Addition by Subtraction

All season long we have been searching for the formula that will turn the Knicks into a winning team. They run they're hypothesis on the practice floor and test it out in the field, well court. Whatever chemistry the Knicks have been using over the past two weeks is working. Sometimes you need to remove something from the equation in order for the math to work out. It seems education is important because the Knicks have added by subtracting.

The Knicks have suffered key losses and injuries throughout the season. The funny thing is when they're players get hurt the whole team plays better. When Carmelo Anthony went out Jeremy Lin took the Knicks on a 7 game winning streak. Since former head coach Mike D'Antoni resigned the Knicks have gone on an 8-1 run under Mike Woodson. Now Jeremy Lin and Amare Stoudemire are hurt so Melo has taken over the team and led the Knicks to a beat down victory over the Orlando Magic last night at the Garden.

So the moral of the story is kids should pay attention in school because even athletes need to do a little homework sometimes.


  1. Sometimes it takes something bad to happen in order for something good to come out of it...

  2. You got it RK. It motivates players and forces them to come together. Unfortunately it's like the death of a family member or friend that brings us back together. I hate to use a morbid anology but I believe it holds true.