Browns: How much is Jordan Cameron worth?

This has been a decent off season some would say for the Cleveland Browns. We have seen them add some free agents but we have also seen some go. General Manager Ray Farmer has said publicly that they want to retain their nucleus of great players. The question is... Is Tight End Jordan Cameron one of them? Brown's beat reporter Toni Grossi has reported that the Browns have started to have talks about a long term deal with Cameron.
The team has reportedly had talks with tight end Jordan Cameron about a long-term deal but those discussions are going "without success," according to's Tony Grossi.

Cameron currently makes $465,000 compared to the league's highest being paid $7,035,000 which is Jimmy Graham but to most he's not a tight end anymore... but we won't go into that debate. Cameron is destined for a pay raise but the question is truly how do they figure out what's a fair number to give him.

Cameron had a breakout season in 2013 going to the Pro Bowl and having 917 yards, 7 touchdowns off of 80 catches. However if you look at his stats he only did well the first part of the season. He basically was a non factor for the rest especially in catching touchdowns...

(Courtesy of Pro Football Reference)

112013-09-0825-032CLEMIAL 10-23910812.00116
222013-09-1525-039CLE@BALL 6-1459519.00000
332013-09-2225-046CLE@MINW 31-2766611.003318
442013-09-2925-053CLECINW 17-610919.10116
552013-10-0325-057CLEBUFW 37-2433612.00000
662013-10-1325-067CLEDETL 17-3156412.80000
772013-10-2025-074CLE@GNBL 13-317557.86116
882013-10-2725-081CLE@KANL 17-2348120.25000
992013-11-0325-088CLEBALW 24-18144.00000
10102013-11-1725-102CLE@CINL 20-416294.83000
11112013-11-2425-109CLEPITL 11-2733210.67000
12122013-12-0125-116CLEJAXL 28-3244310.75000
13132013-12-0825-123CLE@NWEL 26-27912113.44116
14142013-12-1525-130CLECHIL 31-383237.67000
15162013-12-2925-144CLE@PITL 7-2056913.80000
15 Games4-11-08091711.467742

You have some things that will come into play when it factors into his decision. Can he blamed for having an up and down season with the situation that was going on with the quarterbacks? What kind of stats are you expected to put up with Brandon Weedon and Jason Campbell throwing you the ball? Also how will he perform under a new offensive scheme currently being devised by Kyle Shanahan because Norv Turner highlighted the tight end in his offense. 

One thing that we did find out early is that Ray Farmer is very good at what he does, he handled the Alex Mack situation as best as he could. He is also gaining approval from all the players and fans alike, not only am I interested in what he will do in this situation. We will also be watchful over the NFL Draft set to go down in about a week. 

At the end of the day... How much is Jordan Cameron really worth? What do you think?

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