Interview: Arena Sports Network COO/Executive Producer Dean Perretta

Dean Perretta is an accomplished International Sports Journalist/Editor/PR for "Magazine of the Year" SEA Award-nominated The HYPE Magazine in Indianapolis, IN and FOX Sports syndicated Route 4 Sports, whilst serving as Senior Sports Editor for Fort Lauderdale-based national publication Nine5Four Magazine, Chief Operating Officer/Executive Producer for Arena Sports Network, Creative Consultant for The Flex Zone and as a contributor for critically acclaimed two-time BEFFTA Award-nominated In-spireLS. Throughout his media career, Perretta's exceptional magazine features and interviews have frequently appeared in publications in the United States, Germany, and United Kingdom.
Perretta has made notable guest appearances on New York-based stations OWWR, JG Sports, TC Sports, The Bob Sullivan Show, DC-based network WBAD Sports, FOX Sports affiliated Route 4 Sports Radio, ESPN 99.1 in the Midwest, VAVEL in Chicago, IL, The Shawn Stewart Show in Detroit, MI, PWE (Chicago), Arena Sports Network (Chicago) and The Flex Zone WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special show; Dean Perretta was officially selected as a torch bearer at the London 2012 Olympics.

 Q: What was it like being the torch bearer at the London 2012 Olympics? It was undeniably a distinct honor. I was invited as a guest to appear at the Olympic Museum which officially displays all of the original medals throughout the decorated lineage of the Olympic Games dated from 1896 to 2012, alongside a highlighted historic feature of Olympic torches and classic archived footage for invitees to marvel upon. In addition, official representatives and luminaries were present at the prestigious Olympic Museum, and to be selected to proudly bear the Olympic torch is a definitive moment that will remain with me forever. I aim to experience the ultimate splendor of bearing the Olympic torch once again on the road to Rio 2016 Olympics games.

Q: Who was the first professional athlete you interviewed and were you nervous? Rudy Gay was the first-ever professional athlete which I had the opportunity to interview. I covered the NBA House and NBA Footlocker 3X World Tour events internationally, and Rudy (Gay) was the special guest at the NBA Footlocker 3X World Tour event. Was I remotely nervous? Not at all. Was I somewhat overwhelmed? By no stretch of the imagination. Fortunately for me, Rudy (Gay) was very soft-spoken, laid-back and very humble. He undoubtedly remains as one of my favorite athletes in which I have encountered in my career.

Q: Being linked to so many magazines for your sports journalistic skill, how do you keep up with everyone? Firstly, time management and communication is paramount. I do have a very positive professional relationship with all of the brands which I am associated with. Nurturing relationships - whether professional or personal - is something that I deeply subscribe to. There are times when you can lose touch with some people over time, but I guess it goes to show who is meant to be in your life at a particular time. More importantly, contributing for FOX Sports syndicated Route 4 Sports has been nothing short of phenomenal, as Jason (Feirman) is a great individual to work for as he is very creative and honest. Furthermore, working with Jerry Doby and Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson at #1 digital magazine in the world in The HYPE Magazine has certainly taught me a lot in terms of in-print journalism, advertising and marketing. At award-winning In-SpireLS, Sasha Shantel is a positive individual, creative talent and nurturing person to work alongside as she -by default - tends to bring out the best in others, whether as an editor, radio host or simply as a human being. Elsewhere, regarding my association at Nine5 Four Magazine, I was initially introduced to Jason Prince via popular Florida-based Recording Artist Absoloot, who highly recommended my work to Jason (Prince) after Absoloot had read a variety of my articles and featured exclusive interviews. Fast forwarding to the Arena Sports Network affiliation, it has been a blast thus far. To be able to utilize my ability as both an executive (Chief Operating Officer) at Arena Sports Network and as an Executive Producer for flagship show "Snowman In The Morning" hosted by "The Golden Voice of Chicago Sportsland" Brian Snow is a blessing.

