Can Chicago trust Derrick Rose?

Seriously? Again?
I don't know about you, but I'm sick of seeing headlines saying that Derrick Rose is sitting out. Many fans have waited way too long for him to come back from his devastating knee injury. Now at the start of this season Rose has missed multiple games already. If I were a Chicago fan I would be absolutely enraged.

His most recent injury is a hamstring issue first reported by Nick Friedell of ESPNChicago...

    Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will be held out of Friday's shootaround and is unlikely to play against the Toronto Raptors because of a sore right hamstring, according to coach Tom Thibodeau.

Rose injured the hamstring late in Monday night's win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and has missed the last two days of practice while rehabbing the injury.

"He's a little better," Thibodeau said. "But we're going to hold him out of practice this morning. We'll see where he is. It's unlikely [he'll play]."

 I believe seriously that Rose has to be on a short leash when it comes to his fan base. Especially people that spent some good money on tickets to come see him. Rose has shown flashes of his former self and many have felt that he would have no issues returning to form. As of right now I will hold to that statement and believe that he will return back to form and lead the Bulls deep into the playoffs.

Derrick Rose stats from this season... (Courtesy of ESPN)

Even though these numbers are way below his 20 ppg average, I know he will shake off the rust. One key thing however is that he needs to play. He can't get anything going by missing games due to these nagging injuries. 

Rose even realizes it with these comments to a reporter...

"I thought about it," Rose said. "I want to play in every game because I really have to catch a rhythm. So I'm really trying not to think about that and just trying to take every game serious, and I want to play in every game."

So what do you think? Will Rose return to form and lead the Bulls deep into the playoffs? Or will he turn out to be a complete dud and a shell of his former self aka Tracy McGrady type?

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  1. He won't make it through this season. It's obvious he's still way too fragile to take the pounding, and you don't get that back in the heat of the NBA grind. We've seen the last of the pre-injury Derrick Rose.

  2. Ask his brother, he's his manager.

  3. Don't get your panties all in a bunch Rose and the Bulls will Kick A$$ this season just Watch..