NFL POWER 32 - Patriots & 49ers Movin On Up

The Saints march to Seattle next
Monday Night in a critical playoff seeding game
The Broncos, Chiefs, Lions and Colts all lost this past Sunday questioning the legitimacy of their teams, while shuffling the playoff deck in both conferences.  The Patriots, 49ers, Panthers, Cardinals and Saints all won important games to keep their playoff dreams intact.  My Power Rankings have and always will be based on the teams current and projected future success throughout the season.  With that being said here are The Sports Prophet's week 13 power rankings.

  1. Saints
  2. Seahawks
  3. Panthers
  4. 49ers
  5. Patriots
  6. Broncos
  7. Chiefs
  8. Bengals
  9. Cardinals
  10. Colts
  11. Eagles
  12. Cowboys
  13. Lions
  14. Steelers
  15. Chargers
  16. Rams
  17. Titans
  18. Bears
  19. Ravens
  20. Packers
  21. Bucs
  22. Dolphins
  23. Jets
  24. Browns
  25. Giants
  26. Raiders
  27. Redskins
  28. Falcons
  29. Vikings
  30. Texans
  31. Bills
  32. Jaguars


  1. Getting a little bold with the 49ers there, huh? Well, they are getting healthy on offense. That Saints-Seahawks game should be a good one, and I'm picking the Saints (I feel even more confident now with that while Browner and Thurmond are out).

  2. I wouldn't say that. They're 7 - 4 but a strong 7 - 4. And like you said they're getting healthier.

  3. I smell homer with the Niners being that high. Definitely top 10, but ahead of New England and Denver? Come on Jason.

    1. Really EJ? I ranked the Niners 4th not 1st and if you look at their last 2 losses, the 1 point loss to the Panthers #3 and the B.S. call against the Saints #1 last week. The Broncos cannot beat the Niners in the cold. The 49ers embarrassed the Patriots last season and would run for 300 yards against them. Brady wouldn't even see the field except from the bench.

      This is no homer pick at all. You cannot go by record alone. You have to factor in all the variables. I was listening to Colin Cowherd from ESPN and he has the Niners at #3. Plus San Fran is getting key pieces back and we all saw what Aldon Smith can do to opposing QB's and running down RB's. With him back and Crabtree on the way, Manningham getting back into it, come EJ, the Niners are a top 5 team - almost undebateable if that's a word?!

    2. If anything, the Broncos would beat the 49ers in the cold. They are more used to it.

  4. The penalty should've never been a factor in the game between the 49ers& New Orleans.The 20 points they scored was gift wrapped from the saint's offence an special team's clumsy turnovers that the 49ers defense had nothing to do with that put them in scoring position without those freakish turnovers 49ers would have never gotten into fieldgoal range not to mention making it to the endzone so in all reality it should've been shutout so instead of them crying over a penalty that was rightfully called, they should be thanking the saints for the 20 points that was handed to them!!!