Jack Morris Belongs in the Hall of Fame

Jack Morris has not been voted into the Hall of Fame in the 14 years he has been on the ballot. He received 67% last year and 2014 is his last go around. Players get a maximum of 15 years on the ballot before being removed. I have read all sorts of reasons of why he hasn't been, and shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame. He doesn't have the wins most pitchers in the Hall do (254) and his ERA and WHIP are high (3.90, 1.296) for a pitcher on the ballot. Another issue is when you have so many great players on the ballot, how does one decide who to vote for?

Let's see if I can make a case for Jack.

Yes, he "only" had 254 wins in 18 seasons, but in his first 2 years he had 151.2 innings combined. Even if you take those 2 seasons away he had 250 wins in 16 years, an average of 15/yr, which is not bad at all. If you compare him to Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, both of whom are on their 1st ballots, he doesn't appear to be that great of a pitcher. Let's look at some stats.

20 win seasons:
Greg Maddux-2
Tom Glavine-5
Jack Morris-3

Career K/9:
Tom Glavine-5.3
Jack Morris-5.8
Greg Maddux-6.1

Career Complete Games:
Greg Maddux-109
Tom Glavine-56
Jack Morris-175

Career Shutouts:
Jack Morris-28
Tom Glavine-25
Greg Maddux-35

There are many other examples I can give. Morris had over 100 less starts than Glavine and over 200 less than Maddux. Morris had a better WHIP than Glavine and had a Hits/9 at 8.4, compared to Maddux's 8.5. I am in NO way diminishing Glavine, or Maddux (who was one of the premier control pitchers ever) and I think they should be and will be in the Hall of Fame.

Morris was a part of 4 World Series Championship teams, World Series MVP (the same WS where he pitched a 10 inning shutout in Game 7) and pitched a No-Hitter in the 5th game of the 1984 season. He also joined Sandy Koufax as the only 2 time winners of the Babe Ruth Award for best post season performance. He started the most games, pitched the most innings and had the most wins of any player in the '80s.

It pains me to think that Roger Clemens, suspected juicer, will get and possibly take away votes from Jack Morris. He's more than deserving considering he pitched less than most of these pitchers and had better stats than some of them. I sincerely hope the voters finally got smart and voted in a pitcher who was very deserving.

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