Cleveland Browns: Options at Quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft

Well, that didn't turn out as planned...

As the Cleveland Browns seemingly tanked their season after making some marquee moves, the team decided to win some games and knock themselves out of a top-three spot in the 2014 NFL Draft. Maybe that wasn't the plan, but it does sure seem to be the way the Browns run things.

The Draft is going to be a critical event considering the fact that the quarterback of the Browns future may be selected in the first two rounds. There are many options, so let's take a look at the three best selections with the Browns first-overall pick.

Derek Carr, Quarterback, Fresno State

No, this isn't David Carr. This is no bust. Derek Carr is the real deal! His career at Fresno State has been impressive - throwing for 48 touchdowns over nearly 5,000 yards. He is a gunslinger that reminds many of Matthew Stafford. The Senior QB is a bit jumpy in the pocket, but the ball that he throws is certainly first-round talent.

Brandon Weeden has never been the answer; but Carr can be the guy that turns the Cleveland Browns around. Josh Gordon needs a guy that can launch him the ball... A guy like Derek Carr.

Johnny Manziel, Quarterback, Texas A&M

You know what you're going to get with "Johnny Football", the media's favorite college football player. There's no doubt that he brings a fire like nobody else, but that comes with it's own issues - issues that a team will have to decide whether they want to handle or not. Manziel would be a different option than Carr, but in the end he could fill seats. Ticket sales are key in the NFL, and Manziel would be your guy if you want that money.

AJ McCarron, Quarterback, Alabama

The Browns will be interested in McCarron because he WINS. No, he isn't top-10 talent, but keep in mind that Cleveland has two picks in the first round after the Colts grabbed Trent Richardson.

McCarron doesn't have elite skills, but we've seen the Browns reach for players with skill-sets clearly below others on the board. The Alabama signal-caller has experience in big games, and he knows how to play against tough competition. While he needs some work, there's no doubt that McCarron will be an option come draft day.

It's very possible that Cleveland goes QB-WR or WR-QB with their two picks in the first round - making Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins options with their first selection.

At quarterback, guys like Zach Mettenberger, Tajh Boyd, David Fales, and Jimmy Garroppolo are options. Look for Jarvis Landry, O'Dell Beckham Jr., Allen Robinson, Brandin Cooks or Jordan Matthews to be possibilities with Cleveland's second first-round selection.


  1. What about Aaron Murray from Georgia? Do the Browns think that he may not recover from his injuries?

    1. I am worried about Murray at the next level. The Browns have dealt with injured players in the past, so it will be interesting to see if, in later rounds, they go after Murray. He isn't a first-round pick right now.

  2. I don't know much about college football but from what I hear Murray can fall into the 3rd round. We all know it all starts with the QB so they better make sure they get this one right since failing in this category as far as drafting Tim Couch with the 2nd pick or whatever it was.