Is Al Jefferson turning the Charlotte Bobcats into playoff contenders?

Jefferson has Bobcats playing playoff basketball
The Charlotte Bobcats are playing well as of late and are sitting in the 8th spot going to the playoffs if the season ended today. A large part of their success has to be accredited to Al Jefferson. He's been playing lights out this season averaging a double double 20 points and 10 rebounds. The Bobcats are cruising on a winning streak right now and it looks like they can be considered in the playoff race. Another player that has stepped up to the plate has been Kemba Walker who's donating 18 points per game towards the Bobcats cause.

Michael Jordan has taken a lot of scrutiny and continues to for not being the best owner and making some questionable moves. It seems however quietly this team is starting to put together something that is special. Last night they beat a very good Denver Nuggets team 101-98 in Denver. One thing that this team has dealt with is having to close out very close games. Which is one thing that they have shown they are resilient and won't tuck their tails between their legs. Charlotte has played in a league-high 23 games decided by six points or less this season and are now 12-11 in those games…Al Jefferson has scored 20+ points in those games.

Jefferson has also continued like I mentioned before to put up big numbers throughout the season. Al Jefferson has scored 20+ points in 10-consecutive games. Jefferson finished in double-figures for the 32nd time in 34 games and 35th time this season. They have another road game against the Lakers coming up... and of course we know that it is a winnable game which will put them at a 3 game winning streak.

I'm not expecting for the Bobcats to make any noise if they do end up in the playoffs but you can't deny that maybe... just maybe Michael Jordan has finally gotten the winning formula. They have to be careful of course because the New York Knicks are hot and right on their tales for the 8th seed. Plus they are in a division with Miami, Atlanta and Washington. Which can all hold their own against the Bobcats. It will be a tough road but I think this season as long as Jefferson can stay hot they can achieve their goal of making it to the playoffs.

What do you think? Will the Bobcats make the playoffs? Can they shock anyone if they do make it in? Has Jordan finally found his stride with the franchise?

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  1. I loved Jefferson to Charlotte, was curious to see if he would keep the consistency from in Utah and he has. Pleasant surprise for Jordan and the Bobcats