Al Jefferson and Bobcats moving on up?

The Charlotte Bobcats have been a team flying under the radar all season and they should actually be a team that could possibly make some noise in the playoffs. They currently are sitting at the 7th seed and going for an extremely tough match-up against the Miami Heat. By no means am I saying that the Bobcats have a chance currently to upset the Heat. Just to turn your head however and not think they could have a chance would be ignorant. Michael Jordan has faced tons of scrutiny since has took over the team for making poor choices in the draft and staffing. This time he may have found the winning formula and first it was by signing Al Jefferson.

Al Jefferson has been on an absolute terror in the NBA this season. Alright having a great reputation for being a decent scorer and an amazing rebounder, he floated from team to team and remained quiet. This season he has been shooting over 50% from the field averaging 20 points and just under 11 rebounds a game. The key has been his health he is playing over 34 minutes a game. He has been basically unstoppable in the post and has provided a veteran presence that this team has needed.

The emergence of Kemba Walker has been also a key for this team. Recently releasing Ben Gordon they needed a guard to trust and step up to the plate. Walker has answered that calling and has showed that he will be a young player for a while in this league. He has been an amazing scorer averaging just under 18 points a game. Having multiple 20 point games this season he has flashed total potential and with the Bobcats clearing space on their roster he will have no choice but to produce.

Many are saying that even though the East is not the most challenging conference, Bobcats are turning some heads even their head coach Steve Clifford. Some writers are giving their vote as coach of the year for him as well. With the team making this turn around and possibly making the first playoff appearance he does have a case for the award.

They've won six straight at home over some impressive competition, including the Pacers, Grizzlies and Mavericks, all contenders to make the playoffs. HC Clifford know's its time to get ready for the playoffs...
“It’s time to start talking about playoffs,” Clifford said. “Not just qualifying, but getting our games together for the playoffs.”
The Bobcats have impressed and they  are heading to the playoffs, they may not make any noise there but they made it! As they would say the Bobcats are moving from the basement of the NBA to a deluxe apartment in the sky! Yes... the Jefferson and Bobcats are moving on up!

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