Mike Pettine will lead Browns to playoffs

The title is not a typo, many believe that the Cleveland Browns made the right hire in Mike Pettine. Cleveland has been through a ton of scrutiny from the prolonged coaching search. The belief here is that, you fire someone after a year... you had to have a person to bring in right away. Unfortunately that was not the case and it took over 15 candidates and 25 days to find someone they would pull the trigger on. For once however they may have struck gold on this choice. Here's some reasons why...

1) Pettine has made a name for himself as one of better defensive minds in the NFL through the construction and execution of a solid defense in Buffalo and with the New York Jets, where he also served as a defensive coordinator.
Many coaches have endorsed him, including Belichick who was quoted saying... 

They do a good job mixing it up. You just can’t say, 'Well, they're going to blitz us every play.' They're not going to do that but you can't say they're not going to blitz you either because they do. It keeps you honest and I think that's why they're having a lot of success.

Another anonymous coach was quoted saying...

The Browns have a team filled to the brim with talent and Pettine could be the key to unlocking their potential. Although they are without a franchise quarterback, they hold the fourth overall pick in this coming draft and Pettine will have a solid crop of passers to choose from.
I have to agree Pettine is a coach that is blue collar and just wants to come to his job with a hard hat and lunch pail. He seems like he is hard nosed and just wants to do his job. As soon as he was hired he tore off his suit and went straight to work trying to hire staff. You can't be mad at a guy like that, that's the winning formula to get the job done.

Looking at the Browns roster they have a ton of talent of the defensive and offensive side of the ball. A couple of keys of course will be to resign Alex Mack and T.J. Ward. Another important key however is for Pettine to win over the locker room. The morale has to be down, after some moves from this season. Firing Chud and also trading Trent Richardson so early in the season. Most players feel that the franchise is a joke and you can't have a team win games if they aren't willing to give you their maximum effort. I don't see that being a problem for him however, neither does other personnel around the league.

Browns' QB Brian Hoyer likes the hire...
"Listening to him talk today gets you excited," Hoyer said. "He talks about accountability, and mental toughness. Those are things I definitely agree with. That's part of a winning culture. ... I know Coach Pettine from playing against him during my years in New England, so I know how difficult his scheme was to prepare for. I'm excited."

So what does Pettine envision in Cleveland?
“My vision here in Cleveland, having spent time in Baltimore, to compete in the AFC North you have to be willing to bloody your nose a little bit,'' he said. "I think that’s the mentality that we’re going to take here. This team is going to be built on toughness.... to hang tough when things go bad, that the heads don’t drop and that same old Browns, and teams talk themselves into losing. That to me is the culture that needs to be changed here."
That's a formula that you can't argue with... if he sticks to his basics and hire the right personel around him. With the AFC North still looking pretty mediocre he could easily take this team to the playoffs. Of course that will rely on a lot of things going right. The one thing that we do know... is he will have some time to make it right. The Browns would be foolish to fire another coach after a year, and face the pressure they did again this year. As most fans have adopted the saying "Waiting for next year" I don't think they will be waiting for too long with this team. Its time to get excited Cleveland fans!


  1. If Pettine can make that defense a really good one, and if they have a QB that can take care of the football they will be in the hunt.

  2. Don't see it happening. No experience as a head coach and no coaching staff. Players will jump shil as soon as they can. Sorry