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We're only a week away from the Super Bowl.  On a personal note I am disappointed since my 49ers lost in a game of inches against the NFC representative and #1 defense in league, Seattle Seahawks.  Their opponent, a living legend that just broke several major passing records in the NFL at the ripe old age of 37 and will turn 38 years old in March.  He and his variety of weapons on offense who finished the regular season ranked #1 on offense in the league this year as well.

What better match up could you possibly ask for?!  The best offense vs the best defense in the biggest game of the National Football League season.  And it may be played in weather conditions typical to what Antarctica feels like this time of year and worse, it could rain, snow, sleet or hail.  Cool.....not really and I happen to live in New York.  We'll talk about that unusual variable plus NBA action to kick off the show and maybe a little baseball towards the end around 12:30 or so.

Join Lamont and I this morning at 10:00 am EST for over 2 hours of solid sports talk.  We'll keep the phone lines open for those who wish to voice their opinion.  Call 347 996 5176 and be part of the show.  Simply click the link and you're there!  Click here to listen to The Sports Clinic

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