Is Josh Gordon the Best Wide Receiver in the NFL?

It's crazy to ask or even think about such a notion.  But when you add up the numbers and take into consideration that he's had to deal with possibly the worst string on NFL quarterbacks to ever wear an professional uniform, the question becomes more reasonable.  Is Josh Gordon the best wide receiver in the league?

For those who don't know, Josh Gordon wasn't even selected during the 2012 NFL Draft coming out of Utah.  He was taken in the 2nd round of the Supplemental Draft.  Last year he started 13 games and had 805 yards with 5 touchdowns.  Not bad for a no name rookie with a Benjamin Button quarterback in Brandon Weeden.  Then to go through the QB laundry list of NFL starters he had to endure this season alone, when you talk about guys like Weeden, Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell and now trying to possibly sign Caleb Hanie. Caleb Hanie to back up the hobbled current QB, it's amazing to see what this young 22 year old WR is doing in this league.

Even my sister knows that the Cleveland Browns aren't a passing team, let alone have any offense to speak of.  That's what makes what Josh Gordon does so amazing.  He fits the mold of the new age wide receiver.  The best WR's in the league are guys like Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson, just to name a few.  The common theme with most of these guys including players like Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas is that they're big, fast, strong, quick and have great hands that when matched up one on one against a cornerback, the receiver will win the fade route in the end zone 90% of the time.  Josh Gordon is 6 ' 3 and 225 pounds.  He is the prototypical wide out.

Is Josh Gordon the best wide receiver in the NFL?  It's too early to tell and I'll still give that honor to Megatron and I think at least 9 out of every 10 people would say Calvin Johnson is the best WR in football hands down.  Let's see what happens in the next 2 - 3 years as Gordon will have an opportunity to move to another team with stability at the quarterback position.  Or maybe the football gods will give the Browns a real quarterback that is a true franchise player in order to keep Gordon in Cleveland.  Perhaps even in this years NFL draft the Cleveland Browns, known for making draft day trades will jump up and grab Teddy Bridgewater.

One thing I do know is that Gordon is for real and Lord willing he have a healthy career, then this kid can be a super special NFL wide out.  He's currently ranked 5th among the players with the most receiving yards.  This is a player that plays for the Browns and he's 5th in receiving yardage.  It almost seems impossible.  Just imagine what kind of numbers he could put up if he had a better QB throwing the passes or even just stability with one QB in order to build and maintain that chemistry.  Just keep your eyes on Josh Gordon as he begins to make a name for himself in pro football.


  1. I like Gordon, and he is a young star on the rise. Like you said, a better QB would totally show people his potential. One more thing: he went to Baylor. RG3 tried to get the Redskins to draft him.

  2. Good point Chinwe. They would have flourished since they had that chemistry. Pierre Garcon is a heck of a wide receiver though.

  3. RGIII is showing me he benefited off of amazing receivers in college. Both Gordon and Kendall Wright are doing amazing jobs. Browns need a QB but we also need more offensive weapons. We have the picks so I look forward to us filling in the team nicely

    1. Well said Lamont and another great point about Kendall Wright. Good thinking. I don't know. It's getting really sloppy in D.C.