MLB: Power Rankings

Christmas is 1 week away and marks exactly 2 months until mandatory reporting. I look forward to that because it means the season is around the corner. The winter meetings are over, most of the big name free agents have signed, some big trades have been made, and I thought it was time to give some early power rankings. 2014 World Series odds in bold.
  1. Dodgers(92-70)--Despite Puig's struggles down the stretch this team went on a rampage after he was called up. GM Ned Colletti says they could be in the market for a top flight starter between now and spring training, saying that Price is a possibility (if he is in fact going to be traded). That would really put the Dodgers in the drivers seat. 5-1
  2. Tigers(93-69)--They offloaded Prince's contract and got Kinsler in return. He opens up the lineup, allows Miggy to shift back to 1st while Castellanos gets a crack at his natural third base position. Verlander, Scherzer and Sanchez are still one of the best starting trios in the league. They signed a true closer in Joe Nathan which, as every baseball fan knows, is something we have lacked for ages. 8-1
  3. Cardinals(97-65)--Beltran is gone and Freese was traded but the Cards have added depth to go along with some talented young players. They signed Peralta to play SS and, even though his range isn't the best, is a good defender and provides some decent offense. Rosenthal is a fantastic young pitcher and the closer job is his to lose. Wainwright and Wacha should be a great 1-2 combo. 10-1
  4. Athletics(96-66)--I didn't think they would play at the same level as 2012, but they proved me very wrong. This team is poised to take the AL West again. They added closer Jim Johnson, set up man Luke Gregerson, starter Scott Kazmir, and got some depth by signing Drew Pomeranz, Nick Punto and Craig Gentry. The bullpen was already great, the rotation very good, and an offense that scored 767 runs last year. The West is theirs to lose and I don't think they'll relinquish it in 2014. 15-1
  5. Red Sox(97-65)--The Red Sox had an amazing turn around and fantastic playoff run. They still have a lot of good players but they lost Ellsbury to the Yankees. They are prepared to have Jackie Bradley Jr. take over in center. He is good defensively but didn't hit well in limited action. There could be some growing pains but he could shape up to be a great replacement, especially with Ellsbury's injury problems in the last 4 years. They have the pieces and are the champs until someone beats them. 12-1
  6. Nationals(86-76)--High expectations were dashed early as the team struggled for the first half of the year, averaging 3.8 runs/gm and batting .241. They turned it around in the second half, scoring 4.5 runs/gm and batting .265, and finished with a 26-12 run. This is a team with a fantastic rotation that got even better as they traded for Doug Fister. That move makes them arguably the best 5 man rotation in the majors. I'm predicting a big bounce back and a record closer to 2012. 9-1
  7. Rangers(91-72)--They were on fire for most of the year and faltered when it mattered most. They traded Kinsler to Detroit for Fielder and that made sense for this team. They now have a spot for Profar and a heavy hitting first baseman who plays every day. 15 minutes ago it was posted that the Rangers have signed Choo to a 7 year $130 mil contract. He is a fantastic addition for this team. Look for them to challenge the A's. 16-1
  8. Rays(92-71)--This is a perennially tough team. They can make very few moves and still make a lot of noise during the season. This is because of guys like Longoria, Rookie of the Year Wil Myers, Jennings and Zobrist. The rotation, even if Price is dealt, is still full of great young arms and the bullpen can pitch with anyone. I'm looking for another great year out of these guys. 29-1
  9. Angels(78-84)--The biggest flop of 2013 with a roster full of players WAY overpaid for what they did. Pujols and Hamilton did not come close to playing at the level they were paid. They've dealt Trumbo and picked up Freese and their rotation is mostly top heavy but I wouldn't put a possible postseason appearance past them. If the line up supports perennial MVP candidate Trout then they will be dangerous. 15-1
  10. Braves(96-66)--Fresh off of another disappointing season end they haven't done anything worth noting this offseason, other than getting rid of .179 hitting Uggla. They lost McCann to the Yankees and picked up Doumit to replace him. It's very difficult to imagine this team making a serious run, but I'm not ruling it out. 17-1
  11. Reds(90-72)--This will be interesting with Dusty Baker finally being ousted. They still have a good lineup, some good starters who need to stay healthy and a good bullpen. 15-1
  12. Diamondbacks(81-81)--They traded for Trumbo, who adds some pop to the lineup, and still have some great young players. They'll finish over .500. 45-1
  13. Indians(92-70)--They challenged the Tigers right up to the end and made the playoffs(sort of). Francona is a manager that keep this team competitive. 28-1
  14. Pirates(94-68)--They finally finished a season over .500 and really played well. They haven't made any notable moves though. I could see them regressing some this year. 25-1
  15. Royals(86-76)--Great young team that finished strong in 2013. Look for this team to continue trending upward. 35-1
  16. Yankees(85-77)--They lost Cano and got Ellsbury and McCann. They still have superstars who are quite aged and often injured. Plus, the ARod saga is still going. 16-1
  17. Orioles(85-77)--I said they wouldn't repeat their 2012 performance and they didn't(I'm right sometimes). They still have some good young players. 28-1
  18. Giants(76-86)--A team that isn't to be completely counted out. They seem to be on an every other year run. This would be that year if it happens. 22-1
  19. Mariners(71-91)--Even with the addition of Cano this team has a lot of ground to make up. With the A's, Rangers and Angels in the division Houston is all that is keeping Seattle from the basement again. 65-1
  20. Mets(74-88)--Signed Granderson who still has some pop, and signed Colon to help while Harvey is out with Tommy John recovery. Still a long way to go for this team. 115-1
  21. Padres(76-86)--Not much doing with this team. Still have some great young players. 70-1
  22. Brewers(74-88)--Another team with not much to talk about this offseason. Won't catch the top 3 in this division even if they falter a bit. 75-1
  23. White Sox(63-99)--Decent moves this offseason. They'll be out of the Central basement. 40-1
  24. Blue Jays(74-88)--The best move was signing Halladay to a 1 day contract so he could retire with Toronto. 45-1
  25. Rockies(74-88)--This team should be better than they are. Time will tell with them. 70-1
  26. Phillies(73-89)--No moves, dropping hints that their stars are on the block. They aren't going anywhere this year. 40-1
  27. Twins(66-96)--A few years removed from being in contention they are trending way down in the Central. 125-1
  28. Cubs(66-96)--It's very easy for baseball fans to feel bad for Cubs fans. They'll remain at the bottom. 60-1
  29. Marlins(62-100)--They have Rookie of the Year in Jose Fernandez, which means he'll probably be traded in a year or two. 125-1
  30. Astros(51-111)--A move to the AL and a franchise record in losses. They do have some good young players though. 250-1
A few spots may change closer to the season. I'm ready for baseball right now.

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