Orton Pulls a Romo as Eagles Win Division

It's apparent that Hollywood writes the NFL scripts.  Well for the Dallas Cowboys' at the least.  Maybe that show "Dallas" was real!  Who shot J.R.?  Okay really though, how else is it possible that the Dallas Cowboys lose the last game of the season 3 years in a row to each divisional opponent who has denied them the right to go to the post season.  The Giants did it to the Boys' 2 years ago, the Redskins last season and the Eagles last night.  It is absolutely amazing!

Kyle Orton filled in for Tony Romo very nicely and exceeded expectations.  Much like Romo, the back up QB played great for 58 minutes.  He threw precision passes, didn't make many mistakes and kept the Cowboys within arms reach of Philly throughout the entire game.  With the score 24 - 16 in favor of the Eagles, Orton efficiently drives Dallas down the field and score a touchdown with over 3 minutes to go.  The Cowboys needed the 2 point conversion but failed to convert making it 24 - 22 Philadelphia.  After the Eagles go 3 & out with just over 2 minutes in the game, the Cowboys get the ball back down by 2 points with about 2 full minutes to play and 2 timeouts.

The Cowboys had time on the clock and play-makers on the field to at least get into field goal range.  The Boy's barely even got that chance.  In Tony Romo like fashion, after having a very good game, Kyle Orton throws an interception on the very first play of their last possession.  It was a terrible pass as Orton threw the ball way behind his receiver, allowing Philly to easily pick off the pass and win the game.  Dallas didn't have the timeouts nor the time to attempt another comeback so they go home for good and will miss the post season for a 4th straight season.

The big picture here is that Jerry Jones needs to be the smart and savvy businessman that he is and make important, quality decisions with his personnel.  And by that I mean his coaching staff.  The Cowboys did the same thing they do every game again last night.  They stopped running the ball in the 2nd half after DeMarco Murray was lighting it up in the first.  Explain...please!  Somebody inform me as to why Jason Garrett continues to disregard the success of the running game and remains fixated on passing the ball.  There's probably 2 reasons why and the're both bad.

First off all he was a back up quarterback in the NFL for many years, primarily for the Cowboys, hence the position he holds today.  The fact that he was a back up QB, cheers for the underdog who weren't highly coveted, like a Tony Romo and the overwhelming evidence that he just loves to throw the football and see it thrown.  Jason Garrett's last play call was a pass and it was picked off.   The other reason is much worse.  The guy just isn't a good or even average pro football head coach.

He's been criticized for his play calling, clock management, game time adjustments, lack of leadership and several other things.  They were all on display last night.  In a game where many thought the Eagles could score 50 points, the Cowboys defense actually played very well throughout the course of the game and gave the Dallas offense another great shot to win in a 2 minute drill.  But as I've said and as we know, he and his quarterback failed.  And it's worse that it is the QB making the one big bad play that will stick out like a sore thumb all off-season because Garrett was a quarterback.

I thought it was a terrible idea to promote Jason Garrett to head coach when it happened and I've never wavered from that notion.  Last night there was a perfect example displaying his inability to be a H.C. in the National Football League.  Besides not continuing to rush the football with one of the best running backs in the game, Garrett officially proved he doesn't know what's going on around him because doesn't have the ability to multi-task which essential to being a head coach.

The Cowboys had just completed a big pass play to Jason Witten down the middle of the field.  The Dallas offense runs up to the spot of the ball and begin to call their play when all of a sudden the whistle blows, leaving many of us to presume that one of the teams took a timeout or there was an injury on the field.  It wasn't that...it was a delay of game penalty.  Huh?!  Now I was sitting at home, I don't play pro football but I know how long the play clock is.  For those who don't it's 40 seconds.

As a football player, coach or simply a fan with knowledge has a feel for the play clock and when it's about to time out.  The Cowboys, mainly H.C. Jason Garrett didn't feel anything except stupidity after he learned what really happened.  The play clock had a malfunction and jumped from 40 seconds to 25 seconds in an instant.  Seemingly a clean accident, but the problem was that nobody realized it.  Not the referees, not the players and certainly not the head coach.  If Garrett knew how to be a head coach in the NFL, then he would have yelled, screamed, thrown his hat and a tantrum on the field for the foul up by the refs and/or the official time keeper.

Not only did Garrett not realize it, but he didn't do anything about it once he was informed of what actually occurred.  As the head coach of a football team, or any coach, manager or leader in the game of sports, it is imperative that you make your point and let the officials know that they screwed up and are either owed a call later in the game or the right thing which is checking the instant replay.  As the H.C. you are given the right to argue and make your case on any particular play in question within the rules of the league.  Garrett wasn't aware of his surroundings on Sunday night and has displayed that throughout his Cowboy coaching career going back to 2010.  Garrett's gotta go!


Chinwe Orie said...

I agree. I liked Garrett as an interim head coach (5-3 in 2010) and as an OC but not as a head coach. DeMarco Murray literally leads the league in yards per carry. Yes, DeMarco Murray. Over Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, and Jamaal Charles. I have no idea why when they were in the red zone (when the score was 17-10 and 17-13) that Murray didn't get the bulk of the touches. Murray was running people over. He was the most aggressive person on that offense.

This was the game that the defense stepped up. Philly scored 7 points in the second half, and 10 points were off turnovers in the whole game. The Dallas came to play, and the offense couldn't close the deal. Three years in a row to be in this situation and not at least win the one you have at home is a shame.

Anonymous said...

the offense line played better for orthon , my opinion , romo does too much talking, waving fingers giving directions displaying covering who should do what, smiling , all talk , orthon did what he had to do. the offense line does not support romo he is not a good leader, does not play with heart.

RK52 said...

I've said Garrett had to go the day he started as head coach also. Jerry Jones has way too much pride and it's killing the fans, the team, the love of the city and its chances of winning a super bowl anytime soon.

Jason Feirman (@sportsprophet1) said...

The bad news is that it looks like he's coming back. Garrett very well may be Jerry Jones secret son. Sounds funny but I ain't kidding. If Jerry cares about winning so much than why did he have issues with the best coaches he ever had - Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer and Bill Parcells, but Parcells is a problem in himself. Don't care much for him. I'm not a Cowboys fan, I'm just embarrassed for them. It's a sad story every year. They haven't had a happy ending in almost 20 years. haha

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