RG3 in D.C.

Let me first start by saying, I just love being right.  If I'm going to carry around the name "SportsProphet1" then I had better be a bit more accurate then that Nostradamus character.  Allow me to elaborate on my prophetic 6th sense.  A couple of weeks ago I predicted on my podcast that Washington had no chance at signing Peyton Manning.  That was never more evident from yesterdays blockbuster deal that landed the Redskins the second pick in this years NFL draft.  Also as predicted by yours truly
that Daniel Snyder, known as the George Steinbrenner of the NFL, will do whatever it takes and make the best offer to the Rams for that 2nd draft pick.  I must say even I was a bit surprised how much Snyder gave up to inevitably draft RG3 which included the Skins first round pick for the next two seasons.  But that's what the Redskins do and they will surely draft RG3 now as predicted by, yup you guessed it, The Sports Prophet1!

Okay enough patting on the back here.  I like the move because the Redskins are craving for a superstar and Robert Griffin III has all the potential in the world to be just that.  The problem is that he will be the only star in an empty Washington sky.  For the same reasons I didn't think RG3 would have immediate success in Cleveland stands true for Washington as well.  There really isn't much fire power on offense at all.  Now the Redskins, under coach Mike Shannahan do run the ball well almost no matter who is in the backfield.  But their receiving core is a bit weak and Santana Moss isn't getting any younger.  Now that Snyder has traded away all of his draft picks for the rest of the decade, he will have to go out and find a big time wide receiver in free agency.  Free agent players will have the ability to sign with whatever team they want this Tuesday.  More often then not players will go to the team that offers them the most money.  As previously stated Daniel Snyder has deep pockets and a guy like Vincent Jackson or Marques Colston would make rookie life in the NFL a little easier for D.C.'s newest quarterback.  Good "Luck" RG3!  You and Andrew will be synonymous for your entire career.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea Sports Prophet1, so who will the Browns draft? I thought we would get RG3 in Ceveland but now I don't know. So whadda u say!

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

The Browns should and probably will draft Justin Blackmon now that the Rams are down to the 6th pick. If not him then Trent Richardson. They need offensive help for Colt MCCoy. MCCoy isn't great but he is a winner and if given some weapons he may be okay.

Anonymous said...

Good call! Redskins will probably get a WR to help out the kid