Knicks Raymond Felton may Shoot More than Melo

The story line immediately following another New York Knicks loss in what has been a horrific season was the same old thing.  Carmelo Anthony scores 40+ points as Knicks continue to loss, this time against the visiting Dallas Mavericks 110 - 108.  A few hours later the headlines drastically changed.  While Melo is shooting the basketball, Raymond Felton may be shooting a gun and was arrested hours after the game charged with 2nd and 3rd degree criminal possession of an unregistered firearm which are felonies in the state of New York.  Felton was also hit with the 4th degree of firearm possession with a misdemeanor.  

How did this happen you ask?  His wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton who is filing for divorce after a year and a half of marriage brought a gun that belonged to Felton to the 20th precinct in NYC where Knicks point guard later turned himself in for questioning.

Obviously there is a big picture here and the details of which will start to come out today as Felton will appear before a judge on gun possession charges.  We know that his soon to be ex-wife was the one who initiated the arrest by bringing physical evidence to the police.  The question is why?  Did she feel threatened that Raymond Felton would shoot her due to their relationship and the fact that she filed for divorce?  Possibly she wanted to get Felton back for something or things he may have done.  We don't know the exact reason why she chose to "rat out" her husband but it's apparent the circumstances were significant.
On the basketball court, Raymond Felton is a streaky player and an average point guard at best.  He's averaged 10 points and 6 assists in the 41 games he played this season for the Knicks.  This is his second go round with the team in a 3 year period and he's had his ups and downs.  The Knicks team are a mess right now and as we know Melo gets a load of the blame which is ridiculous.  Felton likely won't play in a Knicks uniform again or any other NBA colors for that matter if he is found guilty and has to serve time.  Then again Plaxico Burress was charged with similar accounts and even worse his weapon accidentally fired as he shot himself in the leg.  Burress served two years in prison as a result of him carrying a firearm into a night club.  

New York is very strict about their gun laws and this is common knowledge to anyone who owns a gun.  As of right now that's all Felton is guilty of - possessing a weapon or weapons that New York finds illegal in the laws governed by the state.  We don't know yet if he carried the gun to certain places, fired it illegally or threatened a life or any other imaginable situation as to why Raymond Felton owns firearms.  The one shown to the police by Adraine Raymondo-Felton is a Belgian pistol 5.7*28 mm.  That weapon led to Raymond Felton's arrest, to the courtroom this morning and eventually the whole story if we get all the true facts.  


Anonymous said...

Some athletes will never learn. But then again we need all the facts like u said. Sounds like his wife is looking for revenge. Just a thought!

Jason Feirman said...

Yea I'm thinking that's certainly possible. He did turn himself in so it will be interesting.

Chinwe Orie said...

Felton used to be a pretty solid player for the Knicks (especially in the 2010-11 season). Unfortunate turn of events.