The New Look Detroit Tigers

There are exactly 2 months until mandatory reporting! I just wish I could skip to the Baseball season now. I'm not a fan of the cold weather, which isn't good considering I live in Michigan. It's not a secret that I'm a die hard baseball fan and, even though they can be exciting, the offseason moves just aren't enough to fulfill my MLB needs! I have a couple of line ups that I think could work well for the Tigers.

We will have to see how Brad Ausmus works out in his first major managerial position. He has inherited a winning team with some of the best players in the game right now, so it shouldn't be too difficult to continue winning the AL Central. If the new players can gel together quickly it will just be a matter of if Ausmus can make the correct moves at the correct time. Anyway, here are a few line ups that I think would work well with the loss of Prince Fielder, in the trade with the Rangers for Ian Kinsler, and with Miggy switching back to 1st base, opening up 3rd base for top prospect Nick Castellanos.
  1. Austin Jackson
  2. Torii Hunter
  3. Ian Kinsler
  4. Miguel Cabrera
  5. Victor Martinez
  6. Nick Castellanos
  7. Andy Dirks
  8. Alex Avila
  9. Jose Iglesias
If Jackson can get back to the hitter he was in 2012 he will be a great lead off hitter. If Castellanos can hit like he did in Toledo (AAA) .276/.343/.450 18 HRs, 76 RBIs in 134 games, he will be a hitting asset that goes well with Miggy and V-Mart. Kinsler also gives the Tigers another option at the top of the line up.
  1. Ian Kinsler
  2. Torii Hunter
  3. Victor Martinez
  4. Miguel Cabrera
  5. Nick Castellanos
  6. Alex Avila
  7. Austin Jackson
  8. Andy Dirks
  9. Jose Iglesias
Jackson performed better in the ALCS after he was dropped down in the line up. If he struggles Ausmus can drop him down, take pressure off of him, and still have a speedy lead off hitter in Kinsler. Plus, if Dirks struggles a bit, Rajai Davis could be in a platoon and he has quite a bit of speed and could hit lead off as well. The team may not have power it did when Prince was in the line up(even though he only 25 this year), they have some other pieces that will help out. I can't wait to see this team play! I am really excited to see Kinsler in a Tigers uniform, Castellanos finally getting a shot at the Majors playing his natural position and less wear and tear on Miggy as he shifts back to 1st base! BRING ON THE BASEBALL SEASON!



  1. I think they are going to miss Prince Fielder ... big time!

    1. Possibly but he wasn't anything special this year. Miggy walked 90 times this year with Prince hitting behind him. No one was afraid of Prince. I think Castellanos could hit 25 HRs and Kinsler brings different talents than Prince brought.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I agree ... When it came to the post season ... Victor's bat is money and we all know what prince did for us in the post season!