The Denver Broncos are All In

The Broncos surprised the NFL world yesterday by signing one of the league's best cornerbacks in Aqib Talib.  Denver realizes Talib's value as they saw him shut down Jimmy Graham last year and furthermore his injury in the AFC Championship game which opened up Peyton Manning's passing game leading to a Super Bowl berth.  The year before in the same game against the Baltimore Ravens, Talib was also got injured and allowed Joe Flacco to use the entire field throwing the ball in places he wouldn't have if Talib had been there.

Talib is only 28 years old but the injuries are a concern.  The Broncos rolled the dice anyway and gave the super star corner a 6 year deal worth $57 million with $26 million guaranteed.  An offer he could not refuse.  Talib's signing likely means that Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie won't be re-signed with the team which still means they need another corner.  Remember, Champ Bailey was released so there was a big hole to fill and the Broncos did a great job doing so with Talib.  But they need another guy to play opposite Talib that won't get burned on deep routes.  Denver went further to solidify their secondary by signing former Browns Safety T.J. Ward who has done a very good job during his 4 years in the league.

The Broncos were a good defensive team on paper last year.  Certain categories were tainted by the success of the offense.  We know Peyton Manning is going to put points on the scoreboard as he did last season breaking several passing records.  The problem was that they ended up in too many shootouts because the defense couldn't hold opposing offenses.  The Seattle Seahawks who beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl didn't have much of an offense and managed to score over 40 points in the game.  Granted some were defensively enhanced but the proof is there.

I doubt Denver is done making off-season moves as the Dallas Cowboys recently released long time fan favorite and dominant pass rusher DeMarcus Ware.  Reports already indicate that the Broncos are the front runner to land the 31 year old injury plagued play maker.  If Ware realizes that he's already rich and wants to win an NFL championship, then going to the Denver Broncos and playing on the same line with one of the best young quarterback sackers in the game, Von Miller, including the signings they've already made, with more to come and an offense to back you up makes all the sense in the world.  Question is, will Ware be aware that he's not going to get $16 million a year.  If he can come to reasonable terms with Denver then they will emerge, if not already as the team with the best odds to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season.


  1. Ware and Miller could be the next Freeney and Mathis or even Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith.

  2. No doubt if they stay healthy they'll be lethal.