Q: How important is social media in building a business brand? It's absolutely essential. To reach brand new demographics, actively promoting your product with regularity on all major social media platforms is a necessity to increase your relevancy, public image, credibility and long-term success with your audience. Audiences jaded perceptions and likes - and dislikes for that matter - often change perennially, which is our mission to investigate into what their specific needs may be at that given moment in time. Once you lose viewership, it is often very difficult to reclaim their loyalty to the brand. Never insult the audience’s intelligence.

Q: What made you link up with The Arena Sports Network, LLC? Initially, I was approached in January 2015, and I was somewhat familiar with Brian Snow's work courtesy of Michael T. Lyle Jr whom I consider a friend. I was invariably sold on the overall vision and scope of what the Arena Sports Network presented and its potential to redefine the landscape of radio with its unique programming. Arena Sports Network has an array of very entertaining shows such as Snowman In The Morning, Five Round MMA, The Flex Zone, Bump And Run, The Bob Sullivan Show, The Mad Sports Scientist Lab, Pod Is War, and is currently innovatively thriving in thinking outside of the box to take the company to new heights. Arena Sports Network CEO Brian Snow has granted a great opportunity, which I am extremely grateful for. Most recently, Arena Sports Network announced a major partnership deal with award-winning In-SpireLS, which will essentially create charity events, radio shows, featured exclusive interviews on the In-SpireLS website and a whole lot more. This is a winning partnership that will continue to grow over time.

Q: What has been your mission with the ASN Brand and the ASN Family of networks? To ultimately gain further visibility, national and international attention, and expansion for Arena Sports Network in consistently evolving and performing at a high level. A territorial mindset can only take a company so far. Arena Sports Network pushes the envelope, hence our social media hashtag #AlwaysKickingReal. Arena Sports Network is operated by the fans, for the fans. We also enable upcoming talent a fine platform to voice their opinions when the major brands wouldn't give them the time of day. We thoroughly respect and engage with the people, as they are our blood supply.

Q: Who is your all-time favorite basketball player and why? Michael Jordan. He transcended the game of basketball with his many accomplishments and universal appeal to such a degree similar to what Hulk Hogan did with sports-entertainment or what Muhammad Ali did with professional boxing. Even to this day, watching Jordan highlights is never tiresome. Jordan carried himself with a class of his own and an elegance which inspired me to want to be like Mike. Magic Johnson would be a distant second, as he also exuded a positive and goal-driven attitude as an athlete. What Magic does beyond basketball throughout communities makes me want to emulate his unique path.

Q: Do you have a favorite female athlete? At present, my favorite female athlete is Ronda Rousey. Ronda (Rousey) shows that women in society certainly have a place in combat sports, whilst singularly breaking down stereotypes and negative perceptions of women who either watch and/or participate in such competition. I absolutely adore Ronda Rousey.

Q: What was the atmosphere of the ASN WrestleMania XXXI Flex Zone Special? It was an incredible experience and atmosphere for The Flex Zone's WWE WrestleMania XXXI Special to air live on Arena Sports Network. It was The Flex Zone's biggest show of the year, and it didn't just live up to surpassed them all. "30 Years of WrestleMania" New York Times Bestselling Author Brian Shields, WWE Superstar Santino Marella and Las Vegas-based Professional Sports betting expert Raphael Esparza were phenomenal special guests, as was The Wrestling Wrealm's "The Real" Dwayne Allen, who served as a guest host on the night. The Flex Zone team worked extremely hard on this very event, and there will be an upcoming Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. versus Manny Pacquiao special on The Flex Zone prior to their highly awaited bout on May 2. The Flex Zone has indeed gone from strength to strength over time.

