Cleveland Browns: Chris Johnson a top target?

The season has ended and now teams are preparing for the NFL free agency. Of course we will hear plenty of rumors swirling but one that is intriguing has to be for Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson. Apparently he will not be back with Titans next year and many teams will be calling his phone this off season. Will the Cleveland Browns be one of them? I think so. Cleveland had one of the worst running games in the league this past season. Even when they did have Trent Richardson the running game was still stagnant. Most of the running backs that are rumored are Ben Tate and even Knowshon Moreno. Should they be looking for more of a veteran back that has been featured before? I think they should Johnson could give this team the spark they need to get the offense going.

Chris Johnson has experienced recently some ups and downs on the field. From off the field issues to injuries on the field, his price could be some what reasonable. Browns would need him to shoulder the load pretty much so let's take a look at Johnson's stats over the past few years.

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He has constantly been the feature back for some time and has always hit the 1,000 yard mark rushing all the years he has been in the league. His breakout year when he eclipsed 2,000 seems to have been a fluke. He was supposed to go upward from there but hasn't been able to get close to that year again. Browns don't need an absolute monster carrying the ball. They just need production and Johnson could give them just that. He's none for his break away ability because of his speed and he's a home run waiting to happen. With Cleveland having Josh Gordon on the outside and most likely they will be getting a another receiving threat it will keep defenses honest. It will also help whomever the quarterback is on the field because they can rely on Johnson to carry the load until they get into a good groove. 

Running is very important for the AFC North, Bengals have Giovani Bernard, Ravens have Ray Rice and we have seen the Steelers sink because they can't find the right guy to carry the ball anymore. Having a good quarterback is essential but they also need someone to carry the ball so people won't just sit back into coverage the entire time. Cleveland's highest rusher was Willis Mcgahee and he had a total of 377 yards with 2 touchdowns. The running backs combined only had 4 touchdowns on the season with a combined 1383 yards rushing. 

Cleveland needs a running back and I know plenty of rumors will be coming out on who they target but if they want someone for cheap, take a look at Johnson. The other way they could get better is by way of the draft which could happen but in my opinion I would like a veteran who's already been used to the demand of the NFL and plus he has the body of work to stand behind what he's done. 

What do you think? Should the Browns take a chance on Chris Johnson? If not who should they look at?


  1. I didn't think Jonso's contract was up?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. He's expected to be released... Titans have said that they want to go in a different direction.

  3. He will never come here. Maybe Denver

  4. Browns would be a good place for Chris Johnson! Titans are rebuilding again and can't afford Chris.