Panther's Steve Smith better than Legendary Cowboy's Michael Irvin?

Congratulations are in order for Steve Smith because this Monday he only needs for Cam Newton to throw him a 3 yard gain to pass the Hall Of Fame WR Michael Irvin. Steve Smith currently has 11,902 receiving yards in his career! With Smith being on the cusp of that huge accomplishment it definitely warrants the question... Who's the better of the two? Who would you choose to be on your team and throw the ball to? Both have had amazing careers but as you will read further numbers can lie especially when you are comparing two players.

Micheal Irvin a 6'2" 207lb WR played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1988-1999. He has had a laundry list of accomplishments...

Career highlights and awards

Of course that wouldn't be anything without posting his official stats as well...

Career NFL statistics
Receiving yards11,904
That's averaging over 15 yards per reception for his entire career!

Steve Smith a 5'9" 185lb WR that currently plays for the Panthers was drafted by them in 2001-Present. His accomplishments include...

Career highlights and awards
His Official Stats include...

Career NFL statistics as of Week 10, 2013
Receiving yards11,902
Receiving TDs66
Receiving Average14.6
Rushing Attempts/Yards57/387
Looking at both stats in comparison it looks like Steve Smith took longer to get the yards that Irvin needed. To Smith's defense his is smaller, lighter, and has had worse quarterbacks to throw him the ball than Irvin did. Irvin had the benefit of being on some of the best Dallas Cowboy teams to step on the turf. Smith's team is newer and has struggled to find their identity and stride with the offense. 

Looking at the evidence I feel that my edge will go to Steve Smith, for the reasons stated above. He has to fight for everything and to be on a team that has not been good that long, its amazing that he will soon pass Irving. What do you think? Who's better and why?

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