Q: What do you think is the difference between digital radio and terrestrial radio? Terrestrial radio is very corporate-driven and often places limitations on a presenter’s true voice and show format to compliment the persona. Presenters who work in such environment are often handed material from a studio Executive Producer, and be expected to recite everything in verbatim, for better or worse. Terrestrial radio also doesn't present its loyal audience with irrefutable honesty that the average listener can either digest or seemingly resonate with. Be that as it may, digital radio essentially enables equally talented creatives to create a firm presence on blog radio, podcasts and independent stations, which can catapult them into a brand of their own. It's all about taking control of your own destiny.

Q: How did you get involved with the popular ASN staple "Snowman in the Morning and what is your mission for that show? Well, I suggested to Arena Sports Network President and "Snowman In The Morning Host" Brian Snow that the show should have special guests appear daily, whilst creating an inimitable style of format by incorporating segments into the show to make "Snowman In The Morning" flow effortlessly throughout. From that point on, Brian (Snow) noticed that my judgment was beneficial to the brand, thus receiving a promotion to Executive Producer/COO. 

Q: What goals are next for Dean Perretta? As clich├ęd as it may sound, I feel as though I am just getting started in regards to where I truly want to be. Creating charity sports events, creating a podcast and developing more inspirational partnership deals are specifically what I aim on achieving. I often don't get time to reflect on the past, as I live for the moment here in the present, whilst thinking about the future. 

Dean Perretta Twitter: @DeanPerretta

Arena Sports Network Twitter: @ArenaSportsnet

Arena Sports Network Facebook:

Arena Sports Network Website:
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Erik Spoelstra Can't Take the Heat

With the Miami Heat all but mathematically eliminated from the 2015 post season, you can't help but to reflect on the job or lack thereof by head coach Erik Spoelstra without LeBron James in his starting five.  I am aware that Miami lost a big time player in Chris Bosh around the All Star break this year but the team was barely hanging on to a playoff spot as it was already.

Bosh's departure no doubt hurt the team but they still had the heart of the Heat in Dwyane Wade, Luol Deng, newly acquired Goran Dragic and the emergence of Hassan Whiteside should have been more than enough to at least get the 6th seed in an extremely weak Eastern Conference.  There's no way that the Bucks, Celtics, Nets and Pacers should be ahead of them in the playoff race.  Except if you take into account that Erik Spoelstra can't take the Heat and it's time for him to get out of the kitchen.

The Boston Celtics don't have half the skill of the Miami Heat, yet they are ahead of them in the East and they have a real head coach who has proven himself in a short time in Brad Stevens.  Spoelstra is a veteran in the coaching ranks compared to most of the Eastern Conference and younger, less experienced coaches have been putting him to shame all season long.

It is a fact that Erik Spoelstra was identified as the head coach of the Miami Heat during the LeBron years but we all know that the king wore the crown and gave the orders to his loyal subjects.  Spoelstra defenders would say that at least he managed the team well and kept a group of all stars together to win a title.  Replace Spoelstra with Pat Riley and then that statement becomes true.

In Spoelstra's first 2 seasons as head coach of the Heat they were one and done in the playoffs.  Well that's not good and if Pat Riley wanted to continue to be the puppet master then a big move had to be made.  As we all know LeBron James took his talents to South Beach in the 2010 - 2011 season and 4 years and two titles the Miami Heat are on top of the NBA world and Erik Spoelstra begins to get recognition as one of the best coaches in the league.  I laughed then and haven't stopped since.

The Heat have cooled down considerably and yes, Chris Bosh would have made the team better and would likely be a playoff team this season had he not gone out with a season ending diagnosis that he had blood clots on his lung.  His health is most important so Bosh had no choice but to shut it down.

Nevertheless, even if Bosh had been able to play past the all star break the Heat still wouldn't be near the top of the East but most likely fighting for position for the 5th or 6th seed.  The talent on this team should have been enough to get them to the post season but the coach failed because he couldn't coach or manage the situation.  Maybe he didn't listen hard enough when LeBron would call a time out and draw up a play, a basketball play that doesn't involve just go play ball and see what happens.

