NFL PLAYOFFS: The Five Super Bowl Matchups We Want to See

As NFL fans, we won't complain about any Super Bowl, but some matchups are certainly better than others. I mean let's be honest... who wants to see a Bengals-Packers game end up as Super Bowl XLVIII? We want the big matchups, and this year sets up a lot of huge stories to be seen. There won't be another "Harbowl" like the one in 2013, but we might be getting a bigger, better matchup.

What about FIVE better matchups? Here are the best possibilities and predictions to go along with them. (Don't worry, you'll have your chance to disagree in the "comments" section below.)

5. New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts

We have a rematch! Truthfully, who wouldn't love a Super Bowl rematch with two teams that aren't expected to make it to the big game?

When I look at this one, I see a Colts team that has totally changed. What was Jim Caldwell, Peyton Manning, Pierre Garcon, and Jeff Saturday is now a team with Andrew Luck, T.Y Hilton, and Chuck Pagano. The Saints aren't too much different from their 2009 team. No, they didn't win 13 games this year, but this isn't a team to sleep on.

This wouldn't be a disappointing Super Bowl. We've seen both teams struggle mightily and thrive greatly this year... going into this game--we'd have no idea what each team would bring to the field. Both have a tough road ahead, but I'll be rooting for this game.

I can see Drew Brees having a monster day against the Colts, but on the other side, I would love to see the young Andrew Luck lead his team to a Championship with guys like Darius Heyward-Bey and Coby Fleener.

In a game that would be primarily Brees vs. Luck, I'd take my chances with the veteran.

Saints win 24-19; Deny Luck's Last-Second Hail Mary

4. Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos

Let's be honest, we love quarterbacks, so why not match up two of the best in the game today?

Aaron Rodgers is the real deal, and now that he has officially returned, the sky is the limit for Green Bay. The defense isn't good, and playing against Peyton Manning might be ugly, but I see Aaron Rodgers being able to put up some great numbers against a poor Denver D.

This would be an interesting fight. While most likely high-scoring, these two defenses can come to play if they want to. While I think the more complete team in Denver would win, I could see this being a last-possession game.

Manning Wins Second Super Bowl in 30-22 Victory

3. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Why wouldn't the entire country want to root for this game? Not only is it Andy Reid against his old team, but it's a great offense vs. a great defense, and an average offense vs. an average defense. Talk about an awesome Super Bowl!

This game would be for all of you underdog fans that want to see fresh teams in the Championship. No Tom Brady or Peyton Manning--this one is Nick Foles vs. Alex Smith--a great Super Bowl to watch. Looking at the running game, it's tough to decide who wins the rushing battle. Both Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy have had incredible seasons, and if these two teams play each other, we might just see a Super Bowl record for most rushing yards in a game.

Although much is made about the Chiefs defense, I will give Chip Kelly and the Eagle offense the edge in this one.

Eagles beat Reid and the Chiefs; Take Down Kansas City 34-20

2. Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots

I almost put this game in as my first selection of the year. A rematch of the best Monday Night Football game of the year? Yes please!

I don't really have to say much about this one, do I? It's Luke Kuechly and the Panthers brilliant defense against an explosive New England offense. I want to see Cam Newton (Superman) in the Super Bowl. Quite frankly, I think he'd give the Patriots a run for their money.

Newton would come up big in this one and single-handedly give Carolina a victory in another Super Bowl rematch.

Carolina edges New England 22-17; Cam Newton wins MVP

1. Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks defense battles the Denver Broncos offense in the biggest game of the year. What more could we ask for?

Pete Carroll has led this Seattle team to Championship potential, and I see no reason why they won't make it to the big game. If they do, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson will have incredible games against a Denver defense that struggled this year, to say the least.

Peyton Manning would have a tough time battling against the Seahawks defense, but let's be honest--he is Peyton Manning--what can't he do? I have a tough time predicting this game, so I'll go with my gut:

Seattle's Defense Gets Game-Winning Pick-Six in OT; Win 26-20


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