NFL Power Rankings Week 17

We're down to the final week of the NFL season.  Only a few teams have clinched playoff spots.  Many are still fighting to get in.  As each team heads into their finale this Sunday, the fans will be holding their breath from kickoff til the final whistle blows while they keep one eye on the game and the second on the scoreboard to see what the other contenders are doing.  While playoff seeding is far from being established with only 1 game left on the regular season schedule, it is very clear who the best teams in the league are and whom of them have the best chance at making it to the Super Bowl.  Seattle is the favorite in the NFC.  The Broncos appear to be the top choice in the AFC.  I have them 1 & 2 respectively in my power rankings which is really a full season power ranking list when you consider that 15 of 16 games have already been played.  Still, things can change in a week.

A few quick notes before the rankings.  Tony Romo is out for the season which drops Dallas lower in the rankings and in the worst possible situation with everything on the line against the Eagles this weekend.  Same kind of deal for the Packers.  Barring a miracle, Aaron Rodgers will be sidelined again against the Bears for the division title and a post season berth.  I'll take the Pack if Rodgers plays but if not then Da Bears will sneak away with the NFC North title.  Quarterbacks are the most important players on any team and without your best man under center it's hard to be what every fan of their team hopes they are.  And finally congratulations to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever suit up on game day to Mr. Peyton Manning who broke the single season TD record with (51) now, surpassing his QB counterpart of this generation, the great Tom Brady.

Here are The Sports Prophet's Power Rankings: "POWER 32"

1. Seahawks
2. Broncos
3. Panthers
4. 49ers
5. Chiefs
6. Saints
7. Patriots
8. Bengals
9. Cardinals
10. Eagles
11. Colts
12. Bears
13. Ravens
14. Chargers
15. Dolphins
16. Steelers
17. Cowboys
18. Packers
19. Lions
20. Rams
21. Titans
22. Jets
23. Giants
24. Falcons
25. Bucs
26. Vikings
27. Bills
28. Redskins
29. Browns
30. Jaguars
31. Raiders
32. Texans


Lamont Broadus said...

Kinda weird that you wouldn't drop Seahawks out of the number 1 spot especially after losing at home.

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

There still a great team and the Cardinals are very good. It happens sometimes. But i think Seattle is still the best team. Hope I'm wrong tho and they lose next week and my Niners win giving us top seed.

Chinwe Orie said...

Not so fast, Carolina has to lose as well for the Niners to get the top seed. But nice power rankings. I agree with it, except for the fact that the Patriots are below the Chiefs and Saints.

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

I know Chinwe, I'm just saying it's possible! 2nd seed at least with a bye.