NFL: Bengals lose again... Ohio cursed?

I'm starting to think that the state of Ohio must have been cursed at some point. No professional sports team in Ohio does well. If they do they still can't do anything to bring a championship trophy home. At one point in time Ohio State seemed like it was immune but now no one is. Ohio has seen its share of ups and downs... well mostly downs. The one shining spot was supposed to be the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals for sure was pegged to win the AFC North especially with the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers having a year to kind of step back. Bengals looked primed and ready to win their first playoff game since the 90's. Having a star in AJ Green an awesome running game and a very capable defense. It seemed the Chargers would be child's play if only the Bengals would have showed up for the game right? Wrong!

Philip Rivers and the Chargers just completely came out and smacked the Bengals in the face. Bengals turned it over four times on Sunday, with Dalton's fumble and two interceptions in the second half leading to one of the most stunning losses in franchise history. The Bengals had been 8-0 at home and brought the NFL's No. 3 defense -- their highest-ever playoff ranking -- into the game. With everything in their favor, they unraveled in the second half, getting outscored 20-0.

Most people are asking is it Andy Dalton's fault? I don't think so, I believe that this is the same situation that the Bears were faced with having Lovie Smith. It's time to fire Marvin Lewis and get that coach who will get them over the hump. The Bengals are too talented of a team to waste time being ousted from the playoffs year after year. The team is bigger than one man and right now Marvin Lewis is that one man. Do what is best for the team and the fans. People from Ohio deserve better, it seems that the Bengals may be the closest to being a contender than any other Ohio Sports team so fire Lewis now.

Ohio has been a state that has been tormented for years, from "The Drive" "The Shot" "The Decision" and whatever other sports situation that you can throw the word "The" in front of that's been Ohio. Bengals have a way to change all of that for Ohio. The real question is... is it the team? Or the State?

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