ... Detroit dropped to 8-19 against the Western Conference.

Written by: Demarus Dye
Twitter: @TheFlexZone1
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Dean Perretta Interview On Pro Wrestling Experience Show In Chicago

Dean Perretta made a guest appearance on the acclaimed Pro Wrestling Experience radio show in Chicago, IL on March 11. Perretta talks WWE WrestleMania XXXI with host Josh Lopez, alongside touching on the climatic aftermath of WWE RAW on the road to the Super Bowl of sports-entertainment, and the forthcoming The Flex Zone WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special show on March 24 on Chicago Land Sports Radio.

Dean Perretta Twitter: @DeanPerretta
Dean Perretta Facebook: Dean Perretta
Dean Perretta
Chicago Land Sports Official Website:
ASN Chicago Official Website
Pro Wrestling Experience Twitter: @PWEShow
ASN Chicago Twitter: @ArenaSportsNet
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Teams Aren't Rushing for Running Backs

What Uniform will DM be Wearing in 2015
Take a look at what's been going on over the last week in the NFL and all the players that were signed, traded, released or retired.  It's been a whirlwind of players changing uniforms and a football tornado that's relocated big time players to new cities.

If you've noticed the players involved in what has transpired so far during the NFL off-season is that Running Backs are no longer a hot commodity and don't get paid as much as they used to if you put it into dollar-ratio terms.  RB's used to go high in the draft as many teams built their offense around the running game.

Since the rules have changed over a decade ago to favor the offense in order to get points scored on the board, the RB position is not in as high of a demand.  Add the fact that Running Backs have a shorter life span in pro football and decline more rapidly than players at other positions.  For goodness sake, Maurice Jones - Drew led the NFL in rushing in 2011 and retired just a few days ago at age 29.

This may be a reason why last years league leading rusher in DeMarco Murray who is only 27 years young, hasn't been signed yet.  There are plenty of other RB's out there that haven't signed yet but a few big names have been signed, then again they didn't get paid like Darrelle Revis for example who became the highest paid Cornerback in NFL history.

Adrian Peterson: If DeMarco Murray doesn't have the star on his helmet next season than All Day may!  Both the Cowboys and Peterson have expressed interest in one another so this is a possibility.  Even after the shouting match between the Vikings and Peterson's agent, they have appeared to heal the wounds and may come to terms to keep A.P. in Minnesota.

DeMarco Murray: If he wants money than he can likely get it in Oakland with the Raiders.  The Black & Silver aren't too bad and if Derek Carr improves and shows promise then one of the NFL's oldest and beloved franchises can start making some noise as Peyton will be walking out the door in the next couple of years.  But if the Boys' want to pay and can offer him a solid contract then he'll be taking hand offs from Tony Romo for a little while longer.

Ray Rice: The first question is will he even get an offer from any team in the league?  He may have a better shot at the CFL or Arena Football as opposed to the NFL.  He is only 28 years of age but does have significant mileage on his legs but much worse are the circumstances surrounding his domestic violence incident.  That's the biggest issue or else he'd probably still be with the Ravens.  If any team is going to take a shot at him it may be the Chiefs or Chargers.  The only other team that really comes to mind is the New York Giants but there's a very high possibility that Rice doesn't play in the NFL at all in 2015 or ever again for that matter.

DeAngelo Williams: He better not be looking for a ton of cash because it ain't happening.  His inability to stay healthy is the dominant factor.  When he is playing he's an 80 yard TD run waiting to happen but you simply can't rely on him to be your number one guy at RB.  Either he stays in Carolina or goes to a team like the Saints to use as a 3rd down back as Williams enters his 9th season and will be 32 years old in April.

Pierre Thomas: Thomas is an interesting situation.  He's 30, but a young 30 since he never really had to carry the load in New Orleans as they used multiple backs and were a predominatey a passing team.  The Saints signed Mark Ingram to a 4 year deal which means Thomas could be headed out of the Bayou and help another team's offense as he is still a good player.  He won't get top dollar of course but he's worth a shot as the Baltimore Ravens have expressed interest and could fill a hole at RB in Philly after striking out on Frank Gore who duped the Eagles and signed with the Colts.

C.J. Spiller: He's not a 3 down back but does bring a lot of skill.  He can play special teams and take it to the house on any given play.  He would also fit pretty nicely in Philadelphia and quite frankly can be a very valuable asset if he can stay healthy.  A bunch of teams can use him like the Jets, Dolphins, Titans, Texans and my top choice would be the defending champion New England Patriots.  I think that's a perfect fit especially because the Pats are allowing Vereen, Ridley and others to test the market as free agents.

Steven Jackson:  If he gets an offer it will be small.  He may get offended by the offers he gets, if any at all and end up retiring like MJD.  Jackson will be 32 when the season starts and has taken a pounding since he became a full time starter in 2004 and replaced Marshall Faulk.  Jackson has been great his whole career but was always on a bad team.  He always ran hard and fought for every yard.  I doubt he'll play in 2015 but if he does maybe the Saints take a chance on him or perhaps go back to where he started in St. Louis with the Rams.

Ryan Mathews:  Mathews presents another complicated situation as he's hurt often but shows signs of flash when he's on the field.  I believe this kid can play but he has to play and not be a spectator sitting on the bench from with another injury.  One of the AFC East teams (excluding) Buffalo may take a shot on him but then again he may stay right where he is in San Diego.

Chris Johnson:  Is he done?  Not done in my opinion but not a starter either.  I can see him getting carries in San Francisco, New York, Philly, Atlanta, New Orleans and a bunch of places that can use a guy with his play making ability.  But CJ2K is no more and he has to realize that quickly if he wants to keep playing.  My bet right now is on the 49ers who have RB issues since Gore departed to Indy.
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UFC: Frank Mir: 'I Would Crush Lesnar Standing Up'

Two-time undisputed UFC World Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir, has stated publicly that he longs to face Brock Lesnar in a rubber stamp match to determine the decisive winner in a presently even series of UFC main event showdowns contested; Brock Lesnar's current part-time $5 million annual contract with WWE expires after WWE WrestleMania XXXI on March 29, with UFC President Dana White insinuating that Lesnar could return to UFC. Lesnar has also been linked with joining Viacom-owned Bellator MMA, which is said to accommodate the marquee box office pay-per-view attraction with a lucrative contract.

Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar first fought at UFC 81 on February 2, 2008 in Las Vegas, NV where the former NCAA Nevada State Champion forced Lesnar to submit, despite a valiant and impressive showing from the uber-powerful NCAA Division I National Champion from the University of Minnesota in his debut UFC bout. A climatic main event rematch at UFC 100 subsequently witnessed a dominant and focused Brock Lesnar revengefully pulverize Frank Mir in the second round via TKO to claim the undisputed UFC World Heavyweight Championship, which rectified Lesnar's loss to Mir at UFC 81 and essentially even the score in the octagon with the Nevada native.

Frank Mir - who is presently ranked eleventh amongst UFC Heavyweights - recently defeated Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva in the main event at UFC Fight Night 61 via KO in the first round in Porto Alegre, Brazil on February 22; Mir trained with Angelo Reyes and Ana Julaton during the major build-up to the showdown with Silva in Brazil.

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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