Spoelstra let that team run wild for 4 years and was getting credit for it.  He just had the best player in the league to go along with two other NBA greats.  They didn't need Spoelstra and in that process he forgot how to coach a team.  Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on the man but for goodness sake the proof is in the pudding.  Just look at the stats and watch what the television allows you to see during bench time and the coaches actions throughout the game.

Spoelstra may get another shot to coach this team under the leadership of Pat Riley.  But honestly I see the franchise going in another direction and either getting a well known good to great head coach or go to the collegiate ranks and find Riley another puppet.
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Chicago Bears Mock Draft

Last year’s 5-11 season was nothing short of atrocious for the Chicago Bears.  They entered the season with the highest of expectations and finished the season as a laughing stock.    The Bears’ new general manager Ryan Pace has made moves in free agency to rid himself of pieces he no longer feels the need for and acquiring pieces to help build a 3-4 defense and reconstruct a feeling of optimism in the  locker room.    Taking a lot of things into consideration, here is one way the Bears could see things working out in this year’s draft.
First Round – Kevin White, WR, West Virginia
The guess here is that the Raiders will be the only team in front of the Bears who are in need of a wide receiver.  The Raiders have their young quarterback Derek Carr and it would be ideal to pair him up with either Kevin White of West Virginia or Amari Cooper from Alabama.  Cooper is the better route runner so that might give him the edge in going earlier.  White is not a bad consolation prize though.  He is the faster of the two wideouts and comes with 6’3″ 215 pound frame – pretty much identical to Bears’ wideout Alshon Jeffrey.  The Bears have needs all over the field so taking the best player on the board should be the blueprint – and in this case, it would be White.
Second Round – Shaq Thompson, OLB, Washington
The Bears signed a few defensive players to one-year contracts in an effort to “feel out” who they would want to keep in their newly formed 3-4 defense.  This second round pick would have to be a main stay in the defensive scheme for years to come and Shaq Thompson could be that guy.  Thompson is one of the better athletes at the linebacker position in this year’s draft and there has been word that some NFL general managers have likened Thompson to make a transition to safety – which is another position the Bears would like some long term stability at as well.  Thompson has already said his “heart is at playing linebacker” but folks question if his frame can handle playing that close to the line of scrimmage in the NFL.  He is six feet tall and 228 pounds.   He has great lateral movement and instincts though, and although he is used to a 4-3 defense, he is no stranger to playing inside or outside, so the transition shouldn’t be  difficult.  New defensive coordinator Vic Fangio would love to have a swiss army knife like this to add to his attack.
Third Round – Hroniss Grasu, C, Oregon
The Bears have recently parted ways with center Roberto Garza which means there is a vacancy in the heart of the offensive line.  The Bears may roll the dice with another Oregon offensive lineman, considering their best player (arguably) is guard Kyle Long, another Oregon Duck.  Aside from the college connection, Grasu is an athletic center, who is used to a quickly paced offense, and one would guess to minimize Cutler’s mistakes, the passing attack will consist of getting the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible.  He’s not the most powerful center but his athleticism and awareness make up for what he lacks in sheer strength.
Fourth Round – Kurtis Drummond, Safety, Michigan State
The Bears signed Antrel Rolle in the off-season and it would be smart to pair the veteran with a rookie to mold.  The Bears have long been weak at the safety spot and now that they’re free of the Chris Conte Curse, they will be able to draft Kurtis Drummond in the fourth round.  Drummond is a “gamer” who does his best to keep the game “in front of him.”  He broke up eleven passes last season, but playing in the Big 10 conference against Big 10 quarterbacks, that number should be at about 20.
Fifth Round – Xavier Cooper, DT, Washington State
If the Bears are looking for a sleeper it may be here in the fifth round.  Defensive tackle projections are usually tough, but better to miss on a fifth rounder than draft a bust in the first, right?  Anyhow, Cooper has incredible speed for the position and his hand mechanics are impressive as well as important considering he lacks the size of most defensive tackles.  Even if he doesn’t turn out to be a sleeper-starter pick – he can no doubt provide depth as a rotational player.
Sixth Round – Ladarious Gunter, CB, Miami 
Gunter is a big physical corner at 6’1″ 202 pounds.  He won’t keep up with the speediest of wide outs but he is as aggressive as they come.   Considering this 3-4 defense is a work in progress it would be good to have a corner like Gunter in the rotation because he is an above average corner in attacking the run game.   He worked his way from junior college to “The U” – and has also played some safety and has experience in playing in kick coverage.
With no seventh round pick this year, the Bears will most likely make some kind of trade to get a mid or late round pick in the draft.  Any and everybody could be on the trading block come draft day, so it should be an entertaining (gut-wrenching) day for Bears fans.
G.W. Gras
twitter @GeeSteelio
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2015 MLB Predictions

