Carmelo Anthony should consider the Bobcats

Carmelo will be faced with a tough decision this summer. He is a free agent and he has to choose who is going to get him that coveted championship ring he wants so badly. Anthony came out of the 2003 draft class boosting the likes of Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade... sounds familiar huh? At the end of the day, all of top players from his draft class has a championship ring even the bust Darko Millic. That has to sting just a little bit. Anthony has a competitive streak that runs deep with Lebron James dating back to high school days, when

they battled it out Anthony (Oak Hill) and Lebron (St. Vincent St. Mary). Anthony was able to get the best of him in high school and then able to college and win a ring. Lebron however has won championships in High School but most importantly won at the best level ever. Anthony is faced with the decision of picking a team whether it be the New York Knicks or someone else that will get him the ring he needs to not be put in the Charles Barkley section. Here comes the Charlotte Bobcats...

To me this makes perfect sense for some reasons, Anthony will be paired with Jordan. He is signed to his company in the first place! If Jordan didn't like a play like Anthony he wouldn't be sporting his brand. Another thing is dislike for the Miami Heat, Bobcats are doing their best to stay and make it competitve in the series against the Heat. At the end of the day they simply don't have the players to match up against the talent of Miami. Bobcats have a nice young roster honestly and an anchor in Al Jefferson, which is a big man that Anthony honestly never had the chance to work with ever in New York. Amare Stoudemire was supposed to be but didn't translate because he is out of his prime honestly. Kemba Walker is also a nice combo guard that can handle the ball but also play off of it. Walker and Anthony could co-exist honestly.

After watching this Bobcats team get coached they are playing the way a young team should. Playing defense and working the ball from the post. To be honest nobody hates them... they are one superstar away from being a threat. Anthony is still a superstar... if you don't think so just check out his stats from this past year... and his averages over his entire career...

2010–11New York272736.2.461.424.8726.
2011–12New York555534.1.430.335.8046.
2012–13New York676737.0.449.379.8306.
2013–14New York777738.7.452.402.8488.

He was honestly on fire the entire season but couldn't get the Knicks into the playoffs... was it his fault? I don't think the entire blame should be placed on him honestly. He is faced however with the decision to leave a Knicks team that honestly blew up its roster in the first place to get him or stay and try to ride it out with Phil Jackson. Anthony said that he wants to win and win now... but the Knicks have no cap space this season to make any moves. He would have to wait it out at least another season when contracts finally come off the table. I know this is something that may seem outlandish but really it isn't, North Carolina isn't a bad place to live first off... and you have a young team that will be fresh off a sweep from the Heat. Isn't that the best combination for a Anthony that could get him to the next level... with a little free agency help?

Please comment below with your thoughts on where Anthony should end up? Will he ever get a ring???


Anonymous said...

Carmelo is not going to Charlotte, and he is not going to win a ring

Anonymous said...

If Carmelo want's a ring go to chicago

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