Phil Jackson to the Knicks is a Win

Recent reports have surfaced indicating that Phil Jackson may actually be intrigued to join the New York Knicks organization again.  He was an NBA champion with the team as a player winning 2 NBA titles with the franchise.  We all know his historic coaching career going back to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls winning 6 championships, then joining the L.A. Lakers adding 5 more rings to his legacy.

Now, Phil did all this as a player and coach winning 13 titles in all.  So one has to ask themselves why the New York Knicks want to bring Jackson in as an executive of some sort.  The answer to that question has many layers and the first to peal back is Carmelo Anthony.  The Knicks know if they lose Melo after this season then they're doomed for a long time to come.  Having the living legend Phil Jackson around the organization may entice Anthony to stay in New York as he maintains that's where he wants to be.

So if Melo stays with the Knicks and they can survive another year of probable despair then their reward could pay off in the 2015-2016 NBA season and into the future.  The team will clear a lot of cap space after next season.  With free agents like Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo being unrestricted to their current teams at that point may bring super stars of that caliber to the organization and join Carmelo Anthony on a quest for a championship or two.

As you see it's all a domino effect to keep or better yet restore a once great franchise back from the bottom up.  If Phil Jackson decides to become the Knicks General Manager or a top level executive who ultimately calls all the shots, then he has an opportunity to go down as a true great of the game.  A Mount Rushmore of NBA coaches and managers if you will.  The Knicks are so bad right now with extremely low expectations from their fans that really no matter the outcome of Phil's tenure his legacy will remain intact.  If the Knicks continue to be bad Phil will get some blame sure...but it won't matter at all a year later because he'll leave and be remembered for his record 11 NBA Finals championships.

On the flip side he has a tremendous opportunity for even more success that he's enjoyed through his 68 years of life.  I would love if Phil coached the team personally but let's say he becomes the shot caller for New York.  If he gets it right and nails the draft, trades, finding the right coaches, free agency and etc then he'll be held to an even higher status.

People will remember Jackson for all his previous accomplishments as a player and coach but also as the man who resurrected the Knicks from the dead.  And that opportunity does exist with the franchise as they'll be able to sign another super star or perhaps two great talents to compliment Anthony and maybe some of the young guys they have now, in particular rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. who has proven he can play at the pro level.  I don't think Phil can lose here and if that's his primary reason for potentially declining the job then he may miss out on what will be an aggressive organization once the bank account fills up the year after next.  It would be a sweet way to end his NBA career by coming full circle, back to the Knicks who drafted Jackson as a player in 1967.


  1. For every Larry Bird, there is an Isiah Thomas.

  2. Replies
    1. Like Bird, Jackson could be a great fit for the Knicks even though he has little to no experience as a GM or President. What Bird did was he hired people around him who had great experience, and that's why he built a contender in the Indiana Pacers. However, for every Bird there is going to be an Isiah Thomas and there is no explanation needed for what Isiah did to the Knicks organization.

  3. I like the article and the idea of Phil coming to NY. I just have my doubts about it. It would be nice for him to compare himself and others to Pat Riley transitioning from a head coach with great success to the front office with great success at that level as well. This could be the full circle back to the Knicks and resurrect the team with Melo and other stars a year from now. If Phil wants a challenge then he's got one in New York.

  4. I got ya now Chinwe thanks. And good analogy.