Tampa Bay Bucs: Josh McCown Gets $5 Million for 5 Games

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have reached a ridiculous agreement to sign Josh McCown to a two year $10 million deal.  What?!  Yea I get it, Lovie Smith is his former coach who is now the head coach of the Bucs and McCown filled in very nicely for Jay Cutler last season but come on!

What is the point of wasting $5 million this season on a 34 year old quarterback who was 3-2 with the Bears as a starter last season?  McCown is not the future of the Bucs organization and the 2nd year quarterback Mike Glennon just might be!  Maybe Glennon isn't the future of the Bucs either but again, what's the reasoning behind bringing McCown in as the starter of a team that's going nowhere in 2014!  Here's a few ideas:

Is he really there to mentor Mike Glennon because if that's the case then they really wasted their money.  No offense to Josh McCown who is obviously a good quarterback but he was coaching High School Football just a few years ago.  And now at 34 years old he's expected to take the Buccaneers to the playoffs and beyond.  Give me a break.

The only logical explanation for signing McCown is to be a stop gap at QB because Lovie Smith and the organization may not want Glennon to even compete for the job.  It's already been stated that McCown will be the opening day starting quarterback so Glennon isn't even getting a chance to compete for the position and really see what the kid is made of.  So I conclude that Tampa Bay will either move up in the draft and get one of the better quarterbacks in the draft or simply stay put with the 7th pick and possibly still get the guy they want.

Well, time will tell what the Bucs plans are if they have any at all.  For now their stuck in Tampa 2 as in at least 2 more years before they find their potential franchise quarterback.  Hey you guys remember Josh Freeman?!  Good luck Bucs.


  1. I think McCown is their QB for the year. They probably will not use the seventh pick in the draft to get a quarterback.

    1. Yea I agree he's their QB for this year but truthfully he may play poorly and get pulled for Glennon or a first round pick on a "franchise" quarterback. If Manziel is there at #7 the Bucs won't pass him up. They need instant offense and Johnny Football can create plays after the initial call falls through. Maybe they want Bridewater or Bortles but I still can't let the bucs get away with wasting $5 million. My words are my only power.