Is Dave Gettleman a man with a plan?

Let's be honest. There isn't a single person out there that isn't skeptical about the moves that General Manager Dave Gettleman has made this offseason. He cut their poster child, future Hall of Famer Steve Smith, and has let their whole starting wide receivers core walk out of the door. Gettleman has also made little to no moves in free agency. Granted, the Panthers have little-to-no money to work with, but shouldn't Gettleman be doing SOMETHING? The lack of moves the GM has made has Panthers fans and NFL fans alike very skeptical.

There are many ways to look at the sticky situation the Carolina Panthers are in, but let's step back for a second and look at the big picture. In the middle of the 2013 season, Gettleman signed two obscure wide receivers, Tavarres King and Marvin McNutt. Both were studs in college, just like any guy in the NFL today, but have they really gotten the opportunity to prove themselves at the pro level? Both of the receivers are over 6 feet, and are great potential big targets for the frequent over-thrower in Cam Newton. In fact, McNutt made an incredible lengthy grab in the endzone vs. the Falcons of week 17 of the 2013 season, but was unable to get both feet in bounds. That being said, was the signing of these two a sign of things to come? Gettleman must've known he was going to make some tough decisions this offseason, and I'm sure he knew that he would not be able to afford the slew of wide receivers that he already had on his hands. Not only that, but I think the lack of moves the GM has made in the wideout department in free agency speaks volumes to his faith in both King and McNutt.

    It also worth considering that the Panthers are not a pass-heavy team. The organization has almost a third of their money tied up in the running back duo Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, and they also have a stud fullback in Mike Tolbert. With so much money invested in the backfield, I think Gettleman and the Panthers coaching staff plan to emphasis the running attack even more this year, and rely on Cam Newton and a young wide receiving core to help them move the chains by utilizing play-action passes and screens. With a running attack in mind, Gettleman will have to draft 2-3 strong offensive lineman to solidify a line that was a little shaky last year, which I'm sure he fully intends to do.

   My point is, it's obvious that Gettleman has a plan. He brought a 6-10 team with head coaching turmoil and roster issues and evolved them into a division winning, defensive phenomenon within one season. If there was anytime for Panthers fans to start freaking out, it isn't now, and it most likely won't be any time in the near future.

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