I'll tell you right now - I'm not picking the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series.  I'll do that next year as they've become the San Antonio Spurs of Major League Baseball.  They keep winning but never back to back championships.  Of course we have to have a couple of surprise teams in the new field of 10 playoff teams as MLB adopted a one game playoff from the NCAA Tournament just to get in the post season.  I can't stand that!

So you're telling me that two teams play 162 regular season games and all it will really come down to is 1 lousy game when one team could be at a major advantage especially given who's available to pitch in a win or go home game.  That's not baseball.  I mean they call their championship The World Series!  One game deciding a 162 game season is not a series.  It flat out makes me sick quite honestly.

Okay before I go off on more of a tangent, please allow me to give you my picks for all the division winners, wild card teams, the World Series champions, MVP's and all that good stuff!  Please feel free to respond with your picks...

American League

East: Boston Red Sox
Central: Detroit Tigers
West: Seattle Mariners
Wild Card: Los Angeles Angels & Cleveland Indians
MVP: Mike Trout
Cy Young: Felix Hernandez 

National League

East: Washington Nationals
Central: Pittsburgh Pirates
West: Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card: San Diego Padres & St. Louis Cardinals
MVP: Andrew McCutchen
Cy Young: Stephen Strasburg

World Series

Washington Nationals defeat Los Angeles Angels (7 Games)   
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Absoloot "One Day" Announced As ASN Hit "Snowman In The Morning" Theme

Arena Sports Network has officially agreed a media partnership deal with popular Florida-based independent recording artist Absoloot.

The groundbreaking affiliation will see the latest songs from Absoloot's brand new studio album "Banksters" actively promoted live on-air throughout daily four hour staple "Snowman In The Morning" hosted by "The Golden Voice of Chicago Sportsland" Brian Snow; Snow is a play-by-play sports broadcast announcer and acclaimed voice over artist.

"I love it. As a fan of sports and ASN, it's an honor to be apart of the show." commented Absoloot regarding "One Day" being announced as the official theme song for Arena Sports Network hit show "Snowman In The Morning".

Absoloot "One Day" serves as the official theme song for Arena Sports Network "Snowman In The Morning" which has featured special guests in ONE FC star and Professional Boxer Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton,  Great Britain 800m Athlete Marilyn OkoroCoalition Fight Music CEO and recording artist Tony SavoThe HYPE Magazine Editor In Chief and Grammy Awards committee member Jerry Doby, successful New Jersey-born Comedian Alexis GuerrerosNew York Times Bestselling Author Brian ShieldsUFC athlete "The Prince of Persia" Kamal Shalorus and Bellator MMA Star Linton Vassell.

"Absoloot ultimately created an infectiously melodic record with a positive aura that similarly oozed Arena Sports Network's sprit, ethos and attitude. "One Day" was unquestionably tailor made for our flagship presentation "Snowman In The Morning" stated Arena Sports NetworkCOO/Executive Producer Dean Perretta.

Furthermore, Absoloot recently formed a major partnership with successful wireless company VentevVentev specializes in creating innovative products which encompasses the ever-changing wireless spectrum. The forward-thinking Ventev is presently altering the wireless industry with its cutting edge initiative throughout the United States.

