Browns can't shake starting Brandon Weeden

There's no level to the amount of pain that Browns fans haven't been through. This franchise has seen nothing but dark days, frankly everyone is tired of seeing this team at the bottom of the standings. This particular season has been one of ups and downs. A couple of good things that did come is the emergence of Josh Gordon as a number one wide receiver of this team. He most recently broke the record of 5 games in a row of a hundred yards receiving. They also seem that they got a great deal from trading away Trent Richardson when everyone thought they were absolutely crazy for pulling the trigger. Another bright light was Jordan Cameron, emerging as a potential threat at the beginning of the season he showed that he can be an asset for this team when used the right way. Of course the defense has been more than reliable with the stellar play of Joe Haden and other notables like Buster Skrine.

Moving on to the bad side... Browns quarterback play. We have seen everyone come and play for the Browns at quarterback being the team in the league that has had more than twenty plus starters since 1999. This season we thought that Brandon Weeden would take the reigns in his second year and go to the stars. Weeden's arm strength matched with Norv Turner's reputation for being a quarterback guru everyone thought Weeden had to prove he belonged in this league.

Unfortunatley as you can see below he has done everything but prove he deserves a chance in this league.

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With Weeden doing so horrible starting the season he was injured and eventually benched for Brian Hoyer. Hoyer came and lit up the entire league with his decision making and led the Browns on a winning streak that had everyone feeling they were playoff bound. Unfortunately he was injured and Jason Campbell was the next in line, but they went back to Weeden instead and he stunk it up. When they finally went to Campbell, he kept the Browns in games but wasn't able to actually deliver on the win side for them. This past week Campbell happened to go down because of a concussion, Weeden was shoved back in there to play out of default and he did what everyone thought he would do. Weeden absolutely stunk it up and the Browns were routed in a lopsided loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-11. 

My question is why do we keep seeing Weeden? It's getting to the point that we know what he is going to give us, but I am thinking that we need to bring in some undrafted free agents somebody... anybody else so we can at least see if there's anyone that can give us some flashes for next year. I know that the Browns will draft a quarterback in the draft. Their plan of action should be to draft a guy stick him behind Hoyer to get mentored and not play for a season or two. I hate just throwing a guy into the fire, especially when you have a franchise like this. We have holes in the offensive line, we also need more offensive weapons at the skill positions as well. Throwing a new guy in will do nothing but put us back another couple of years, which has been the story of the Browns "Wait until next year". Hoyer knows the system and we know he is capable to run the show for at least three or four years. Let a guy develop behind some stability and build the rest of the team. 

With all that being said... please release Weeden, I'm tired of seeing this guy in a uniform. He doesn't deserve a paycheck, frankly he is like a horrible ex-girlfriend that just won't go away. You know that they aren't the one for you but they keep trying to prove they are the one. Brandon Weeden listen up! Go Home! Nobody in Cleveland wants you anymore!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly! He should have been gone a long time ago. The front office is just beating a dead horse and the fans are really fed up with it. They should have brought someone in during the bye week to at least try.
The Draft hasn't been real kind to us either! Can you say Tim Couch!!!