Key Moves For The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are showing their true colors in this second half of the season. They have a lot of holes to fill with injuries and just plain old poor performance. The Chiefs did a great job this past off-season of bring in new players and even better coaching into the team and the record has shown that those moves have paid off, but it sounds like they need to make a couple or even a lot of moves in order to be at the top of the AFC West.

First, a good thing to do is make a list of the team "needs". The main focus for the Chiefs is to get another elite wide receiver and a healthy offensive line. Those have been the two main problems for the Chiefs this season and it comes at a great time with great potential targets in free agency and even the NFL Draft. Alex Smith has been able to manage right now with what he is provided with, but that wont last long enough to make a playoff run. Dwayne Bowe, Donnie Avery, and Jamaal Charles have been the Chiefs main targets on offense, but if they had another big threat on the other side of Bowe they could be a much greater threat in the AFC. One player who will be a free agent this coming off-season and is a former Missouri wide out, Jeremy Maclin. He is coming off an ACL injury and has all the off season to prepare for next year. Another good reason why the Chiefs should take a chance on him is because Maclin's former coach is the Chiefs head coach...Andy Reid. What a fit, right? Well, it sounds like a perfect fit to me, now its the Chiefs turn to make a move on him.

The latest update on the rehab of Maclin was from October 30th and the word is that he is ahead of schedule and continues to workout.

Now, the best part of the off-season to me is the NFL Draft. This is where teams are made and even sometimes broke.

My thoughts on what the Chiefs should do with this first round pick is either draft another o-lineman or go with another d-lineman. Must people think they will go with a wide out, but they will go with a free agent over a draft pick. I trust someone like Jeremy Maclin more than a young receiver coming into the league. Seeing from the past draft the Chiefs front office has a good handle on things and will make the right pick for the right fit. The best pick right now is to go with someone like Jake Matthews (Texas A&M) or Trey Hopkins (Texas). Those are two solid picks that the Chiefs might consider taking in this years NFL Draft.

Next, another option the Chiefs need to look out for is a QB. I know what your saying "What", but Alex Smith is getting toward the end of this career. He has had many head injuries and many blows to the body. I am not questioning Smith's ability to play QB right now, I'm just looking for the future. Now, it comes back to the Draft. A player that stands out to me and who would be a good fit in Kansas City is Brett Hundley from UCLA. He has great ability to escape the pocket and even a great arm to go with his arsenal. If the Chiefs took a chance with him and got him at the right time in the Draft he could learn from Smith and even Chase Daniel. Hundley would be a great fit in Andy Reid's offense and could be a future starter in the league in the next couple years.

Lastly, one player that just stands out to me in the upcoming draft is tight end Jace Amaro from Texas Tech. Amaro is one of the biggest tight ends in the upcoming draft at 6'5 and 260 lbs. Alex Smith passes to his tight ends plenty of times and what not a great receiving tight end like Amaro. His size and ability to run down the field put him at a different level from other tight ends. The only down side of him that I have seen is that he rarely lines up to block and hasn't been in that kind of running offense and tends to be more of a wide out. Now to me that hurts his draft stock, but that's when the running backs come in and help with the pass block. I mean its not like the Chiefs have just one tight end on the roster, they can run different packages with him and big a huge threat. We all know Andy Reid likes to do just that.

To me those are the main keys they Chiefs need to do this off-season through the Draft and free agency. Thanks.

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