Money in Sports

I'm not sure if it's jealousy or maybe it's just my lack of knowledge on the U.S. economy.  But I just can't understand how and why athletes make such insane amounts of money!  How did we get to this point?  I will not bore you to death with numbers because we all know the millions of dollars athletes bring home every year.  Now let me be very clear in acknowledging the fact that professional sports are a business and it is a job to players.  Pro athletes work hard and put in countless hours of practice and preparation to get to where they are today.  But that doesn't justify the boat loads of cash that even the average pro athlete makes.

It is my opinion that nobody should make more money then the president.  He has by far the toughest job in this country and he gets paid about the same amount per year that Alex Rodriguez makes per game.  That is completely ridiculous.  I don't want to single out Arod or anyone for that matter because it's not their fault.  It's the owners of these organizations that pay these players and the league allows it to happen.  More importantly the government allows it to happen.  I know they can't tell business owners how much money they can pay their employers but come on!  The economy in this country and world wide is in a pitfall and the money spent in major sports could be helping our financial system instead of adding to its problems. Is it really so important that a baseball player have 5 houses in three different countries.  No it isn't and they are enabled to do this by the money they are paid by their bosses.  Building an in ground pool at your summer home would cost about as much to pay a blue collar employer for an entire year.  I'm not saying the athletes should give up their paychecks.  I'm saying they should never have these large summations written on their checks in the first place.

A guy who works for a power and light company is responsible for making sure we can all watch our television while we eat our hot meals at night all stirred by the electricity provided by this company.  Sounds pretty important right!  Well I guess not because while he makes sure we can all watch our favorite athletes hit home runs and score touchdowns, he struggles to put hot dinner on his own table and keep his own power on with his less then mediocre paycheck.  It doesn't make any sense to me.  If someone can explain this then I'm all ears...


Dennis said...

I agree with you that the money they make is astronomical and its painful to watch hard working people struggle to live, but at the same time, its a matter of scarcity that drives their paychecks.

Pro athletes are the top .00000000001% of people in the world that can do what they do. While a person working at a power plant is an honorable and necessary job, almost anyone, with some training, can do it.

Plus, if the players just gave up their money, the owners would keep it and I'd rather have the players have it than the owners.

That's just my take though.

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

I understand ur points Dennis but the same can be said for running the country that only a few could do it. Plus, sports are not a necessity like electricity is. We could live comfortably without sports in our lives. We'll find other ways to entertain ourselves I'm sure. I know they are in the top 0000.1% but so are others in other walks of life that make jack for a paycheck! I do hear you and appreciate the thoughts but it still doesn't make sense to me.