Should the NBA change their draft system?

Plenty of debates have been linked to how the NBA draft works. Not too many have been in favor of the lottery, that weighs in on teams records and then a magic ball bounces to show your fortune. We have seen in previous years that having the worst record doesn't translate to the first pick like it does in the NFL. When you look at the fact of tanking, most people say that NBA teams do it more than the NFL. Even though in the current NFL draft format tanking will actually get you the number 1 pick. Teams like the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets have lived at the bottom of the barrel for years and still haven't had their team selected for the top pick for a while. Should the NBA change their format? According to apparently the NBA is seriously considering it.

The NBA may have found a solution to tanking that will replace the current draft lottery with a different system and will consider bringing said proposal to league owners in 2014.

Instead of draft orders being determined by weighted lotteries that take previous records into account, each team would pick in a specific first-round slot once every 30 years without repetition.
Each team would simply cycle through the 30 draft slots, year by year, in a predetermined order designed so that teams pick in different areas of the draft each year. Teams would know with 100 percent certainty in which draft slots they would pick every year, up to 30 years out from the start of every 30-year cycle. The practice of protecting picks would disappear; there would never be a Harrison Barnes–Golden State situation again, and it wouldn’t require a law degree to track ownership of every traded pickleaguewide.
I know that is a lot to chew on but here's a clear example given by Bleacher Report...
For example, under the proposed system, a team that has the No. 1 pick would draft 30th overall the next year, 19th overall the one after that and so on and so forth until they've cruised through all 30 positions.
I don't know if i'm in favor of this... I'm partial to the good old fashioned way like the NFL. If you tank you put your organization in a tough position because you betray the trust of your fans. It's not looked at favorably. Plus whomever the top pick is that you want to get, it may not be a guarantee that it pans out. If you are dumb enough to sacrifice an entire season for a 50/50 chance then I say have at it.

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