NFL Prediction Sunday

The Sports Clinic is live today at 11:00 am EST.  Join Lamont and I for the best NFL pre-game show on the planet.  We debate, we discuss and we predict.  You can watch the same boring shows on television just like every Sunday before the games, but if you love pure football and have a true passion for it then listen/call The Sports Clinic.

The GoH Radio Network loves taking calls from sports fans so you get a chance to show off your expertise and actually be heard on the air world wide.  If you think you know you're football, then ask for an NFL Trivia question and test your knowledge.  Or simply call in and talk week 9 match ups, hot topics around the league, a little fantasy football action and plenty of stuff to talk about.  Call 347-996-5176 and  Click here to listen to The Sports Clinic

It's week 9 and I haven't lost a Thursday night game yet.  That was until this past weekend when Andy Dalton got sacked in the end zone to lose the game for the Bengals and ending their winning streak, my winning streak and the Dolphins losing streak. Well I'm about to go on another sweet streak after a (9 - 4) record in week 8, I intend on doing even better.  In another shorten schedule due to byes, 12 games will be played today.  Here are The Sports Prophet's Predictions for all of them.  Tune into the show this morning and let us know what you think!

Falcons 23 - Panthers 20 (CAR -7.5)

Cowboys 27 - Vikings 24 (DAL - 9.5)

Saints 28 - Jets 13 (N.O. -6.5)

Titans 33 - Rams 14 (TEN -3)

Chiefs 24 - Bills 20 (K.C. -3.5)

Chargers 35 - Redskins 27 (WAS -1)

Eagles 26 - Raiders 19 (OAK -2.5)

Seahawks 24 - Bucs 10 (SEA -15.5)

Ravens 17 - Browns 12 (BAL -2)

Steelers 25 - Patriots 20 (N.E. -6.5)

Colts 21 - Texans 16 (IND -2)

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  1. My big upset: Houston over Indianapolis. I would have picked Buffalo if Thad Lewis was playing, and Steelers over Patriots? That's pretty bold on the road. But Pittsburgh must win to save their season.