Absoloot Twitter: @Absoloot
Arena Sports Network Twitter: @ArenaSportsNet
Arena Sports Network Website:

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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New York Mets Outlook Says Look Out

New York Mets fans have been at the mercy of the baseball gods since the team blew a 7 game lead in the National League East with 17 games to go back in 2007.  The following season, Mets long time nemesis and new ace next to Johan Santana, Tom Glavine took the mound against the Marlins in the final game of the season.  Glavine got lit up for 7 runs in the 1st inning as he stood on the mound at Shea Stadium where he once again threw away the Mets chances at the playoffs, only this time he wasn't wearing an Atlanta Braves uniform.

The fans have felt the pain, the players have felt the pressure and ownership/management have felt the backlash from Major League Baseball writers, reporters and devoted fans of the franchise.

However this season in 2015 is supposed to be the year the Mets showed that they belong back in the post season conversation and possibly a division winner once again.  The Mets had only won the NL East once and that was in 2006 sandwiched between a decade of dominance by the Atlanta Braves winning a World Series in 05' and a five year run by the Philadelphia Phillies who also won a title in 08'.  Ironically all 3 of these teams have also lost a World Series to the New York Yankees in the past 20 years.

Mets fans were very hopeful and dare I say optimistic heading into the present season for the first time in a while.  The main reason behind all the support this team was getting was due in large part to their pitching staff.  Matt Harvey, the NY Mets ace and one of the league's youngest and brightest stars was coming back from Tommy John surgery to go along with an already very promising starting rotation including Zack Wheeler, another young stud coming into his own.  Unfortunately Tommy John has plagued the Mets pitching staff once again as Wheeler had season ending surgery before it even started.

So some of the air blew out of the Mets fans collective breath but it doesn't mean it's the end of the road already.  One thing that has been consistent with the team's rotation is that they fly under the radar every season as one of the best in the National League.  Matt Harvey would be the Mets opening day starter if not for the surgery so 41 year old Bartolo Colon will get the nod on the hill in Washington against the division favorite Nationals.  That doesn't sound so great but Colon is capable and experienced enough to handle the pressure standing on the bump in front of enemy territory.

The Washington Nationals appear to be the best team in the division and if the Mets are to be called their rivals then the rest of the pitching staff will have to keep improving as their young arms continue to grow, the veterans keep things in check and the team stays healthy.  During a 162 game season, depth is one of the most important things as injuries are inevitable.

The Mets will quietly rely heavily on Jacob deGrom who came out of nowhere last season and held down a 2.69 ERA while striking out over 9 batters per game.

New York will round out it's rotation with two familiar faces that have been fairly consistent and give the Mets quality innings as 3 and 4 pitchers in Johnathan Niese and Dillon Gee.  The NL East is built on pitching as the Nationals, Braves and even the Marlins have put together some very solid starters.  The Phillies have the potential they once did to have a good rotation but age, injury and their own home field work against them.  The one major thing these other teams have that the Mets don't is a good lineup.

This is why I don't see the Mets winning this division or even being one of the five teams to make the newly formed post season.  Now, anything can happen and because the Mets are looking good in the pitching department, the team may be able to stay around long enough to add a big bat to their powerless lineup before the deadline arrives.

If they're smart they'll try to make a move in June if the team is in early contention.  The only player on the team that seems to be able to even sniff 30 homers is Lucas Duda.  That's great and all but it would be nice if the slugger can hit a little better than .250 and protect players like David Wright and Daniel Murphy.  David Wright's best days are clearly behind him but I have no doubt that he is capable of hitting over .300 and possibly knocking 20 balls over the wall.  Here's the Mets projected lineup for opening day 2015.

