Cleveland fans are mad at Andrew Bynum... why?

Cleveland Cavaliers reported to the media that they have suspended Andrew Bynum indefinitely and it looks like they will also put him on the trading block. This officially ends Bynum's run with the Cavs, it was bittersweet because it seemed like he was doing well. Doing well to try and rehab from his knee injuries that has been a problem for him throughout his short career. When Bynum was signed the organization gave him an incentive type agreement and it was based solely on how much he could contribute on the floor. During the summer we heard news reporting that he was working hard and rehabbing well. I believe he came back faster most thought that he would. Its not good to look at the past so much because it doesn't matter he's done.

My question that I asked is why are Cleveland fans mad? To be honest this was purely an experiment with Bynum. We know how he left the Los Angeles Lakers and we also saw what he did to the Philadelphia 76ers. So why should this surprise anyone? Bynum has always shown flashes of his ability especially with the Lakers but he couldn't stay consistent mentally or physically. Its a shame to see a guy ruin his career this way, unfortunately it has to be at the Cavs expense. Cleveland has always been the go to for sports jokes in history and this situation does nothing to help it. Bynum was able to average 8 points and 5 rebounds with the Cavs.

Where do they go from here? Waive him? Trade him? It’s worth noting that if Bynum and the team don’t resolve their differences, it’s more than likely he’ll be unemployed sometime in the next seven days. That’s because Bynum’s contract, a two-year deal worth close to $25 million, is only guaranteed for $6 million through Jan.5. If he’s waived before then, the Cavaliers aren’t required to pay him the remainder of his deal. So I would say try to shop him, if you can get a serviceable player in return then pull the trigger. If not waive him so you won't have to pay the money to him.

Buyer beware... which ever teams are interested should be extremely careful. Rumors are saying that he would like to go play for the Miami Heat or the Las Angeles Clippers. Either team wouldn't require too much from him. Still the biggest thing is his passion to want to play basketball. Struggling to come back from painful knee injuries, and not being mentally strong has always been questioned. No matter where Bynum lands he won't be in the league much longer. Cleveland fans... keep your head up at the end of the day it was an experiment and sometimes experiments

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