Here are The Sports Prophet's power rankings for week 6 in the NFL.

1. Texans: They have the offensive and defensive MVP's - Arian Foster & J.J. Watt

2. Falcons: They're a balanced team that can score big points

3. 49ers: Dominant, Defense, Destruction.  They knock your face off

4. Ravens: Flacco will be the difference for BAL to go to the next level.

5. Patriots: Now they're running the ball with success too.  Uh boy, watch out!

6. Bears: Their defense scores more points than the Jets offense. True!

7. Eagles: Their in first place and have played like crap. Just wait til they peak

8. Giants: They're looking better every week.  Eli to Cruz is a nasty combo

9. Vikings: I still need to see more but I'm very impressed

10. Packers: They are so much better than they're record. They need Jennings back.

11. Steelers: If they don't get healthy on D then they'll drop in the ranks.

12. Broncos: By the end of the year Peyton will have his horses in order.

13. Bengals: I minor hiccup at home but an offense to be reckoned with.

14. Chargers: Still not sure about these guys. Will need a running game at some point.

15. Cardinals: I'm just glad I didn't have to put them in the top 10 again.

16. Cowboys: All the potential in the league but just can't figure it out. New coach?

17. Redskins: RGIII needs to learn to run out of bounds.  It's okay kid!

18. Rams: I like this team here. I mean their defense.  The offense, UYE!

19. Colts: Okay Andrew Luck looks good. Great win for their coach! Tearjerker.

20. Seahawks: Another team with a great defense and cruddy offense.

21. Dolphins: Nobody wants to scrap it out with these guys. They're tough.

22. Saints: Thank you for finally winning so I don't have to rank you in the 30's.

23. Bucs: They have a tough mentality and a tough time scoring.

24. Jets: In the words of Vince Lombardi, "What the hell is goin on out there"

25. Lions: In the words of Jim Mora, "Playoffs, you kiddin me, Playoffs"

26. Chiefs: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Brady Quinn to the rescue!

27. Panthers: I am shocked and disappointed with Cam's performance.

28. Bills: Great defense guys.  Way to spend that money.  Solid job!

29. Titans: Whoever thought these guys were making the playoffs, well...

30. Raiders: At least they didn't lose this week.  Oh they didn't play, my bad.

31. Jaguars: Ya know I think the Jags may be worse than the Browns.

32. Browns: Ya gotta win a game if you want to move up.  You just have to.


Handsome Paul said...

I'm most surprised by the Vikings!

I thought they were going to be horrible this year.

I hope they can beat the Packers at least once this year ... I'm a Bears fan.

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

Hey Paul thnx for response. I had the Vikings winning 7 games but didn't think they would look this good. Your Bears look real good right now. But not as good as my Niners. Might see u in the playoffs.