1. Juan Lagares (CF)
2. Daniel Murphy (2B)
3. David Wright (3B)
4. Lucas Duda (1B)
5. Michael Cuddyer (RF)
6. Curtis Granderson (LF)
7. Wilmer Flores (SS)
8. Travis d'Arnoud (C)
9. Pitcher

Here are the issues with the lineup.  Lagares would be a great lead off batter if he could raise his average up near .300 or at least be able to reach base more often by being more selective at the plate and get a few more walks.  Murphy is a great #2 hitter as he hits the ball in the gaps and can drive in a run in the 1st inning if Lagares is on base because the kid is as fast as Usain Bolt.

Now David Wright comes to the plate and depending on how well Lucas Duda is hitting will determine how pitchers throw to Wright.  The team captain can get his numbers back up if Duda poses a threat in the clean up spot.

Michael Cuddyer seems to be getting better with age as he's hit over .330 the past couple of seasons.  Can the vet keep it going at age 36 through a full season?  He may be able to hit near or over .300 again but I don't see power numbers stacking up the box score for Cuddyer.

Then the Mets have to hope that Curtis Granderson has put everything into being ready for the regular season.  He looked very good at the plate and although his batting average has declined drastically for the past few years,  Granderson still showed us that he can take the ball over the wall as he hit 20 home runs last season playing in Citi Field which is a monster size ballpark.

After Curtis the Mets just have to hope that their new young short stop can pose some sort of threat at the plate and wait to see if their new full time catcher is ready to show Mets Nation that he was worth the trade and a top hitting catcher in the Majors for years to come.

Recent history tells us that the Mets won't win 80 games, key players will get hurt, they won't score many runs but they'll pitch their butts off.  That includes the bullpen as well led by closer Jenrry Mejia, former closer/fire-baller Bobby Parnell and Jeurys Familia.  The Mets are a pretty well rounded team and have a couple guys off the bench like Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Anthony Recker.

Maybe the Mets will package a deal for a big time slugger to make this lineup come together.  I believe they are a big bat away from being a player in the National League.  Normally one player doesn't change the makeover of a team but in this case it is a big piece to the puzzle of the current construction of the team.  Who that man is, I don't know yet.  But I do know that every player is for sale and if the Mets want to take over the back page in the New York newspapers then finding one of those big timers would do the trick.
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In-SpireLS Officially Announces Partnership Deal With Chicago's ASN Radio

Arena Sports Network has officially announced a deal with award-winning magazine publication In-spireLS Magazine in a partnership which will see co-promotion and syndication for both respective brands.
"In-spireLS is an innovatively trendsetting brand which has consistently redefined itself throughout the companies successful five year lineage, whilst being the go-to destination for positivity and journalistic integrity, diversity and excellence. The prosperous partnership with In-SpireLS and ASN is a winning tandem that will undoubtedly usher new ground for both companies involved in this unique affiliation" commented ASN COO/Executive Producer Dean Perretta

"The Golden Voice of Chicago Sportsland" Brian Snow hosts daily four hour Arena Sports Network staple "Snowman In The Morning" which presents a refreshingly unique and entertainingly insightful show featuring an array of special guests to simultaneously ignite and delight avid listeners nationwide every weekday morning from 8am CT on Arena Sports Network.
"Snowman In The Morning" received mainstream press coverage on March 24 via the acclaimed San Francisco News Wire media publication outlet when Coalition Fight Music CEO and accomplished Sacramento-based musician Tony Savo marked a special guest appearance on "Snowman In The Morning" where the multi-talented Californian confirmed a marquee headline appearance at the U.S. National Coast Guard Basketball Championship Game 2015 to perform at halftime during the well-documented half-time ceremony; the U.S. National Coast Guard hosts the annual sporting event which emanates live and exclusive from Coast Guard Island, which is close in proximity to Alameda, CA.
"Snowman In The Morning" routinely features a variety of inspiring special guests from the world of professional sports, broadcast journalism, entertainment, music, film, PR/Marketing and business. Arena Sports Network flagship show in the ever-engaging and efferverscent Chicago-based "Snowman In The Morning" presentation delivers a slam dunk of a show in the city of champions.
Arena Sports Network Twitter: @ArenaSportsnet
Arena Sports Network Facebook:
Snowman In The Morning:
ASN Plus Website:
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Arena Sports Network Presents "Snowman In The Morning" Radio Show

