Mets Staff Infection

Injured and immature have been the ways of the New York Mets pitching staff.  In particular their starting five who finally got a jolt of positive news for a change when it was announced that Johan Santana would take the hill opening day for the Amazin's.  Santana who is now (33) has certainly seen his best days as he pushes to make his first start since September 2, 2010.  It's been a long overdue process to get the Mets ace back on the mound where he belongs.  Since Santana arrived in New York the Mets have been an awful,
under performing team.  But that is no fault of Johan.  He has posted a solid ERA in all 3 full seasons as the Mets main man.  But as his run support went down, so did his wins.

Johan is like that really cool rich uncle who gives you stuff every time you go over his house for the holidays.  Every time Santana pitches he gives you great stuff but like the uncle he doesn't get anything back, nor does he expect it.  If the Mets pitching staff is infected then their lineup is on life support.  If you don't follow the team you would have a hard time naming anybody besides David Wright in that entire lineup.  Since Reyes took his talents to South Beach, Wright remains the only all star in a lineup that could easily be confused with that of a college dorm room.  The Mets have become one of the youngest teams in baseball due to the departure of Carlos Beltran and the "development" of their farm system. 

If there is ever a season to take off and develop your young talent it is this one with a completely stacked NL East division.  The Phillies are still a power house despite the injuries to Howard and Utley.  You cannot deny that pitching staff as they clearly have the cure the Mets desperately seek.  The Braves have a very balanced team and barely missed the playoffs last season.  The Marlins and Nationals are both scary clubs with talent scattered all around their respective clubhouses.  This division is up for grabs but the Mets won't have their hand in the bag once September rolls around.


Anonymous said...

Pretty fun article! Johan may start the season but will he end it? I'm a big Mets fan myself and I like Neise and that's about it. Gee, Pelfrey and Dickey are wild cards.

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

Thnx for the compliment. Sounds like u know the Mets so we can bet that these 5 won't be the same starters by May. I wish Pelfrey the best but I don't think it's here in NY.