Jay Cutler may as well be the Bears Butler

Maybe Cutler was Consoled by a ref.
It's over!  Jay Cutler will not and should not be the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears next season.  There are so many different variables that go into this and right away you think Josh McCown has got the job, he's solid, sin him up.  No!  He's not even 1 of my variables that will prevent Jay Cutler from resigning with the Chicago Bears.

It must be mentioned however, that since McCown has taken over as the starting QB for the Bears over a month ago, he has been surprisingly effective and has taken control of the offense while being a catalyst for this team.  What's best about it is that McCown is loved and has the full support of his teammates in the locker room.  His play on the field has been incredible, coming in as a 34 year old back up and getting the team to 1st place as of week 15.

While guys like Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey and Matt Forte are the offensive stars of this Bears team, it starts with the QB and McCown has that crown and is wielding immense power with it.  He has 11 TD's and 1 pick since taking over for Cutler 6 weeks ago.  Cutler came back from the injury too quickly, lost a huge game vs the Lions and perhaps lost his job at the same time.  So McCown has started 5 of the past 6 games.  Last night against the Cowboys his offense didn't leave the field until they scored.  The punter could have stayed home and watched the game.  McCown was excellent passing for 348 yards and 4 TD's in zero degree temperatures.  I would start him for the rest of this season because he's gone (3 - 2) since taking over and is only getting better.  What needs to get better is that disgusting excuse for a defense or it won't matter how well McCown plays in the last 3 games of the regular season.  Here's what I would do if I were the GM of the Bears Phil Emery:

Since Jay Cutler's contract expires after this season, let it do just that, expire.  Let him go and don't discuss any future talk about Jay Cutler wearing a Bears jersey ever again.  Now to be fair, Cutler is far from horrible.  As a matter of fact he is in the top half of quarterbacks in the NFL.  Which basically makes him one of the best 15 or 16 people in the world at the craft of playing and becoming a professional quarterback.

The Bears as currently constructed most likely won't win a Super Bowl.  We've seen teams go on runs, no doubt about it.  The previous 2 seasons the Giants and Ravens made miracle runs throughout the playoffs to achieve the ultimate and win a championship.  The Bears appeared to be headed down that road a few times but were stopped short a few times.  One time Jay Cutler threw an interception and tried to tackle the player, only to find out hours later that his season was done.  At the time Chicago was leading their division and were talked among the few teams that could make the full run.  A year before that they did win their division and went all the way on to host the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers who ultimately won the Super Bowl two weeks later.  So I'm not trying to trash Jay Cutler here.  I'm showing you he can get the job done.  But in his job description it says in some way - "You Will Get Injured" so this is life in the NFL and the league has beaten him down more than he has beaten the league, meaning his opponents of course.

The Bears have issues on defense all over the place.  Some key players are getting older and the injuries they've suffered throughout the season can be attributed to that as well.  It seems their offense is set and ready to roll.  That is unless Alshon Jeffrey wants a ridiculous contract that the Bears can't offer in a couple years.  Even still you have Brandon Marshall who in my eyes is a top 3 wide out in the entire league.  Plus Matt Forte and a very smart head coach in Marc Trestman.  The Bears need to put the Jay Cutler fund aside into a new basket called the defensive basket.  That's what Chicago needs to do now.  That plus a few extra bodies on the offensive line wouldn't hurt either.

You still need a quarterback though.  The center has to snap it to somebody who can throw the ball and with all due respect to Josh McCown and what he's done this season, he's certainly not the future of this franchise.  A crop of QB's will be coming out of the college ranks this season and next.  That's where the Bears should look to take one of these kids because it can work if done properly.  Look at the instant success the Colts, Seahawks, Bengals and even Redskins all enjoyed instant success because there was talent already in place when they arrived.

Jay Cutler will be 31 at the start of the 2014 season.  Will the Bears be as dumb as the Cowboys were for giving Tony Romo all that money for all those years before the season started at a similar age?  Like I said, if I were the GM I'd give Cutler his walking papers, put money into the defense and get a quarterback either in the draft or through a trade if possible.  I'm not sure if they're interested in Kirk Cousins or another possible trading partner but I maintain that either in this draft or the next they go for a QB and maybe hang on to McCown to either start the season and/or be a helpful mentor to the next Chicago Bears quarterback.

Quick early prediction on Jay Cutler in 2014, since I am The Sports Prophet and all - The Houston Texans coached by Mike Shanahan!!!???  Coach Shanahan has had nice things to say about Cutler recently trying to mend that scarred relationship as he shows interest in the Texans coaching position by showing disinterest in the Washington Redskins.  The Texans run a Mike Shanahan offense already as Gary Kubiak (recently fired by Houston) was a student of Mike's under that big football tree that Bill Walsh made so famous.  When Cutler and Marshall reunited in Chicago it worked out great between them.  I wonder if the same can and will happen in my made up scenario.


  1. Houston? I think the Bears are eventually going to go with Cutler, though.

  2. Houston or not i think they shouldn't resign him. My opinion.

  3. Sir what Team do this is? the Philadelphia Eagles..where the white Minority (in numbers) fan population was tired of seeing a Black QB in charge since the days of Randall Cunningham back in the 80's, and upon QB Vick's injuries was finally granted a chance to see a White Boy in charge. No sir, Chicago has always been a City of Tradition going back to the days of the Gangsters..with Bear QB's having guaranteed 5 year reigns such as Billy Wade, Bobby Douglass, and the legendary Jim McMahon. So QB Jay Cutler deserves 'no less'...In fact, Sir,,may I ask you if are recently divorced or separated ..which would give 'reason' for your promoted "Quick Trophy Wife replacement theory' that you are Promoting right now...?

    1. You're going a little deep there at the end but if you're serious about your post I will ask you if you would give Jay Cutler a new 5 year deal for $90 million? Because that's what it's gonna take!

  4. we'll take him in Houston!!!! anybody but matt schaub is an improvement!

  5. I'm surprised how poorly Schaub played. That team has so much talent in Houston it doesn't make sense for them to lose like this. They're the Cowboys of the AFC. Ironic they play in the same state. All that talent but not so great head coaching or other coaches on the teams. Kubiak had to go but did earn another chance after back to back playoff appearances. But I'm not sure Cutler is the answer. The Texans have to keep him healthy like any other team in the league. They do have a solid O- Line and a great run game. Plus the whole Shanahan thing, same system, he had Cutler before, and it may work out!