NFL Predictions Week 4

Here are The Sports Prophet's picks for week 4.

Falcons 28 - Panthers 18:  Atlanta currently looks like the best team in the NFC.  They create turnovers on defense and the offense knows how to get the ball in the end zone.  Carolina is a complete wild card and if they hope to become a wild card team then they will have to figure out their identity on the offensive side of the ball.  Cam Newton will have a tough time running the O in the dome so this is not the week the Panthers get right.

Patriots 35 - Bills 17:  New England needs a win in the worst way and the talented Tom Brady and company will make sure that happens.  Personally I can't see the Pats falling to 1-3 which would put them 2 games behind Buffalo.  I believe the loss against Baltimore last week was the last time the Patriots lose for a while.  This is the beginning of a hot streak for N.E. as the cold weather starts to roll into the Northeast.

Detroit 31 - Vikings 28:  This game won't be close because the Vikings are a good team.  It's because the Lions aren't a good team.  After Stafford and Calvin Johnson there isn't much to talk about.  They have no running game, poor play calling and a below average defense.  But Detroit also realizes they are in an early must win situation in danger of falling to 1-3.  The Vikings defense won't be able to stop Megatron this Sunday. Even if Shawn Hill plays in place of Stafford they should be able to outscore Minnesota.

Texans 35 - Titans 21:  If the Falcons are the best in the NFC then Houston is the best in the AFC.  The Texans blew out Jacksonville and Miami then easily handled Peyton Manning's Broncos at Mile High to improve to 3-0.  They're hitting on all 8 cylinders right now and seem prime to run away with this division.  Tennessee is still waiting for Chris Johnson to get his stuff together while Jake Locker continues to learn how to be the leader of an NFL team.

Chiefs 20 - Chargers 17:  I just don't know what to make of either of these teams.  San Diego looked good to start then laid an egg at home against Atlanta.  Kansas City looked awful in their first 2 games then came back to beat the Saints in the Super Dome.  Jamaal Charles had a huge game and I believe he'll carry that momentum and the ball into the end zone this Sunday and throughout the rest of the season.  I picked the Chiefs to win this division so I'm picking them at home in what will be a match up that goes right down to the wire.

49ers 24 - Jets 14:  This is a bad time for the Jets to run into the Niners.  San Francisco lost and played their worst game in over a year and it left a bad taste in coach Jim Harbaugh's mouth.  He'll have his team ready to go in New York despite back to back east coast trips.  The Jets won last weeks game but lost their best player in Darrelle Revis for the season.  The Jets haven't been able to stop the run and that's what the 49ers do best.  Look for Alex Smith to throw a couple of TD's as well.

Rams 16 - Seahawks 14:  Both these teams are much improved on defense but still have their problems putting points on the board.  The lack of fire power on the offensive side of the ball will be the reason why these teams don't make the playoffs. As for this game I see Sam Bradford playing ball control offense while the defense causes a couple of turnovers.  Not turning over the ball is the key to this game as both offenses will struggle to score.

Cardinals 24 - Dolphins 10:  The Cardinals should cruise to victory today.  Their defense is playing as good as any in the NFL and the Dolphins can barely move the ball offensively.  Ryan Tannehill may be headed for the worst game of his short pro career.  The Cards also play excellent special teams so I expect Arizona to have good field position all afternoon.  In order for the Phins to win this game, Kevin Kolb will have to play poorly.  And that's entirely possible.

Broncos 31 - Raiders 24:  Denver needs a win badly.  Peyton Manning has struggled a bit over the past 2 weeks and their defense hasn't played up to par.  When things are going bad there aren't many teams you'd rather play then the Oakland Raiders to try to get on the good side again.  I assume Peyton is none too happy about his recent performances so look for him to be focused and on point this afternoon.  The 4 time MVP will have a big day.

Bengals 30 - Jaguars 29:  I have been impressed with Cincinnati's offense so far this year.  But most fans counted on their defense to be the backbone of this team.  It's a good thing they're scoring a lot of points because they are giving them up as well.  Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are becoming the best young combo in the league and if they stay together long enough they could break some all time records.  The best of times for Jax are still in the future but they have improved a great deal from last season.

Packers 45 - Saints 38:  I hope they check the batteries on the scoreboard before this game kicks off.  This is a get right game for the Packers offense after being all but shut down through the first 3 weeks of the season.  The Pack are peeved after losing a game they actually won at Seattle so they will take their frustrations out on the Saints defense which is by far the worst in football right now.  This will be an exciting match up especially for fantasy owners with players in this game.

Redskins 25 - Bucs 20:  When Karriker and Orakpo went down for the season, the Redskins playoff hopes went down with them.  Sure RGIII and that offense can put up some points but they give them up just as easily.  The Bucs are just a confusing team.  I can't figure these guys out.  It seems they have a good defense despite blowing a huge lead against the Giants a couple of weeks ago.  Offensively they have some weapons and Vincent Jackson has proven to be a solid acquisition.  This should be a pretty tight game with Washington making the plays at the end to secure a road win.


Chinwe Orie said...

what about giants-eagles?

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

I was gona try to write a preview on the game tonite but i like the Eagles in a tight one 27 to 24