Is Hakeem Nicks a problem for the Giants?

The New York Giants have been a problem in previous seasons for teams. They have had super bowl success several times and most were daring to say Eli Manning was better than Peyton Manning (seriously). This season they got off to a rocky start sitting at (5-7) and third in the NFC East most are not looking for them to make the playoffs this year. The defense has been horrible and Eli Manning has had a bad season throwing for 15 TD and 18 INT 2,995 yards and having a 58% completion rating. The most surprising stat that I can say however is that WR Hakeem Nicks hasn't caught a single touchdown this season. Is he a problem for the Giants?

Nicks was drafted by the Giants in 2009 as a first round draft pick, he went to North Carolina and was dominant receiver for them. After his rookie year, Nicks enjoyed back to back 1,000 yard receiving seasons and looked like he was on his way to becoming a dynamic receiver in this league. The Giants paired him with Victor Cruz they felt like they had a winning formula for Eli Manning. Nicks is something that the Giants need in a receiver because he is a big target for the end zone and has reliable hands. This season has been injured and I think the Giants seen that in a big way affecting their record.


With Nicks being hampered by injuries this season it comes at a horrible time. After this season, he will be a free agent and there are plenty of teams that need his services. (Seen above) The Giants have since 2011 his production has dropped. Has it been because of Nicks play or because of the offensive line struggles? When it comes down to it Nicks is 25 years old and has a lot of football left to play. The Giants have to make a decision, is Hakeem Nicks a problem for the Giants or the Giants a problem for Hakeem Nicks?

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