Texans Antonio Smith Accuses Patriots of Cheating?

Antonio Smith is basically alleging that the New England Patriots pulled the 2013 version on "Spy Gate" in which the Pats got caught spying on the Jets during their practices during the 2007 season. That got old Billy Boy and the Brady Bunch a little angry as they pursued perfection only to fall short to the other New York team in the Giants in the Super Bowl, ending their season at (18 - 1).

The Texans were beating the Patriots on Sunday 17 - 7 at halftime in Houston.  The Patriots came back to win the game 34 - 31.  Is that so shocking?!  According to Antonio Smith, who is an excellent defensive end for the Texans, it's beyond shocking.

Smith said "I'm saying it seemed like it," said Smith when asked if he thought the Patriots knew what was coming. "You can't never be for sure on anything because I ain't over there in their huddle, in their locker room, but it just felt like it."  

Okay maybe that's because the Patriots made halftime adjustments and had a better game plan coming out of halftime.  They did the same thing while facing an even bigger deficit just last week against the Broncos down 24 - 0 at halftime.  The New England Patriots made the proper adjustments and their best players adapted to the game as they came back to win late in the 4th quarter by a field goal as well.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are two of the best all time coaches and quarterbacks respectively.  Is it that hard to believe that these two NFL genius veterans were able to formulate a solid 2nd half game plan!  It's not like the Texans were shut out on offense after halftime.  Ben Tate continued to steamroll through the holes in the Pats defense and Andre Johnson kept catching passes.  They put up 17 points in the 1st half and 14 points in the 2nd half.  Wow, big conspiracy!

The facts are that the Patriots entered that game (8 - 3) and the Texans were (2 - 9).  Uh... you do the math.  The Patriots are the best team in the AFC in my opinion at this moment and going forward.  They're always there, they're always around.  They seem to make the AFC Championship every year and the Super Bowl every other year.  Dear Mr. Antonio Smith, you just got beat and if the Patriots knew what was coming it was probably because they were well prepared for it by the defensive minded head coach Bill Belichick along with Tom Brady and his supporting cast.


  1. Smith is just making vain excuses. It isn't hard to make adjustments. Anyone can make adjustments, even people like me and you can make adjustments just by sitting on the couch waiting football for hours. You can even predict plays depending on tendencies and formations. If it isn't hard for the analyst, how much more easier could it be for Belichick and Brady, like you said one of the best all time coach and quarterback tandems in league history?

  2. Funny u say that about predicting plays because i do it all the time and the people I'm watching with are baffled. But you're right man.