Peyton Manning going to the Cleveland Browns?

Peyton Manning has had one of the best careers the NFL has ever seen. However the one thing that we know is that an athlete can't beat is father time. Time will continue to win this battle and there's nothing that we can do about it. It's time to realize that Peyton may play his final snaps of football very soon. Peyton will never start or play football ever for the Cleveland Browns initially but could actually play a part in the organization. It's no secret that Browns' owner Jimmy Haslam has a great relationship with the Manning family. Not only has Peyton performed on the field but he gets rave reviews about his work ethic off the field and just having a sound mind for the X's and O's.

Peyton could take an adviser role or something that helps with either the coordinators or as a quarterback coach. I'm sure that he can have some type of an impact for this troubled franchise, that has struggled to find a franchise quarterback like Manning ever since they have been reestablished in 1999.

A Browns' beat writer Daryl Ruiter for 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland Ohio feels that this can be a strong possibility for Manning...

I'm sure the Browns have no problem welcoming any kind of luck or knowledge from Peyton into their camp. Also another big factor here is that this actually may be the end for Peyton playing football sooner rather than later. He would be very smart to go ahead and set up another gig whether if its the Browns or anywhere else. We know that he loves football so I know he will end up somewhere still dealing with the sport he loves even if he can't or doesn't want to play on the NFL stage any longer.


Anonymous said...

no, we want year of playoffs not just one. we seen that in 2002

Anonymous said...

correction. years of playoffs. we want more then just one winning season. we need to build a franchise and not take the easy way out. Cleveland don't take the easy way out like a lot of others.

Lamont Broadus said...

I don't see it as an easy way out... I think Manning has some good experience he can bring to the organization... I think being an advisor and maybe coaching and giving tips to the QB's especially the young ones will help tremendously! Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered if Peyton Manning would consider coaching after he retires as a player. He appears to have a great football mind in addition to being an awesome athelete. I think that Jimmy Haslam should continue to build his relationship with Manning and see if he can persuade him to join the Browns organization. We could really use him after the Banner / Lombardi fiasco.

Lamont Broadus said...

I agree completely!!! I wonder what he can bring but I'm sure it won't be bad... Thanks for the comment!

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