DeSean Jackson: Is The Soap Opera Really Over?

According to media reports, the reason why the Eagles where possibly looking to trade Jackson and even willing to release him was because of his off the field antics didn't fit the culture that Kelly was trying to build. The last time I checked, Jackson has never been arrested, never failed a drug test, hasn't put his hands on a female, so what exactly has he done off of the field that the Eagles don’t like? Local reports and radio hosts have frequently brought up Jackson’s Instagram account as one of the thing the Eagles have an issue with, and it’s complete bull in my humble opinion. Jackson is set to make a base salary of 10.5 million dollars, with a cap hit of 12.5, which could go up 1.25 million dollars by incentives, so it’s clear to me that this was all about money, along with the Eagles undervaluing of him to this Eagles offense.

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