Jim Schwartz Drops F-Bomb on Lions Crowd

Jim Schwartz is the type of guy you either love or hate.  Apparently coach Schwartz has some hate in himself as well.  After Matt Stafford blew the game in the 4th quarter with a pick six against the Giants, the Lions still had another shot to win it in regulation tied at 20 with about 30 seconds to go at around their own 30 yard line.  Detroit had 2 timeouts remaining, the best WR in the NFL and perhaps the strongest arm in the league.  With pass interference being called by the refs in bundles, the Lions should have taken a chance and try to position themselves for a field goal.

Instead Schwartz elected to run the ball and the time off the board attempting his luck in overtime.  The crowd was none too pleased to say the last and voiced their displeasure through booing louder than Casper and all his friendly ghosts.  The fans were furious!  Now the head coach of the team, Jim Schwartz, turned around to the crowd and repeated "F" you to the masses in the stands as if to say shut up this is my team and ya'll don't know a damn thing.  Mr. Schwartz, you don't know a damn thing.  That was stupid, uncalled for, childish, irrational and not surprisingly a repetitive notion as the H.C. has become known for, using that type of profanity in a variety of situations that are not deemed acceptable.

The Detroit Lions, in large part due to the head coaching, were in a win or die scenario at home against the pathetic New York Giants.  Up 20 - 13 with 5:00 minutes to play, Stafford threw the game tying interception which led to the Giants winning the game in OT by a field goal.  Before the regulation period ended, the Lions had a chance as I had mentioned.  Schwartz elected to not try anything and move to overtime.  Bad idea!

First of all they could have lost the toss, which they did and the Giants could have won on their first possession with a touchdown, which they didn't.  After a couple of exchange possessions in OT, the Lions had the ball just needing a FG to win.  Instead they went 3 & out, had to punt and the secondary couldn't stop Eli and his 2nd string receivers from getting into field goal range before Steve Weatherford kicked the game winner.

Schwartz isn't a great coach but he can talk. Nevertheless what he did was unacceptable. How can a head coach, unless he knew he was getting fired or something, turn around to his home fans who come out and support the team he coaches and the franchise he works for and say to them "F" you?!  This is not a man who thinks rationally in the heat of the moment but reacts to situations as if it were an instant reflex.  It shows you the lack of maturity by Jim Schwartz, similar to how he handled the "handshake" with 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh a couple of years ago.

The Schwartz will not be with the Lions next season nor should he be.  This division was theirs for the taking and flat out blew it with back to back home losses against mediocre teams.  He will certainly be fined by the league for his actions Sunday if such a rule does indeed exist and will coach his last meaningless game next week on the road against the Minnesota Vikings.  It's been quite an interesting ride their Jim.  From (0 - 16) to making the playoffs and now becoming the Dallas Cowboys of the North, this roller coaster is over!


Chinwe Orie said...

This is completely unacceptable and it may have probably destroyed any chance of him returning next year. As a celebrity or well-known figure, he's got to learn to control himself and keep his composure. A lot of players and coaches probably feel like they want to drop the f-bomb. But they don't because they have self-control. But obviously Schwartz has his own issues. I didn't mind up running out the clock (because who knows, Stafford may have thrown another INT), but the way he acted was unacceptable. I agree totally with you, Jason.

Anonymous said...

Why wait until next week to fire him?

Joe Wedra said...

This guy needs to go!

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

One thing we can all agree on is that this dude has to go!

Anonymous said...

this coach is a mess, Thank God this season is almost over. I cannot take him any longer what a Joke?????? Lions fan for 48 years and i have to say this year brike my heart. We should have won the north,. and the play calling ? really? same old same old calls all but one the reverse. good by coach dont even what to say his name.Bill

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