Colts Clash with the Titans

The Tennessee Titans are becoming the NFL's version of the Wile E. Coyote.  Just when he thinks he's got the Road Runner - BAM, he gets crushed or falls off a 300 foot cliff.  If the Titans had won like they were supposed to last Sunday against the Jaguars then they would have been in position to take the AFC South division lead because the Colts got embarrassed at home by the St. Louis Rams.  Still the Titans were 2 games back of Indy going into last night's divisional match up with plenty of games left on the schedule.

So what happens?  The Titans are at home and jump out to a beautiful (17 - 3) lead with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Chris Johnson leading their team down the field consistently.  The Titans were playing some good, fast paced football that began to slow down as the 1st half came to a close.  The Colts kicked another field goal as time expired in the first half making it (17 - 6) so Tennessee had a comfortable lead going into halftime.  Then the 2nd half rolled around and the Colts rolled over the Titans scoring 17 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter.

Indianapolis was flagged at crucial points in the game and the Titans couldn't capitalize when they had their chances.  The Titans also had one extremely critical turnover after a Colts touchdown that completely swung the momentum towards Indy's sideline.  Speaking of the Wile E. Coyote, it was Devon Wylie who fumbled the kickoff right after the Colts had scored in their first possession of the 2nd half.  Much like the cartoon character, he made a huge mistake by fumbling the ball in which the Colts recovered and scored minutes later.

When the final score of a game is 30 - 27 you have to look at those things.  Is that the only reason the Titans lost last night?...Of course not!  The Colts coaching staff and players made great adjustments during halftime.  They stopped Chris Johnson from doing anything and forced Fitzpatrick to throw to basically 2 players the entire game in Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker who had 9 and 10 catches respectively.  Those guys gave all they had but in the end Andrew Luck was money.

Andrew Luck didn't throw a touchdown last night but he did run one in on a fantastic fake and set his team up at or near the goal line on numerous drives.  Luck relied heavily on his old schoolmate, former teammate at Stanford and now current teammate on the Colts, Coby Fleener.  He finished the game with 8 grabs and 107 yards,  all the while making me look good for starting him in 2 of my fantasy football leagues and I started Delanie Walker in another who I mentioned before had 10 receptions, adding 91 yards and a touchdown to Thursday Night's stat sheet.  I still wish the Niners could have kept him but you see his skills and he deserved the nice contract that the Titans offered him.

So what does this all mean anyway?  "Allow me to explain - No there is too much, let me sum up" Anyone who ever saw the all time classic "The Princess Bride" would probably laugh a bit and those who haven't seen the flick are just waiting for me to answer.  It means the Colts have a strangle hold on the AFC South and have all but mathematically won the division last night with a record of (7 - 3).  It hasn't always been pretty despite wins against the Broncos, 49ers and Seahawks but nevertheless they will win this division and therefore be in the playoffs.

The Texans and Jaguars have 3 wins between them.  Their combined record is (3 - 15) which is pathetic and leaves them out of the discussion.  The Titans are now (4 - 6) and will go the rest of the way with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB.  They aren't out of the Wild Card spot necessarily but that isn't looking great either unless they make an amazing run during their last 6 games.  They have the talent but they'll also need help from others in hopes that contenders lose the majority of their games the rest of the way.  So the count the Colts in on the post season but how good will they be when they get there?  Will it be one and done again or are they poised and will peak at the right time?  We shall see!

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  1. Colts may get past the first round depending on which seed. They may play Denver or Kansas City again (if they are the 4th seed), or battle the Jets or Chargers (3rd seed).