NFL: Should the Detroit Lions move on from Stafford?

There's a couple of different organizations that have been a complete disappointment this season. Atlanta, Dallas, Oakland, Cleveland and Texans. One franchise that I'm scratching my head over is the Detroit Lions. This team has the hottest young receiver in the game Calvin Johnson. They have a nice defense as well being anchored by some erratic but equally talented players. They even went out and had one of the biggest free agent splashes this season in Reggie Bush. Even with all of those positives they still ended the season eliminated from the playoffs and ultimately looking like a very disturbed and troubled franchise.

Their coach will be fired by the end of this season. Yes everyone knows this. After reading a good article by writer Jason Feirman, Swartz basically cursed out the home crowd last Sunday after another embarrassing lose to the New York Giants. Here's what Jason's opinion was on the situation.
Schwartz will not be with the Lions next season nor should he be. This division was theirs for the taking and flat out blew it with back to back home losses against mediocre teams. He will certainly be fined by the league for his actions Sunday if such a rule does indeed exist and will coach his last meaningless game next week on the road against the Minnesota Vikings. It's been quite an interesting ride their Jim. From (0 - 16) to making the playoffs and now becoming the Dallas Cowboys of the North, this roller coaster is over! Read More...
 Not only are they looking at losing the coach after this season. I'm also puzzled to see what Matthew Stafford brings to the table as a quarterback. He has had some great seasons due to Calvin Johnson as his safety net. Looking at his game however he make dumb decisions, his mechanics are often marginal at best. Without Johnson I'm not sure that he would be in any conversations at all as a starter in this league. Another thing about Stafford is that his team is undisciplined. He is supposed to be a leader but he doesn't seem to be very vocal at all when everything really boils down. I wouldn't want my franchise quarterback to timid in the locker room at all.

Stafford also has another puzzling statistic... he can't win against teams that finish the season with winning records. For his career he is a staggering 1-23 in starts against teams that end the season with a winning record. Let's not forget Stafford is a 72 million dollar man because of the rookie contract he got as a number #1 pick before the collective bargaining agreement. That's a ton of money to have locked up on a quarterback that can't perform for you in big games or even get you over that hump deep into the playoffs.

Should the Lions possibly start looking for alternate options at quarterback? Especially since they will be getting a new head coach. The temporary solution would be to get a head coach that can be disciplined and maybe revive Stafford in his mechanics and decisions. They really need to evaluate him closer to see if he can be that long term solution.


  1. When the "hottest young receiver" starts making critical 3rd down catches instead of fumbling them like a junior high schooler, then I guarantee you all of this blame directed toward Stafford would be a moot point. Fact is Calvin has concentration issues (10+ dropped passes for the 132 million dollar man) and it has cost his team a trip to the post season. Stafford has some things to work on, but he is simply one of the top 5 QBs in the game if his receiving corp could catch "a cold" every once in a while. Listening to ESPN and the NFL Network and their misguided analysis will sway anybody to believe that Stafford is the scapegoat. If you don't believe this, I ask that you watch their game tapes and see where the real problem is.

  2. you are wrong in u assessment of Stafford the team is simply quitting on him and the coach simply both have to be replaced 5years long enough.