Bubba Watson is a Master at Golf

Now I'll be the first person to tell you that I don't follow Golf very closely and may be able to name 20 or so PGA players out of hundreds.  I'll even tell you it's not a sport in my opinion.  I mean, there's another man holding your clubs for you while you walk down to the location of your ball wearing what looks like suit pants and flashy shoes.  A sport to me is something that requires athletic ability, hustle, sweat (not because it's hot outside) and also an opponent of human origin.  I consider Golf to be a game as opposed to a sport and Bubba Watson is at the top of his game.

Bubba Watson won his second Masters Championship in the last 3 years.  This is an amazing accomplishment as something of this magnitude is rarely done.  Bubba can put his name in the same sentence as guys like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as players who have won the Masters in such close proximity.  It appears Augusta likes lefties.  Watson won twice, Phil won the tournament 3 times and fellow southpaw Mike Weir wore the Green Jacket in 2003.  That's six lefty winners since 2003 and by my math that makes six right handed winners as well over the past 12 seasons.

Back in the day finding a golfer who was a lefty was like finding a left handed guitarist.  The famous Jimmy Hendrix taught himself to play the guitar upside down because there weren't many left handed guitars out at the time.  It's funny too because studies reveal that about 10% of people are left handed and other studies conclude that they're usually smarter and/or more creative then a right handed man like myself.  Maybe they're aliens?!  Hey, times are and always will be changing.  Improvements on life, technology and equipment are evolving everyday.  Heck, Drivers are still called Woods today but are actually made of metal.  Back in the day a Driver was actually made of wood thus calling them Woods!

But this day is about Bubba Watson and how good he's become putting himself in the top ranks with the top names playing the game of golf today.  Bubba is only 35 years old which is like being a baby in golf.  There's another reason why it isn't a sport - you have 70 year old men competing in tournaments and outplaying 25 year old strong, young men who are better athletes than Gary Player and Arnold Palmer in their sleep.  Even though the older generation can't hit the ball as far, react as quickly or adjust their bodies in awkward positions to get in a proper stance makes no difference to the elderly because they rely on brains rather than brawn.  These things don't happen in sports.  So golf isn't a sport but that is not to say that some professional golfers aren't athletes because many of them are.  They just don't play an athletic sport, they play a game, a very hard game at that!

One "athletic" thing that Bubba Watson can do is basically out-drive everybody on the PGA Tour.  The distance he gets from his driver off the tee is incredible.  His long driving ability gives him an edge especially on Par 5 holes where he can hit the green in 2 strokes in most cases.  It's an advantage that has worked for Watson and is one of the reasons he won the Masters in 2012 and this year in 2014.  He's one of the few who has proudly worn the Green Jacket on multiple occasions and he'd like to put it on himself next year as a repeat champion.  Bubba Watson is currently 4th on The Official World Golf Ranking after Sunday's win at the Masters.

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Chinwe Orie said...

He's the new Tiger Woods, without all the drama.