LeBron Will Keep his Talents in South Beach

There are millions of reasons to leave Miami after this season and a million +1 reasons not to leave.  The major reason which is sevenfold, is to remain King James of Florida.  LeBron owns Miami right now.  He's almost as highly coveted in South Beach as Dan Marino and will likely surpass him if he stays with the Heat.  For those that don't know it's the basic equivalent to Michael Jordan in Chicago.  They become like gods to these fans and forever have their names remembered.  Everybody knows Dan Marino.  Isn't that weird!?  He never won the town a title yet the people of the state treat him like Zeus.  Imagine what they'll call LeBron if he retires in Miami!

LeBron has already led the Miami Heat of the NBA to back to back championships in the last two seasons.  While Dwyane Wade was headed toward godly status for that franchise and city, injuries have plagued him setting the way for the king to come in and claim his throne.  He's winning titles, MVP's and the hearts of every soul in the state of Florida.  Well, maybe not Orlando Magic fans, but those 35 people won't hurt his status.

When LeBron left Cleveland, basically his home town where he grew up in Akron, Ohio less than 40 miles away, it scarred the city badly to the point where a few morons were burning his jersey outside in the streets and cursing him as if he committed murder or something.  That's a separate issue I have with fans and the way they talk to and treat the athletes on the field, court or ice.  It's pathetic to me how people anoint these regular human beings like icons of the universe.  These men and women simply happen to be great athletes and making millions of dollars as a result of it.  Too many foolish fans think that gives them the right to talk trash to these guys in extremely disrespectful ways including their families, personal history or even their sexuality.

The crazy thing is that after we saw the backlash of LBJ leaving the Cavaliers for the Heat, the same thing would most likely happen in Miami if LeBron were to leave for the Lakers, Knicks, back to the Cavs or any other team for that matter.  So that's a pretty good reason not to leave, having now two major sports cities hating you!  But the biggest and best reason to stay with the Heat is to surpass Marino as the sports god of South Beach while winning multiple championships and turning that organization into a top franchise in the league for many years to come.

Players will go to Miami and play basketball with LeBron.  He's well liked around the league.  He's a great teammate and very unselfish at that.  We talked about his competitive nature a few years ago as he couldn't win it all or hit the big shot or even being afraid to take it.  But a lot of things have changed since then.

He's now won 4 regular season MVP titles and has 2 NBA championship rings to go along with it and matching Finals MVP trophies in addition to that.  LeBron is now considered the best basketball player on earth and is a winner who can perform in the clutch.  A couple of years ago this was not the case.  He went from an outstanding player with mental reservations to becoming the top player in the league that will gladly carry the weight of a franchise on his shoulders.

The bottom line is that LeBron should stay in Miami where his life is great considering his success with the team, the beautiful weather, no state tax, a great nightlife and much more.  I lived in South Florida so I understand the attraction and want to stay if things are going well.  There is no reason to leave.  LeBron and his family are set financially for life.  Now they just need to make sure they are happy wherever they end up.  In my opinion they should end up where they currently are.  Great players want to win championships.  Playing with the best player in the league enhances those chances greatly.  That's why Ray Allen went to Miami last year.

LeBron is a magnet.  He attracts people to come to him and win where he is.  LeBron doesn't have to leave Miami to chase championships.  They will come to him in the form of other players who desire to hold the NBA Championship trophy.  They will go to Miami and they will take pay-cuts to get the most and best out of the team.

As great as LeBron is, he cannot do it alone.  None of the greatest players ever have including Michael Jordan who needed Scottie Pippen's talents to achieve the ultimate goal.  LeBron knows that, most players know that and the proof is there as recent as the past two seasons.  LeBron, Wade and Bosh took pay-cuts for the greater good.  Since the big 3 came together in Miami, they have gone to 3 straight NBA Finals and won the last two.  Players see that and want that.  LBJ has a long way to go and Wade doesn't appear to given his yearly injuries.  Miami may have to cut bait with Wade and possibly Bosh to open up cap space in the near future in the form of a trade or contract expiration.  When that happens and the Heat regain financial resources, well let's just say watch out NBA because LeBron and his future top talent teammates will control the league and continue to be in the Finals every basketball season.

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  1. LeBron will be a vital part in restructuring the Miami Heat as unfortunately Wade gets older. I don't think he will sign a deal worth five to six years, but probably another four year deal with a player option. There is no other reason really to leave Miami unless the Heat are planning to rebuild, which clearly they are not in a position to do. They have an awesome supporting cast, something that is needed to win championships (ex. Celtics, Spurs, Lakers). Honestly, I did not like James because of how he handled the Decision, but he's learned from his mistakes. I respect him as a basketball player and I am a fan. He is clearly one of the most exciting phenoms we've ever seen in this league and will be the face of it for nearly another whole decade as he attempts to build his own legacy, to surpass the ones of those before him: Jordan, Magic, Russell.

    When Cleveland Cavs fans say that they weren't mad because he left but were mad because of how he handled it, I think that's simply baloney.