Is Eddie Lacy Green Bay's solution in the backfield?

Green Bay Packers have had a season to remember. Why? They were in the mix at the beginning of the season to go deep in the playoffs. One wrong hit to Aaron Rogers has them sitting at (5-5) looking at the playoffs from the outside. One of the bright spots for this team has been the production from the backfield. Eddie Lacy and James Starks has been absolutely amazing for this team. Looking at the previous running backs for this team, the only ones that come to mind recently has been Ahman Green and Ryan Grant. Other than that, this team has relied heavily on the quarterback position. Which they have been spoiled by Brett Farve and now Aaron Rogers.

With the running back position basically being a revolving door for this team. Its actually refreshing to see them strike gold on Lacy. Especially when his other Alabama counterparts haven't shared the same type of production. Lacy will always be compared to Mark Ingram (Saints) and Trent Richardson (Colts) because of the Alabama roots.

Looking at him compared to the others, it looks like he has a step ahead of each.

Lacy rookie numbers...

197 attempts 806 yards 6 TDS (season still in progress)

Richardson rookie numbers...

267 attempts 950 yards 11 TDS

Ingram rookie numbers...

122 attempts 474 yards 5 TDS

Each is with completely different style teams so its hard to really gauge the talent between all of them. As far as looking at them, I feel that Lacy runs the best and is more of a dual threat compared to the others. He fits exactly into the style that the Packers need from their backfield. Eddie Lacy has a bright future with Green Bay as long as he can stay healthy. He has played ten games so far this season and he also has a very good back James Starks that can steal carries from him as well.

Of course I always ask you the readers... Do you think Eddie Lacy is the long term solution for the Packers backfield?

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