Browns should look at Mark Sanchez

I never would have thought I would be writing something like this but I really think the Cleveland Browns should take a look at Mark Sanchez. We all know Sanchez from his days at USC but most recently from his days as a New York Jet. Sanchez was due a $2 million roster bonus March 25, forcing the issue. The Jets will save $8.3 million against this year's cap, incurring $4.8 million in "dead" money on the cap. The team met with Sanchez's representatives last month at the scouting combine and maintained an ongoing dialogue, but at no point did the Jets ask Sanchez to take a pay cut, according to a source. Sanchez wasn't happy that the process dragged out this long but was prepared for the news and was said to be at peace with it. (per ESPN) Which was actually a roller coaster ride for most of his career, many describe him as a game manager and don't think that he can be any better than that. We will further take a look at what he can provide towards a team like the Cleveland Browns. had somethings to say about Sanchez coming out of college...

STRENGTHS: Sanchez's biggest upside is his skills and mechanics. He does a good job of being consistent in his drop backs and delivery. Sanchez has an outstanding ability to recognize the defense and know where he is going with the ball before it is snapped. He comes up with big plays by setting up the defense and then taking advantage of them.
WEAKNESS: Sanchez's biggest weakness is his lack of starter experience. He has only started for one season. Another is his question of durability and mobility with his knee injury. The speed of the game in the NFL is so much faster that it may pose a problem to Sanchez in moving around the pocket with his knee.

There's pretty much nothing you can dispute when it comes to that analysis and let's not forget Sanchez had shown flashes of promise. Unfortunately working under an offense that wasn't really an offense to begin with crushed him. He also didn't get a fair shake when time after time there was always a controversy. Not to mention that Sanchez was not a favorite of the New York media.

Let's take a look at his career numbers...


Crazy part is in the playoffs he did very well...


I think if given a chance with an up and coming team he could find his way back. I'm not saying that Sanchez will be an elite quarterback but the Browns have the weapons and a decent running back to take the pressure off of him. Browns also have a decent defense that will get the ball back in his hands and not have him having to play catch up which will be huge. Browns have been rumored to be looking for a veteran quarterback and the pool is not that good. They just lost out early on Matt Schaub which would have been a great pick up. Also Mike Vick took Sanchez's place with the Jets, If its not Sanchez that the Browns should go after than who?

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