"The Golden Voice of Chicago Sportsland" Brian Snow hosts daily four hour Arena Sports Network staple "Snowman In The Morning" which presents a refreshingly unique and entertainingly insightful show featuring an array of special guests to simultaneously ignite and delight avid listeners nationwide every weekday morning from 8am CT on Arena Sports Network.

"Snowman In The Morning" received mainstream press coverage on March 24 via the acclaimed San Francisco News Wire media publication outlet when Coalition Fight Music CEO and accomplished Sacramento-based musician Tony Savo marked a special guest appearance on "Snowman In The Morning" where the multi-talented Californian confirmed a marquee headline appearance at the U.S. National Coast Guard Basketball Championship Game 2015 to perform at halftime during the well-documented half-time ceremony; theU.S. National Coast Guard hosts the annual sporting event which emanates live and exclusive from Coast Guard Island, which is close in proximity to Alameda, CA.

"Snowman In The Morning" routinely features a variety of inspiring special guests from the world of professional sports, broadcast journalism, entertainment, music, film, PR/Marketing and business. Arena Sports Network flagship show in the ever-engaging and efferverscent Chicago-based "Snowman In The Morning" presentation delivers a slam dunk of a show in the city of champions.

Brian Snow Twitter: @BigSnowman40
Arena Sports Network Twitter: @ArenaSportsnet
Snowman In The Morning
ASN Plus Website

Written by: Dean Perretta
Twitter: @DeanPerretta
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Filipino-American ONE FC Star and Professional Boxer Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton Interview On Arena Sports Network

Arena Sports Network staple "Snowman In The Morning" hosted by "The Golden Voice of Chicago Sportsland" Brian Snow invited special guest Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton on the show to discuss the talented Californian's inspirational journey, preparational training and intense motivation to firmly stay focused in the fast lane of professional sports.

Julaton humbly talks about her innate ability when rising above to claim major victories, the numerous triumphs throughout her decorated career, whilst touching on rigorously training with Frank Mir and Angelo Reyes, and how Julaton initially started in professional sports. Furthermore, the patriotic Filipino-American proudly illustrates of representing not exclusively Filipina female professional athletes internationally, rather female professional athletes of all backgrounds and nations at large.

International ONE FC Mixed Martial Arts star and Professional Boxer, Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton became the first-ever Filipino-American athlete to triumphantly claim the Women’s WBO Super Bantamweight and IBA Super Bantamweight Championship.

Arena Sports Network Twitter: @ArenaSportsnet
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Written by: Dean Perretta
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Great Britain Professional Athlete Marilyn Okoro Interview On Arena Sports Network

Arena Sports Network flagship show "Snowman In The Morning" hosted by "The Golden Voice of Chicago Sportsland" Brian Snowwelcomed acclaimed 800m Great Britain athlete Marilyn Okoro to the show to discuss the past, present and future of the Florida-residing track sensation.

Throughout Okoro's ever-successful career, the largely talented 30-year-old Briton has claimed a bronze medal in 800 meter competition on two occassions respectively at the IAAF World Athletics Championships (2007, 2008), whilst additionally winning a bronze medal forGreat Britain in 4 × 400 m relay action at the IAAF World Championships 2007. Furthermore, Marilyn Okoro proudly represented Great Britain at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games where the athlete finished sixth in the semi-finals.

Marilyn Okoro invariably switched coaches in 2013, thus subsequently moving permanently to Florida to be actively coached by United States middle-distance legend Johnny Gray at the University of Central Florida

Okoro delivers a gold standard performance in this compelling exclusive interview on "Snowman In The Morning".

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Written by: Dean Perretta
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