We have reached the official - unofficial midway point of the NFL season and it's become more clear who the contenders and pretenders are.  In the spirit of Halloween, the Jets played a trick on us by making the football world believe they had a shot at the playoffs.  The best neighborhood treat is Marshawn Lynch's Skittles of course.  Or maybe it's a F*&#n snack from Rex Ryan.

The Jaguars may be last in the league but they did win a 1st place prize for worst costume.  Those uniforms are hideous.  The best costume goes to the Houston Texans for fooling us all in believing they were a title contender.  The scariest costume goes to Calvin Johnson because he may be worse than Freddy Freakin Krueger when it comes to people having nightmares.  Defenses wake up in cold sweats the night before they have to play Megatron.  And there's that too, Megatron.  If he transformed into a giant machine I'd be scared to death.

But without a doubt, every year the Oakland Raiders win the prize because those fans go all out in dressing up Raiders death style during Halloween.  Keep your eye on the "Black Hole" at the Coliseum this Sunday when the Eagles fly into town.

Okay I had my fun.  It is now time for The Sports Prophet's Power Rankings in my weekly "POWER 32" segment.

  1. Saints
  2. Chiefs
  3. Seahawks
  4. Broncos
  5. 49ers
  6. Bengals
  7. Packers
  8. Patriots
  9. Colts
  10. Lions
  11. Cowboys
  12. Chargers
  13. Ravens
  14. Titans
  15. Cardinals
  16. Panthers
  17. Jets
  18. Dolphins
  19. Texans
  20. Browns
  21. Raiders
  22. Falcons
  23. Redskins
  24. Steelers
  25. Bears
  26. Giants
  27. Bills
  28. Eagles
  29. Rams
  30. Vikings
  31. Jaguars
  32. Bucs


  1. After what I saw on Sunday, the Saints may stay at #1 for awhile. I'm convinced about them now. I think the Saints are a Super Bowl team as long as they can keep home field advantage. Drew Brees and Sean Payton are 0-3 in the playoffs on the road. I think if you're on the Saints, your goal is to get that #1 seed. That Week 15 game in Seattle may decide it all because no way is Dallas or an NFC East team going to get it, and the NFC North varies a lot because Green Bay, Detroit, and Chicago are neck and neck. But, I cannot forget about your 49ers. They play the Saints and the Seahawks, and could take the division and the top spot in the conference with those wins.

  2. Yes that Saints vs Seahawks game could determine the #1 and #2 seeds. But also you're right because my Niners are 6-2 and play both those teams. So right now I think the Saints are the most complete team and should still be undefeated.