Where Does Mike Vick Fit?

The title question is two fold.  Michael Vick can fit in a number of systems and teams that need a quarterback.  Just look at some of the teams drafting near the top of the first round.  You got the Texans, Jaguars, Browns, Raiders, Vikings, Titans and maybe more.  The question is will these teams go for the future and draft a top tier QB in the 2014 draft like Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and maybe a couple more like Derek Carr.  Then you have a few free agents including Vick that could end up with starting roles like Josh McCown who filled in beautifully while Jay Cutler was sidelined with injury.  Perhaps Matt Schaub will get another chance at a starting role.  So where does that leave Vick?

Let's take the starting quarterback possibility into account before we get into back up roles.  Because let's be honest, Michael Vick would prefer to be a starter or at least given the opportunity to be the starter rather then come in as a clear back up quarterback.  I eliminate Houston and Tennessee immediately in the Michael Vick sweepstakes given their draft positions and league standard.  If the Jags aren't planning on taking a QB with the 3rd pick then Vick could go there and start right away.  Blaine Gabbert was just traded to the 49ers and Chad Henne is not the answer.

The Browns used day 1 of free agency by stacking up the defense with Karlos Dansby to replace D'Qwell Jackson at LB and Donte Whitner to replace T.J. Ward. at Safety.  They now need to focus on offense, in particular quarterback and decide if Brian Hoyer is the guy they want under center.  If not then Vick could be a serious option.  That is unless they draft a quarterback.  Lovie Smith is the new man in charge for the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Who knows if he's sold on Mike Glennon who did a pretty good job as the Bucs quarterback last year.  But maybe Lovie is looking for something different or perhaps a competition between the Glennon and Vick for the starting role.

I can easily see him going to the Oakland Raiders because they have nothing happening at QB.  He would likely be handed the job in Oakland.  The last team I mentioned was the Vikings as far as starting and that one is tougher to see.  Minnesota has the 8th pick in the 1st round and could draft a QB if the one they covet falls to them.  Keep in mind they do have Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder under contract so Vick would be in a QB competition if he goes to the Vikings.

With all this in mind we must remember that money is a factor and that may sway his decision separating mind and heart.  As far as being a back up quarterback, only a few teams come to mind.  First is all the speculation of Vick joining the New York Jets which would be great for their clear cut starter Geno Smith.  There is much Smith can learn from Vick and in case of injury the Jets would have a starter as a backup.  Because if you line up all the QB's in the NFL, I bet you that Michael Vick would be somewhere in the top 32 which are the amount of teams in the league.

Maybe Vick would consider backing up another Smith.  This one named Alex, coached by the man who helped bring Vick back into the league, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid.  If the Redskins trade Kirk Cousins then Vick may end up in Washington backing up another injury prone quarterback in Robert Griffin III.  I also think the team he started with, the Atlanta Falcons could be a spot where he'd be embraced and would give thought to a back up role behind Matt Ryan.  Other than that slight possibilities of teams that need back up quarterbacks but i doubt Vick would go to are the Bengals, Ravens, Panthers and Saints.

Vick will get a job in the NFL in 2014.  There is a good chance he ends up as a starter.  Perhaps in Oakland, Jacksonville or Cleveland.  I think whatever team, if any team offers Vick a starting role or at the least a real opportunity to fight for the position that he will take that offer almost no matter what city he plays in or what uniform he wears.


  1. AP wants Vick in Minnesota, but I think the Vikings are thinking about Teddy Bridgewater. Gus Bradley has expressed his desire for Henne to be the starter in Jacksonville but would be crazy not to consider Vick. I think Oakland makes the most sense.

  2. I agree Oakland makes the most sense as far as him being a starter. That's his best chance.